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Its my birthday

29 August 2010
My plans for today :
Call  my frensApproving all the friends request on my fbReplyin all the comment om my fb and myspaceWatching movies at azz's house Hang out at tasikBerbuka at my cousin's houseSnap sum pictures todayHelping my bestfren that in broken heartChatting wit my frens This year paling seronok .. Not like the past .. my father gave me RM 100 .. huhu .. tomorrow , i wanna shopping with my frens .. I ask them to follow me bcuz im seekin for their help .. I dont know how to choose the best clothes for me .. haha .. mengong giler .. Thanx for all people that wished me for my bitrhday .. even i dont know them .. thanx so much for my parents ,, my frens ,, my honeyy ,, the strangers ,, my cousins ..

Sweet sixteen ♥♥

My new phone Sony Ericson W395


Lately neh kind of busy .. Sorry ,, Last saturday , I visited my village .. so , tats why I culdnt update sum post on my blog .. There's no internet .. Fcking bored .
Today , Ive got a test in skool .. Tat is wat we call it - Gerak Gempur .. Hurmm ,, I didnt prepared anything .. Believe it ? Ah -- tuh baru gerak gempur not examination .. And yeah ,, I cant answer properly on my chemistry paper ..  why so complicated ?? What kind of questions ?? Orrr awh yeah .. I dont understand laa that chapter .. Lantak ah ..
Im fasting todayy .. Hurmm .. sabarsabar ..


My new handphone .. Sony ericson-W395 .. Well yeahh .. my father choose this colour .. I want pink but same wit my bestie ,, adoi ... Anyway ,, there's no pink colour at the phone center .. :(

Playing True and Dare at school

Because of tis suck game ,, I had been gossip by the form 5 boys which is next to my class .. I played tat game with my frens and it was so unlucky .. Stupid ..

Flashback :
The arrow spinned fastly and it stop in front of me .. It was *Dare challenge .. I must told sumone tat I love him and he was .. the boy that i dislike .. shit arh .. I must told "I love you .." by force .. In my heart ,, i only love ayien fullstop .. Dont ya get it ?? Then i stand up and went near him and said I love you .. Fuck up ! Majal nyew gua ..

Got it ? the full story ? .. Naahh .. tats why i had been gossip by them .. they said ,, "i love you ,, you love i .." and im 's girlfie .. wtf ,, Dont ever being a full of yurself .. Perasan .. Its just a game rite ? How many times must i told you ??

I did not bring my textbook

I was just come back from skoo .. My day was brighter perhaps .. Im back to my bestfriends .. No more misunderstood .. They're just treat me like before .. Forget the past ..  My pain was relief .. I enter the skoo wit a little smile on my face ,, dont wanna be sad like yesterday nite ..

Last night , I only listen to this song .. Sofaz-Janjiku

Berulang kali ku mencuba memujuk dirimu cuba menjernihkan…
Pertelingkahan antara kita berdua… Kau hilang dan terus membisu beginikah cara kau menghukum aku… Atas kesilapanku menduakan dirimu… Maafkan daku… . Tak terlintas difikiranku melukai kamu permainkan cinta Yang telah kau berikan sepenuhnya padaku.. Tiada dua atau tiga pengganti dirimu pada kau yang satu Ku abadikan cinta selamanya Hanya padamu kekasihku… . Bukakanlah pintu hatimu Izinkan aku kembali padamu… Ku sesalkan perbuatan ku ini Tak akan berulang lagi ku janji… Terimalah ku kembali kasih… . Biarpun ribut melanda namun tetap aku berdiri menunggu Agar terbukti janjiku padamu… Tidak…