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Its hard being a teacher

Our class 4 Anggerik had to teach form3 student for PMR .. We had to teach mathematics .. Fuhh ,, ituh pun kalaw aku remember laa chapter tuh .. Luckily can answer all the question .. Im quite embarass to teach them and afraid if I give a wrong answer .. Lemme explain and they calculate by themselves .. They ask everything about me ,, how can I get straight A ,, what is my daily eating ,, how to stay healthy and many more .. Alamak ,, aku bkn blajar sgt pun .. Dyorang trkejut bile aku ckp aku ta belajar sgt .. wakaka .. its my luck . I cannot answer that kind of question ,, dont know how to answer and give sum tips for PMR .. But im stay cool and be confident to teach them .. about 11 students that I teach this week .. Now Id learn how i feel being a teacher ... Its fun for me cause im teaching maths and add maths but still complicated ..

I swear tat I dont want to be a teacher .