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Histeria in skoo

This is the scary moment in my life .. Form5 girl kene rasuk dkt sebelah class aku .. Omg , i saw her .
She screaming loudly and her eyes turn red . Tat was not her but the devil .
There were crowded of people around the girl .. one of them shout for azan . after tat , the other girl hav been histeria ..
I heard her scream then I ran to my class and sat silently at my table . Aku tutup telinge dgn tangan ..and then menangis.. cry and cry .. Suddenly , I scream loudly and keep screaming .. And yes , Im histeria .. I dont know wat happened after tat , Im juz saw my fren relieve me .. They hold my hands ..I shouted " Pergi !! pergi !! " .. Tat was my frens told me ..
She said tat was not my voice .. They brought me to counselling room .. I heard sumone azan to me you know and aku rase panas giler bile dgr azan .. Dyorang suruh aku mengucap but aku ta taw lngsung ,, dyorang sebut name Allah but aku ta kenal .
In my mind , aku rase kosong .. zero and i was scared .


Today skoo hav "gotong-royong" ..
Me and my frens cleaned the garden in our skoo . cut the grass jew .. boring . After tat , skoo end , i went to Azz'house . We need to do sumthin laa .. Best glewr .. First , cooking ..

Then , played twister . Nad laughed at me .
Next , played dance carpet .. tired dow .. Kurus akuh . Azz was dancing .. ahha .. lompat2 ..
Next game was trying a dress .. Ahha .. juz borrowed her sister dress .. Pretty sweet . Candid .. Nad and Azz
After got tired , we chat . Talking about our suck ex-bf .. We was very regret and dont want to repeat our mistake .. Actually , we're not supposed to hav a bf during studying . We're small kids . still school . Then we talk about "rasuk" .. talk about ghost . Erghh , scary .. Last , we talk bout our club ... Still managing this club about one year .. Tera Chaos ..

Mother's Day

Early morning my mum asked me ,
"Tgk .. Ayda ngn Amir sume da bagy hadia untuk mama .. simple2 jew .. La ta bagy apew2 pun untuk mother's day .. ucapkn pun tidax .. lupew kat mama laa tuh .."
Im juz answer ... "Nty La kasi ar .. org ta taw na beli apew ney .."
My mum said no need la buyin sum souvenir , juz wish pun okay ar ..

Finally , I brought a rose to my mum .. ahha ,,
Kire okay laa tuh kan drpd ta kasi papew .. then i kiss my mum .
Funny betul si Ayda kasi surat nonsense kat mama .. Mengong .

Tonite , we'd celebrate mother's day and hav a simple dinner ..
Lolx ,, my younger brother funny sungguh ..
His comic felt between the escalator ,, he cannot reach it then he made a decision to climb the escalator .. Cerdik betol .. Da laa ramai org kat blkang sume pndang dy ..
Malu - malu .. Who's brother huh ? Sorry , ta kenal laa .. xD
Second , we went to back home , my brother [again] made "lawak bodo"
He went to the small stall tat full o…