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Tutorial: Hide your shoutbox

Just go thru keyh wit this tutorial. Tanak cakap banyak. Its a quick post. Hide your shoutbox or cbox like my blog. See the "Lets chat" that float on the right background. Haa,, macam tulah sembunyikan shoutbox.

Dashboard > Design > Add a gadget > HTML/ Javascript
And paste this code in the html widget.

<pre><style type="text/css"> #gb{ position:fixed; top:50px; z-index:+1000; } * html #gb{position:relative;} .gbtab{ height:100px; width:30px; float:left; cursor:pointer; background:url('') no-repeat; } .gbcontent{ float:left; border:3px dashed #FF85A0; background:#66AA00; padding:4px; } </style> <script type="text/javascript"> function showHideGB(){ var gb = document.getElementById("gb"); var w = gb.offsetWidth; gb.opened ? moveGB(0, 30-w) : moveGB(20-w, 0); gb.opened = !gb.opened; } function moveGB(x0, xf){ var gb = doc…

Reality about life

01. Life is never fair, that's why it's called "life."
02. We never stop recycling because they never stop trashing.
03. Gangsters are real; they will beat the shit out of you if they have to.
04. Procrastinating is considered normal nowadays.
05. We hate school; we hate work; but we love to sleep.
06. Freedom would be doing your own things.
07. Teens tend to tell their friends everything and not their parents.
08. We realize what's wrong with the world, but we still leave them as it is.
09. We tend to complain about so much things and yet, nothing's changed.
10. There really are people who aren't virgins at your school.
11. We all hate change.
12. People really do cut themselves to "soothe" their pain emotionally.
13. Even quiet ones can rebel if they wanted to.
14. Our society is still pretty much segregated.
15. Some people do gamble like an addict, even when they lose everything.
16. If there's no such thing as "perfe…

The facts about women

01. Are you listening to me?! = I'm leaving you after this.
02. Do whatever you want. = Give me attention.
03. Do you love me? = Are you cheating on me?
04. I don't know... = No.
05. I feel ugly... = Tell me I'm beautiful.
06. I have plans tonight. = Leave me alone.
07. I'll be there in a second. = I'll be there in an hour.
08. I'm not crying. = I need you.
09. I'm not mad. = Of course I'm mad.
10. I'm sorry. = You'll be sorry.
11. It's okay... = I don't like it.
12. I want new clothes... = ...and shoes, and jewelry, and purses...
13. Maybe. = No.
14. No. = No.
15. Nothing, really. = There's something actually.
16. Sure, I guess... = No thanks.
17. There's a spider there. = OMG KILL IT!
18. Was that the dog? = Go downstairs and check for me.
19. We have to talk. = You're in trouble.
20. Where were you last night? = Are you cheating on me?
Did you think that the content above are facts about women. Haha.. yes…