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New year challenge

10 things I need to do.
switch to seventeen.became happy with who i am.stop emo-ness, be more flexible and indiependent.forget the past mistakes and forgive everyone.never skip the class weather at skoo or tuition.must facing with spm examination.cut off the fat, maintain at 45.clean up my bedroom.Current mood: Happy lepak-ing at Mcd with my members. I will miss you 2010 and hey what's up 2011. .

Comparison is broken.

To all guys out there, so what's the hell up. And hey i wanna tell sumthin that catch my head.. Its about the real me kowt. Girls also can read this,, no biggie laa.. smallie less. I used the word *her to refer the girls.

Im a girl and yeah she's a girl too.. But dont describe me or judge me for being who i am. Im a typical weirdo and too many different between me and her. My nickname kinda weird and silly to call but her name is absolutely cutie. She's so prettay girly but im a crazy rocker. She has a long hair and curly at the bottom but i hav a short hair and always tie my hair like a pony tail. She's applying a smooth lipgloss and im just lick my lips by using tongue to prevent my lips from being peel off.  She's wearing a dress and im wearing a big baggy t-shirt *hell yeah my favourite.. She's wearing high heels but im wearing sneakers. She always styling up but im just wearing a cap *tats becuz i have a bad hair day..  She's try to munch softly while…

Its about reunion

I hate reunion becuz of sum reasons .. First ,, mayb our appearance had changed ,, so our old member will ask .. "heyy look different than before laa .." okay ,, I may accept tat but "heyy .. you da gemok skrg .. " Oh God ! no need laa tegur macam tuh .. I have so many ex-schoolmate ,, they said that i looked very different .. Oh yeah ..?? maybe becuz dulu i look nerdy ,, blurr .. sakai .. Hahaa ,, now da maju . Everyone macam tuh jugak .. I see so many my ex-schoolmate yg dah changed alot . From ugly to beautiful ,, from clever to stupid .. hahaa ,, memandai jewr . well ,, I see .. yes , i look different than before .. It was a surprised rite ? Second ,, ouh .. i hate sum people so wen I saw them ,, urghh .. hey piggy pegy mati laah .. hidup lagy kw eh ? i will say tat "in my heart" with an angry-dog face ..

Okay .. here's are the reason why i love reunion .. Ohh ,, i miss you guys .. my lil' friends ,, my lovely preppy ,, my hott gurls ,, …

Free from bloody exam


My mood is happy ,, my pain is cure ,, my heart is relief .. I feel so healthy now .. Oh yeahh .. macam ney laa aman dunia gua .. Free from exam ,, i hate that .. but every student must facing wit that creepy paper kan .. Must study before the exam ,, dah laa final ... entah lulus or gagal .. hrmm ,, dont want lulus ,, mow A .. hahah ,, study pun not ready yet ... just be relax answer the question ...

and its cool

The Final Exam

I hav to get ready for the exam .. Hell yeah , ,final exam's marks will drag for the next year laa ,, maybe for SPM kowt .. gilew ?? Im not so clever laa .. If I fail macam manew ?? Huh ? What am I going to answer .. Why must this happen ,, before this year tadew punn .. If I know this early ,, I will study properly .. Im always sleep in the class and always skip class lorh .. Honeymoon laa katew kan .. This year is much fun ,, become a bad student .. Next week exam will start ,, how am I going to face the exam ? Adew sum tips ta ?

Serve my right .. haha .. Laughing* =______=
Hahahahhahaha ... (stop laa vaavee)

Its hard being a teacher

Our class 4 Anggerik had to teach form3 student for PMR .. We had to teach mathematics .. Fuhh ,, ituh pun kalaw aku remember laa chapter tuh .. Luckily can answer all the question .. Im quite embarass to teach them and afraid if I give a wrong answer .. Lemme explain and they calculate by themselves .. They ask everything about me ,, how can I get straight A ,, what is my daily eating ,, how to stay healthy and many more .. Alamak ,, aku bkn blajar sgt pun .. Dyorang trkejut bile aku ckp aku ta belajar sgt .. wakaka .. its my luck . I cannot answer that kind of question ,, dont know how to answer and give sum tips for PMR .. But im stay cool and be confident to teach them .. about 11 students that I teach this week .. Now Id learn how i feel being a teacher ... Its fun for me cause im teaching maths and add maths but still complicated ..

I swear tat I dont want to be a teacher .

Its my birthday

29 August 2010
My plans for today :
Call  my frensApproving all the friends request on my fbReplyin all the comment om my fb and myspaceWatching movies at azz's house Hang out at tasikBerbuka at my cousin's houseSnap sum pictures todayHelping my bestfren that in broken heartChatting wit my frens This year paling seronok .. Not like the past .. my father gave me RM 100 .. huhu .. tomorrow , i wanna shopping with my frens .. I ask them to follow me bcuz im seekin for their help .. I dont know how to choose the best clothes for me .. haha .. mengong giler .. Thanx for all people that wished me for my bitrhday .. even i dont know them .. thanx so much for my parents ,, my frens ,, my honeyy ,, the strangers ,, my cousins ..

Sweet sixteen ♥♥

My new phone Sony Ericson W395


Lately neh kind of busy .. Sorry ,, Last saturday , I visited my village .. so , tats why I culdnt update sum post on my blog .. There's no internet .. Fcking bored .
Today , Ive got a test in skool .. Tat is wat we call it - Gerak Gempur .. Hurmm ,, I didnt prepared anything .. Believe it ? Ah -- tuh baru gerak gempur not examination .. And yeah ,, I cant answer properly on my chemistry paper ..  why so complicated ?? What kind of questions ?? Orrr awh yeah .. I dont understand laa that chapter .. Lantak ah ..
Im fasting todayy .. Hurmm .. sabarsabar ..


My new handphone .. Sony ericson-W395 .. Well yeahh .. my father choose this colour .. I want pink but same wit my bestie ,, adoi ... Anyway ,, there's no pink colour at the phone center .. :(

Playing True and Dare at school

Because of tis suck game ,, I had been gossip by the form 5 boys which is next to my class .. I played tat game with my frens and it was so unlucky .. Stupid ..

Flashback :
The arrow spinned fastly and it stop in front of me .. It was *Dare challenge .. I must told sumone tat I love him and he was .. the boy that i dislike .. shit arh .. I must told "I love you .." by force .. In my heart ,, i only love ayien fullstop .. Dont ya get it ?? Then i stand up and went near him and said I love you .. Fuck up ! Majal nyew gua ..

Got it ? the full story ? .. Naahh .. tats why i had been gossip by them .. they said ,, "i love you ,, you love i .." and im 's girlfie .. wtf ,, Dont ever being a full of yurself .. Perasan .. Its just a game rite ? How many times must i told you ??

I did not bring my textbook

I was just come back from skoo .. My day was brighter perhaps .. Im back to my bestfriends .. No more misunderstood .. They're just treat me like before .. Forget the past ..  My pain was relief .. I enter the skoo wit a little smile on my face ,, dont wanna be sad like yesterday nite ..

Last night , I only listen to this song .. Sofaz-Janjiku

Berulang kali ku mencuba memujuk dirimu cuba menjernihkan…
Pertelingkahan antara kita berdua… Kau hilang dan terus membisu beginikah cara kau menghukum aku… Atas kesilapanku menduakan dirimu… Maafkan daku… . Tak terlintas difikiranku melukai kamu permainkan cinta Yang telah kau berikan sepenuhnya padaku.. Tiada dua atau tiga pengganti dirimu pada kau yang satu Ku abadikan cinta selamanya Hanya padamu kekasihku… . Bukakanlah pintu hatimu Izinkan aku kembali padamu… Ku sesalkan perbuatan ku ini Tak akan berulang lagi ku janji… Terimalah ku kembali kasih… . Biarpun ribut melanda namun tetap aku berdiri menunggu Agar terbukti janjiku padamu… Tidak…

Secret hair

I hav natural shiny dark brown hair so dont keep asking me whether Im colouring my hair or not .. Moreover , I hav very thick , messy and rough hair becuz I lurve so .. Im sick of the same bloody question tat people always ask me .. Im not interested with the unnatural or fake hair-colour .. Hell no . I wished I culd hav jet-black hair ..

The secret - I only use Schwarzkopf product [shampoo] made in Germany for shining my hair .
I dont dye my hair . If so , I will dye my hair into black colour not brown and hav sum pink-highlighther .. But my dad dont agree if I dye my hair into black .. He wants me to hav a natural hair .. He just agree if I dye my hair into reddish-brown colour but I dont want to ..

Sweet escape

In school , me , Nad and Fara always walking around the skoo after recess .. Suppost to be we must enter the class after the bell had rang means recess end .. but we're not enter the class however we skip the class just for few minutes .. Everytime we walking around we have to get rid wit people tat know us deeply like bla bla bla .. When we want to walk in front , omg there's my ex-boyfiee .. he saw me like shit . We move backward and blah .. omg there's a geng botak kat belakang .. Nad's enemy .. We run to get rid of geng botak and turn into left .. omg , there's a aizat and his classmate .. Shit . We lost in the middle of our enemy .. hahahaha ..

Deeper conversation

Me : Nad ! manew kite na pegi neh ?? sekarang neyy kat tengah2 weyy ..
Nad : Kat depan adew ex kw , kat belakang geng botak , kiri lak aizat ngn kwn2 dy ..


Rizal ! hahahhaa .. the cutest boy .. :D then we follow him .. selamat .. Nad had crush on him actually ..

Four peoples tat we hav to get r…

Ustazah, kalau couple bergaduh?

Today , in religion subject ,, we learned about "Perpaduan teras kemajuan" tajuk hadis .. We always had a lot of questions in religion class .. well ,, we still learning .. kinda child . majority of our question is the stupid question .. ahha .. Time dlm class agame mmg macam ney .. Dalam hadis menyata kan tidak bole benci-membenci ,, saudara mara tidak bole brgaduh .. Hrmm ,, then we start our question ..

My classmate : Ustazah ,, kalaw suami isteri brgaduh ?
Ustazah : ?????? mane bole ..
My classmate : Ustazah ,, kalaw sepupu ? [actually da tahu answer]

Farah told me to ask sum question .. its my turn .. hek hek ..
Lala : Ustazah ,, Fara tanye kalaw couple bergaduh ??
Ustazah : Kalaw couple brgaduh , putus sajew ... ta paya na pening2 fikir ..

Hahahahaha .. yup , tats rite .. :P

Midyear exam result

Today , my skoo hav "hari bertemu pelanggan" .. Only my dad take my result .. my mum had a meeting .. Its my turn to take a result .. Ahha .. I've got 6A , 2B , 1E , 2G .. Cantek ah ! i didnt answer paper 3 of biology yet .. biar ah .. i dont ever care .. tats why I failed subject biol .. Chemistry and Biology failed .. Good job , :D .. dislike those subject .. My dad asked my teacher about my attitude in class .. Omg mampus ! I always sleep in class , then teacher smile at staring at me ... huh , mati aku kalw bapak aku tahu .. My teacher pun answer .. "dy okay jewr dalam class , ta kuat melawan , buat kejew .." hhahahaha .. happy nyew I .. Thanx God my teacher back up me .. Fcking dangerous if my dad know about me .. but my result still , Okay !

Big nanny

Shit ! My frens told me about one group in facebook .. Anti Big Nanny , [Pengetua skoo]
aduh .. aku pegi approved group tuh and join them .. becuz i anti wit the headmistress in my skoo .. Mampus , mampus ! Rupew2 nyew pengetua berpakat dgn student untuk listkan name2 budaa yg join group anti big mama ..
Sial kw .. Invite akuh pahal ?! Me and my frens brtungkus lumus change our name on fb ,, change picture and delete student gampang tuh .. so fcking anxious ..

Biology suck

Duhh .. why so complicated ???
Pening menjawab paper biol neyh .. Paper 3 not answerin yet becuz absent time examination .. sick .
My frens said ,, "Rugi kw ta dtg ary ney .. kitorang wat paper bio smpai da nazak kene study btul2 dow .." OMG mampus aku !

Paper 1 cannot answer properly becuz i was sick tat moment ..
Paper 2 hrmmm .. secret . hehe .. =D
Paper 3 still didnt answer yet .. Paper 4 adew kew ?? hahah ..
But for me , biology is not important .. ahha .. :)

Histeria in skoo

This is the scary moment in my life .. Form5 girl kene rasuk dkt sebelah class aku .. Omg , i saw her .
She screaming loudly and her eyes turn red . Tat was not her but the devil .
There were crowded of people around the girl .. one of them shout for azan . after tat , the other girl hav been histeria ..
I heard her scream then I ran to my class and sat silently at my table . Aku tutup telinge dgn tangan ..and then menangis.. cry and cry .. Suddenly , I scream loudly and keep screaming .. And yes , Im histeria .. I dont know wat happened after tat , Im juz saw my fren relieve me .. They hold my hands ..I shouted " Pergi !! pergi !! " .. Tat was my frens told me ..
She said tat was not my voice .. They brought me to counselling room .. I heard sumone azan to me you know and aku rase panas giler bile dgr azan .. Dyorang suruh aku mengucap but aku ta taw lngsung ,, dyorang sebut name Allah but aku ta kenal .
In my mind , aku rase kosong .. zero and i was scared .


Today skoo hav "gotong-royong" ..
Me and my frens cleaned the garden in our skoo . cut the grass jew .. boring . After tat , skoo end , i went to Azz'house . We need to do sumthin laa .. Best glewr .. First , cooking ..

Then , played twister . Nad laughed at me .
Next , played dance carpet .. tired dow .. Kurus akuh . Azz was dancing .. ahha .. lompat2 ..
Next game was trying a dress .. Ahha .. juz borrowed her sister dress .. Pretty sweet . Candid .. Nad and Azz
After got tired , we chat . Talking about our suck ex-bf .. We was very regret and dont want to repeat our mistake .. Actually , we're not supposed to hav a bf during studying . We're small kids . still school . Then we talk about "rasuk" .. talk about ghost . Erghh , scary .. Last , we talk bout our club ... Still managing this club about one year .. Tera Chaos ..

Mother's Day

Early morning my mum asked me ,
"Tgk .. Ayda ngn Amir sume da bagy hadia untuk mama .. simple2 jew .. La ta bagy apew2 pun untuk mother's day .. ucapkn pun tidax .. lupew kat mama laa tuh .."
Im juz answer ... "Nty La kasi ar .. org ta taw na beli apew ney .."
My mum said no need la buyin sum souvenir , juz wish pun okay ar ..

Finally , I brought a rose to my mum .. ahha ,,
Kire okay laa tuh kan drpd ta kasi papew .. then i kiss my mum .
Funny betul si Ayda kasi surat nonsense kat mama .. Mengong .

Tonite , we'd celebrate mother's day and hav a simple dinner ..
Lolx ,, my younger brother funny sungguh ..
His comic felt between the escalator ,, he cannot reach it then he made a decision to climb the escalator .. Cerdik betol .. Da laa ramai org kat blkang sume pndang dy ..
Malu - malu .. Who's brother huh ? Sorry , ta kenal laa .. xD
Second , we went to back home , my brother [again] made "lawak bodo"
He went to the small stall tat full o…

Bukit Fraser

Yeah .. First time I came here .. syhh .. ahha ..
Wow , not bad .. bole tahan .. sseeejuukkkss ..

Ambex picture pemandangan jewr .. =D

Kyaahh .. da sampai .. had reached my destination . My new rent bungalow .. Ceh ,, ala2 english ..

Cantex kan .. Jiwa tenang .

Skoo break

Skoo break is not fun . no holidays , no hang out ..
I must get ready for the exam tat is around the corner ..
I must go to suck class tuition ..
Today , I stay in the class for 5 hours . Wtf ..
Im so tired but not sleepy okay .. Sir give me alot of add math's execises .. Erghh ,, facin wit so many numbers could make me crazy .
On Friday , I had an exam for my add math in class tuition ..
Im not ready yet .. so fckin tired .


Hurm .. Im thinking .. Haircut manew yg sesuai ney ?? tat suit wit me .. My hair da boley cut ney .. Da pnjang ..  Tga thinking na wat mcm manew .. Tis is my wish haircut . Hurm .. warne rambut of cuz laa jet-black not blonde .. Rambut of cuz panjang , baru laa feminime .. Then highlight mow warne pink ... haha ..

How bout short haircut .? still thinking .. Short or Long haircut ?? hrmm ..let me thinx My Old Haircut
Bubye long-hair ..

Stupid Drama

Today we had a english class .. Teacher is teachin bout literature (drama) .. the title is Gulp and Gasp by John Townsend .. To all form 4 student can refer to " A collection of Poems , Short stories and drama " .. In class , I volunteer to be Rose in drama " Gulp and Gasp " .. Without refering to their dialog and synopsis , I immediately volunteer myself to act in tis drama .. ( stupid drama )

Gulp and Gasp John Townsend
A shocking old-time drama of villains , a damsel and a dashing hero . A play for four parts .
CAST IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE LORD SEPTIC = by Teoh Chia Shuen The nasty boss of the railways . A cruel and evil villain of the worst sort . CROUCH = by Safwan His slimy little servant - a bully who grovels for a living . ROSE = by Lala (stupid rose) A pure , young and pretty damsel in distress . PERCY = by Nazirul The dashing hero - handsome , brave and squeaky clean .. right down to his undies .
Hrmm .. Actually I dont know the story of tis drama .. Terus volunteer br…


Papa .. (akhirnya kau tewas jua) tingkatan 4 pnyew novel , novel baru .. Novel ney mulew2 akuh bace gax .. psl kemesraan laky bini .. hahaha .. Then , bini dy mngandung anax kedue , bini dy ney dew problem sket ta bole mngandung sbb womb trlalu lemah kowt .. haha ! =D .. Rmai org2 nasihat kan dy suruh gugur kn but suami dy mmg nax baby lagy .. trpaxse menerus kn perjuangan .. Haisy .. akuh bace novel ney pun rase geram gax .. Bodo laky dy .. da tahu bini dy ta leyh mngandung smpai boley mndtgkn risiko nax baby lagy .. Da adew anax sorang , ta cukup2 pew .. haha ! Lelaky ta gune .. Akuh bkn maen mngutux lagy psl novel ney ngn kwan2 .. pastu ending dy blum bace lagy cuz busy ..
Haa .. ney lagy stu novel favourite akuh .. Teratak Kenari .. Citer psl suami isteri yg baru balex honeymoon .. Then , bapax dy hadiah kn satu rumah banglo yg penuh misteri .. huhu .. banglo tuh an brhantu .. Hantu dy prmpuan .. mukew da ta cantex cuz dahi dy berlubang kne tembax ngn pistol .. But akuh bac…

About the subjects tat I've learn

Hurm .. actually post ney sajew jer ak na kutux2 psl subjex yg akuh tgh study .. Hrmm .. sejax naex form4 , my lifestyle had changed ..Akuh masux class 4 Anggerik iaitu class teratas yg mngambil class pure science .. Akuh ta bole skip skoo becuz if akuh skip , i will miss the topic tat teacher had taught .. so .. terpaxse jady budaa baex .. but kat class , aku mmg kuat tidow .. ary ney pun akuh tidow time class sejarah .. biar laa ..haha ..tidow smbil mndengar .. Cam manew lax uh ???
Post ney psl subjex elektif .. mmg sucx gilewr ..

Physics :
Adoi .. cikgu ney ajar , mmg garang ow .. da laa ak ta fhm psl fizix2 ney .. but physics is important for me to achieve my ambiton .. terpaxse laa learnin .. Physics ney banyax kire2 .. yelaa .. baru belajar .. Physics asyex masux makmal er .. boring .. akuh ta sukew study kat tmpat selain class sendiry ..

Chemistry :
Erghhh .. pahal ngn cikgu ney ?? dy ckp apew sbnar nyew ?? pew yg dy mngarut kat depan .. Haisy .. buat pening kpalew akuh er .. st…

1st day skool

Ehem , first day skoo ? bgun pagy jerr dgr lagu screamo dulu , baru semangat ! haha ..
Akuh dtg skoo mcm biase .. dtg lambat .. trus lepax ngn kwn2 kt kantin .
Yeah .. mmg excited jmpe kwn2 .. hee , rindu sgt kt adeeba , haniza , nad , eira , danial ,izzie , hasan , safwan , hazirah ,adamn ebie. sume uh kwn2 baex akuh .. haha ..

But sayang nyerr .. ktorang da brpecah .. class laen2 .. akuh masux class Pure Science . mmg mncabar buat akuh kali ney .. Subjex math?,, perhh .. bab 1 da ta fhm .. nseb baex tnye ckgu .. Chemist lax , perhh .. apew ar cikgu terang kan .. Bio ,, urm ,, nseb baex boley tahan .. Masux Malay language , sumpa ! akuh sleepy . hahahaha ..

Yup , akuh mmg budaa jahat . but mama ckp , bkn jahat .. tapy nakal .. betul2 .

My babies

Pink ! pink ! pink ! Ta abes2 pink an akuh neyy ?? hurm ,, na wat mcm manew , aku mmg da dilahirkn begitu .. ahha .. Niy laa barang2 kesayangan akuh .. paling mahal laptop laa .. second , handphone . of cuz .
Actually , akuh mmg ta boley hidup tnpew warne merah jamboo .. Bkn na katew batax pink .. but mcm akuh ckp tdy ,, da dilahirkn begitu .. maybe itu laa wrne prtame yg akuh nmpax ketike dpt matew [ melihat ] .. haha .. mama yg ckp . dry kecil lagy , tiade wrne laen selain pink ..

But stu jer prob and ney perangai burux akuh .. Aku snggup tukar barang2 yg selain wrne pink kpde wrne pink .. Parents akuh mmg faham benar perangai akuh neyy ,, so , dyorang terpakse keluar duit untux tukar barang2 akuh such as cadar , perabot , bear , barang2 mandy akuh kpde wrne pink . Wlupun akuh da adew sesuatu barang tuh [ but wrne laen ] ,, satu jer akuh wat , derma kt org or akuh buang .. then beli barang yg same but mesty warne pink .

Laptop lame akuh wrne hitam , but bapax aku keluar duit pegy…