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SKINEYE, skincare from Korea is officially launched in Malaysia

SKINEYE, the series of skincare product from Korea with high popularity and demand is officially landed in Malaysia.

SKINEYE Malaysia have been launched by Datin Seri Yeoh Swee Lin, the wife of Minister (II) International Trade and Industry and at the same the President of Puspanita MITI. She will officiate together with Ambassador of SKINEYE Malaysia, Jeffrey Cheng (Famous actor). SKINEYE Malaysia is organized by Joshua Twe as the Chief Executive, Rika Lim as the Chief Operation, Ida Maslina as the Chief Marketing and Dr Hazane as the Branding Director. They are all works together to penetrate the Malaysia market and indtroduce SKINEYE product as a natural base skincare range.

There are door-gift that consist of complimentary products given away to the guests as a token of appreciation. I also win the lucky draw which consist skincare products wow it's so excited to try out the product! Hopefully my face will be flawless like Korean too hehe.

Other than whitening and rejuvenate the …

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