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How to be a great blogger?

Sorry for late to post about how to be the best blogger. Like me x_X. Hahaha, no laa.. I mean there's sum secret about my blog. I wuld like to share it wit you. Only my blog readers know my blog secret, otherwise i wont share it wit them eventhough my frens. So, keep viewing my blog. Thank you.
First of all:-
Be concern wit yur readers This is very important part becuz one of the reasons we create a blog is to show to the people, to gain more followers or increase the pageview isnt..? Make yur readers feel enjoy when they read yur post, make them attracted to view yur blog everyday. Dont be such a *syok sendiri.. My blog secret:As for me, the readers are my asset.Even i love pink so much, but i must think of the readers' favourite too,, are they love pink colour too? Maybe the guys are not interested to pink and sum of the girls dislike pink colour. So, i make my blog colourful. Noticed isnt,  PelangiColours. Clean your blog. Check your sidebar, is it too much widget that ruined …

I hate slippery

Before im gonna tell you the main story, i wanna tell that there are 3 girls have been *rasuk at school. Ouh,, thats a small matter x_x . Hahaa, as the title above, i really really hate slippery.. Today i had a class tuition, but it was raining heavily. Gile2 lebat. and i forgot to bring umbrella-ela-ela.. So, terpakse laa walk in the rain. Then, im waiting at the bus station until the rain stopped. About 30 minutes dow.. Sitting alone and im so cold. Sejuk sangat sabar jer laa.
Moral of the story: Sediakan payung sebelum hujan The rain stopped and im walking to go to class. Suddenly, aduhh slippery. I hate that. Malu. Imagine that you are slippery in front of the people. But luckily im not fell down laa. Aku *terslippery then air hujan tuh terpercik kat mamat cine yg jual vcd cetak rompak at kaki lima. Huhuhu,, cabut ar. Terkejut dy dow. Aduhh.. Okay laa,, forget about that, start to blush. I have to skip biology class cuz it was too late.. But i will enter for the next class. After …

A gift from my father.

My dad came late at night, when he came home, he enter my room and gave me sumthin. "what was that? macam bekas rokok.. awh,, a black watch. Yelaa, my polo watch had passed away. So, about 2 weeks im going to skool without my watch. So fcking incongruous. Actually, everytime when im going out, i will wearing my watch. Mesti. Wajib. My mum ask, "besarnye jam.." and my dad said "dy ney pakai ganas,, tuh yang beli macam laki, beli jam mcm perempuan tanak, beli yang mcm laki." But unfortunately, not reach 2 minutes, the watch that my dad gave just now had damaged due to my roughness. I wear it but when i take it out, it's break.

Dewrr.. memang ganas betul la. Haha,, mampuss. what will im going to face with my dad. Duhh, luckily daa okay after i fix it by myself.
Hari ini saya dan Nad belajar guitar dengan Shahrul.


Everyone hav their own story on their first day at skool, so do i.. Today was my last day of the first day in skool. Means this year is my last of the skool's life. and Im senior in this year, haha.. Form5 already.. Alright, I just finish my homework and do some revision. Yesterday,, i was just joking laa on fb,,

Actually, aku guraw jer.. But aku memang adew nawaitu na jady class monitor.. Yelaa, i want to get marks on my co-curriculum. im just ordinary student, im not a prefect pun. Tadew jawatan. Back to the story, I had set alarm at 6.00 am sharp. Alarm was ringing but im still sleep, then i heard sound of the switched. The light is on barula aku bangun, mandy then takan na citer kowt.. Okay im ready to school.
Pict ney mesti first time kn korang tgk aku brtudung. Hahaha,.
My dad drive me and my sister to school, aku pun turun la ape lagi, then my sister tegur, "eei.. napew tudung kw mcm tuh??" eh suke hati aku lah nak pakai mcm mane pun. At assembly, i meet my fren Na…