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Secret hair

I hav natural shiny dark brown hair so dont keep asking me whether Im colouring my hair or not .. Moreover , I hav very thick , messy and rough hair becuz I lurve so .. Im sick of the same bloody question tat people always ask me .. Im not interested with the unnatural or fake hair-colour .. Hell no . I wished I culd hav jet-black hair ..

The secret - I only use Schwarzkopf product [shampoo] made in Germany for shining my hair .
I dont dye my hair . If so , I will dye my hair into black colour not brown and hav sum pink-highlighther .. But my dad dont agree if I dye my hair into black .. He wants me to hav a natural hair .. He just agree if I dye my hair into reddish-brown colour but I dont want to ..

Sweet escape

In school , me , Nad and Fara always walking around the skoo after recess .. Suppost to be we must enter the class after the bell had rang means recess end .. but we're not enter the class however we skip the class just for few minutes .. Everytime we walking around we have to get rid wit people tat know us deeply like bla bla bla .. When we want to walk in front , omg there's my ex-boyfiee .. he saw me like shit . We move backward and blah .. omg there's a geng botak kat belakang .. Nad's enemy .. We run to get rid of geng botak and turn into left .. omg , there's a aizat and his classmate .. Shit . We lost in the middle of our enemy .. hahahaha ..

Deeper conversation

Me : Nad ! manew kite na pegi neh ?? sekarang neyy kat tengah2 weyy ..
Nad : Kat depan adew ex kw , kat belakang geng botak , kiri lak aizat ngn kwn2 dy ..


Rizal ! hahahhaa .. the cutest boy .. :D then we follow him .. selamat .. Nad had crush on him actually ..

Four peoples tat we hav to get r…

Ustazah, kalau couple bergaduh?

Today , in religion subject ,, we learned about "Perpaduan teras kemajuan" tajuk hadis .. We always had a lot of questions in religion class .. well ,, we still learning .. kinda child . majority of our question is the stupid question .. ahha .. Time dlm class agame mmg macam ney .. Dalam hadis menyata kan tidak bole benci-membenci ,, saudara mara tidak bole brgaduh .. Hrmm ,, then we start our question ..

My classmate : Ustazah ,, kalaw suami isteri brgaduh ?
Ustazah : ?????? mane bole ..
My classmate : Ustazah ,, kalaw sepupu ? [actually da tahu answer]

Farah told me to ask sum question .. its my turn .. hek hek ..
Lala : Ustazah ,, Fara tanye kalaw couple bergaduh ??
Ustazah : Kalaw couple brgaduh , putus sajew ... ta paya na pening2 fikir ..

Hahahahaha .. yup , tats rite .. :P

Midyear exam result

Today , my skoo hav "hari bertemu pelanggan" .. Only my dad take my result .. my mum had a meeting .. Its my turn to take a result .. Ahha .. I've got 6A , 2B , 1E , 2G .. Cantek ah ! i didnt answer paper 3 of biology yet .. biar ah .. i dont ever care .. tats why I failed subject biol .. Chemistry and Biology failed .. Good job , :D .. dislike those subject .. My dad asked my teacher about my attitude in class .. Omg mampus ! I always sleep in class , then teacher smile at staring at me ... huh , mati aku kalw bapak aku tahu .. My teacher pun answer .. "dy okay jewr dalam class , ta kuat melawan , buat kejew .." hhahahaha .. happy nyew I .. Thanx God my teacher back up me .. Fcking dangerous if my dad know about me .. but my result still , Okay !