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I'm Lala Rahim. It's been 9 years in blogging. I currently work as Assistant Producer and Reporter at Bernama News Channel on astro 502.

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For advertising, event coverage, product review kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

H e l l o!

I'm Lala Rahim. It's been 9 years in blogging. I currently work as Assistant Producer and Reporter at Bernama News Channel on astro 502.

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For advertising, event coverage, product review kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

Hurm .. Im thinking .. Haircut manew yg sesuai ney ?? tat suit wit me .. My hair da boley cut ney .. Da pnjang ..  Tga thinking na wat mcm manew .. Tis is my wish haircut . Hurm .. warne rambut of cuz laa jet-black not blonde .. Rambut of cuz panjang , baru laa feminime .. Then highlight mow warne pink ... haha ..

How bout short haircut .? still thinking ..
Short or Long haircut ??
hrmm ..let me thinx
My Old Haircut

Bubye long-hair ..
Today we had a english class .. Teacher is teachin bout literature (drama) .. the title is Gulp and Gasp by John Townsend .. To all form 4 student can refer to " A collection of Poems , Short stories and drama " .. In class , I volunteer to be Rose in drama " Gulp and Gasp " .. Without refering to their dialog and synopsis , I immediately volunteer myself to act in tis drama .. ( stupid drama )

Gulp and Gasp
John Townsend

A shocking old-time drama of villains , a damsel and a dashing hero . A play for four parts .

LORD SEPTIC = by Teoh Chia Shuen
The nasty boss of the railways . A cruel and evil villain of the worst sort .
CROUCH = by Safwan
His slimy little servant - a bully who grovels for a living .
ROSE = by Lala (stupid rose)
A pure , young and pretty damsel in distress .
PERCY = by Nazirul
The dashing hero - handsome , brave and squeaky clean .. right down to his undies .

Hrmm .. Actually I dont know the story of tis drama .. Terus volunteer brlakon watax Rose .. Tis is the wosrt drama I ever acting .. Mase form 2 ta silap akuh ,, okay laa gax .. brlakon watax puteri .. But drama ney .. haisy .. mmg paling terux skali n memajal kn akuh .. ta gune ! abes akuh di gosip kn dgn Nazirul .. dyorang katew akuh ngn dy sweet couple . sweet couple palew hotax mu ..! Akuh mmg malu giler arh time brlakon kt depan .. Bkn sbb nervous but dialog dy .. euw .. annoyin ! full of digust .! Ney akuh amex sket2 dialog yg wat akuh ashame ..

1st dialog tat I hate .
Rose  : Where did they find you ?
Percy : On tis station - in litter bin. I had nothing , apart from
           an apple core on my head and a little purse tied
           around neck . There was no money in it , just a tiny
           key . It has a little sign wit the letter NSL on it . I still
           wear it around my neck as a lucky charm . But I've
           had no luck so far . NSL must stand for No Such Luck .
Rose  : Perhaps it will be change tonite ..
Percy : I think it already has . I've just met you !
Rose  : Let me touch the key .
Percy : Of course .. [he takes her hand and puts it on his neck]
            It's all I hav from my past .. I've never known wat this key for .

2nd dialog tat I hate .
Crouch : [Feebly] I was only following orders , sir . It wasn't me .
              Dont blame me .. Please ..
Percy   : Then pick up her flowers , you cad .
Crouch : Of course , sir . By all means , sir . Anything you say , sir .
Rose    : Oh , Percy ! You're my hero . My knight in shining
              armour . My good knight . *P/S : siot betol ..*

3rd dialog tat I hate .
Percy            : Im back !
Rose             : Im shocked .
Crouch          : Im stuck .
Lord Sceptic : Im livid .
Percy            : You're safe .
Rose             : You're here .
Percy            : You're mine .
Rose             : You're strong .
Percy            : Your kiss .
Rose             : Your lips . *P/S : sial dow ayat ney ..*

4th dialog tat I hate .
Percy           : It wasnt easy . I had to take off my pants .
                     *P/S : haha .!!*
Rose            : How shocking !
Percy           : The thing is .. they're bright purple ..
Crouch        : How disgusting . *P/S : yup .. betul2 ..*
Lord Septic : How common .
Rose           : How exciting ! *P/S : sume org gelaxkn akuh .. *
Percy          : And by the time Id dabbed my nose bleed wit my
                    long-johns they were dark red .
Lord Septic : We dont want to know about your underwear .
                    *P/S : hahahaha !!*
Rose           : I do ! *P/S : baabee ar ..*

5th dialog tat I hate .
Rose           : Oh Percy , your mother hid it there when
                     you were a baby . Im so happy wit you .
Percy          : No, Rose . Be happy for US . Half of this yours .
                     You can pay for the operation for you to see again .
                     You can pay for your mother's pills to make her well
                     again . You can pay for a new home . OUR home .
                     I want you to marry me , Rose . All our fears are over .
                     Will you be my wife ? *P/S : kepalew hotax kw ! *
Rose            : Oh Percy ! I love you !
                     *P/S : siot laa .. wat akuh geliw .*
Crouch        : Yuk ! *P/S : me too .. *
Lord Septic : Tis is the worst day of my life . *P/S: taw ta pew ..*

6th dialog tat I hate .
Rose  : Even on such a foggy night our love is clear for all to see !
           And it all goes to show .. Percy's purse and purple pants
            popped these plotters and their pranks!
Percy : And Ive also popped the question . The question of my life .
            Will you marry me ? Will you be mine forever ? and .. and ..
Rose  : Yes ? Wat's ur third question , Percy ?
Percy : Its very chilly . Will you still love me if I go for extra thick ,
            heavy-duty , wolly , chunky , padded , thermal underwear ?
Rose  : Percy , Ill come with you . After all , from now on I will
          always love you through thick or thin! *P/S : Erghh .. suck !*

From tis moment , akuh ta nax lagy brlakon dlm citer yg akuh ta taw .. ! Malu ow .. Abes jer drama giler sentimental jiwang ney ,, akuh terus ta ckp papew .. ta tego sapew2 pun .. Merah padam er mukew ney .. abes akuh kene gosip kat class ..
Papa .. (akhirnya kau tewas jua) tingkatan 4 pnyew novel , novel baru .. Novel ney mulew2 akuh bace ..best gax .. psl kemesraan laky bini .. hahaha .. Then , bini dy mngandung anax kedue , bini dy ney dew problem sket ta bole mngandung sbb womb trlalu lemah kowt .. haha ! =D .. Rmai org2 nasihat kan dy suruh gugur kn but suami dy mmg nax baby lagy .. trpaxse menerus kn perjuangan .. Haisy .. akuh bace novel ney pun rase geram gax .. Bodo laky dy .. da tahu bini dy ta leyh mngandung smpai boley mndtgkn risiko nax baby lagy .. Da adew anax sorang , ta cukup2 pew .. haha ! Lelaky ta gune .. Akuh bkn maen mngutux lagy psl novel ney ngn kwan2 .. pastu ending dy blum bace lagy cuz busy ..

Haa .. ney lagy stu novel favourite akuh .. Teratak Kenari .. Citer psl suami isteri yg baru balex honeymoon .. Then , bapax dy hadiah kn satu rumah banglo yg penuh misteri .. huhu .. banglo tuh an brhantu .. Hantu dy prmpuan .. mukew da ta cantex cuz dahi dy berlubang kne tembax ngn pistol .. But akuh bace citer tuh hantu dy still mude .. pakaian lax bkn jubah puteh tapy t-shirt yg fit ngn seluar jeans .. Modern pnyew hantu . Hantu ney sukew kacaw isteri dy cuz dy katew isteri dy mmg serasi ngn dy .. Isteri dy dew bgtahu yg dy terase sumthin kat banglo tuh but laky dy wat bodow er .. Haisy .. Ta gune pnyew laky , ta kan laa bini dy na brguraw kowt .. Last skali bini dy kene rasux .. Pdn mukew laky dy ! menggelabah ..

Bila lampu padam .. Hrmm .. citer hantu laa .. Of cuz .. Akuh ta maen laa citer cintan cintun ney .. Kalw akuh bace novel karut mcm tuh , conform kawan2 akuh gelax kan akuh cuz dyorang tahu yg akuh ta layan jiwang . Novel ney on the way bace .. tuh pun pinjam kawan .
Hurm .. actually post ney sajew jer ak na kutux2 psl subjex yg akuh tgh study .. Hrmm .. sejax naex form4 , my lifestyle had changed ..Akuh masux class 4 Anggerik iaitu class teratas yg mngambil class pure science .. Akuh ta bole skip skoo becuz if akuh skip , i will miss the topic tat teacher had taught .. so .. terpaxse jady budaa baex .. but kat class , aku mmg kuat tidow .. ary ney pun akuh tidow time class sejarah .. biar laa ..haha ..tidow smbil mndengar .. Cam manew lax uh ???
Post ney psl subjex elektif .. mmg sucx gilewr ..

Physics :
Adoi .. cikgu ney ajar , mmg garang ow .. da laa ak ta fhm psl fizix2 ney .. but physics is important for me to achieve my ambiton .. terpaxse laa learnin .. Physics ney banyax kire2 .. yelaa .. baru belajar .. Physics asyex masux makmal er .. boring .. akuh ta sukew study kat tmpat selain class sendiry ..

Chemistry :
Erghhh .. pahal ngn cikgu ney ?? dy ckp apew sbnar nyew ?? pew yg dy mngarut kat depan .. Haisy .. buat pening kpalew akuh er .. study psl atom , ta brape na fhm laa ..?? Thanx God ! dpt cikgu baru .. cikgu laky (mude) ..perhh ,, dy ajar ary ney baru akuh fhm mcm manew na kirew protons , electron pew kejadah ntah .. but okay laa care dy mngajar .. relax er .. Nseb baex dy ta garang .. nota kne bwat sendiry .. hurmm .. ary ney study psl topix tuh esox na kene pass up nota ..

Biology :
Haa .. biology mmg mem"biol" kan .. tis is important for me to achieve my ambiton .. But akuh ta sukew laa care cikgu ajar .. pew yg dy mngarut ntah .. Kitew na knew study duluw then dy terus tnyew soalan .. mcm manew na study if didnt understand .. Haisy .. setakat ney bukan turn akuh untux mnjawab soalan dy .. Haha .. Nad asyex kene pnggil er ..Luckily , cikgu da brtukar .. Yay ! nty dew class biol lagy , cikgu baru teaching .. hehe ..cikgu lame suck ..

Add math :
Kpalew daa spining .. I feel like in a blended machine .. Add math spin my head around .. erghh .. akuh mmg sukew math ..I love mathematics .. but knapew laa susa sgt soalan dy ?? Siapew laa yg mncipta add math ney ?? Suck 'em ! .. Terpaxse laa amex class tuision .. naseb baex akuh faham .. ituh pun teacher kat tmpat tuision yg mngajar .. Teacher kat skoo ta fhm langsung .. Mati akal .