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New year challenge

10 things I need to do.
switch to seventeen.became happy with who i am.stop emo-ness, be more flexible and indiependent.forget the past mistakes and forgive everyone.never skip the class weather at skoo or tuition.must facing with spm examination.cut off the fat, maintain at 45.clean up my bedroom.Current mood: Happy lepak-ing at Mcd with my members. I will miss you 2010 and hey what's up 2011. .

Comparison is broken.

To all guys out there, so what's the hell up. And hey i wanna tell sumthin that catch my head.. Its about the real me kowt. Girls also can read this,, no biggie laa.. smallie less. I used the word *her to refer the girls.

Im a girl and yeah she's a girl too.. But dont describe me or judge me for being who i am. Im a typical weirdo and too many different between me and her. My nickname kinda weird and silly to call but her name is absolutely cutie. She's so prettay girly but im a crazy rocker. She has a long hair and curly at the bottom but i hav a short hair and always tie my hair like a pony tail. She's applying a smooth lipgloss and im just lick my lips by using tongue to prevent my lips from being peel off.  She's wearing a dress and im wearing a big baggy t-shirt *hell yeah my favourite.. She's wearing high heels but im wearing sneakers. She always styling up but im just wearing a cap *tats becuz i have a bad hair day..  She's try to munch softly while…