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The time i steal my brother's bicycle.

I just back from marching.
Me, Fara and Amanina was walking to home.
We walked in front on my brother's school. Well, i know he had a co-curriculum activity and i saw him cycling back to home. I was very tired marching and walking. I feel like wanna kick sumone. Haha. After that, i saw my brother again stop at the ice-blended's stall. His bicycle parking behind him.

Me: Weyy, ituh Amir kan. Kat kedai ice-blended.
Fara: Yekew, ntah2 bukan.
Me: Hurm.. (looking closely)
Fara: A'ah laa weyh,, Amir..
Me: Hah bagus, aku na cilok basikal dia.. Penat sangat.

I came closely to his bicycle and lift the bike rod and then blah. My frens laughing at me and he call my brother that sumone had steal his bike. Yes i saw his face when he turned around at the back, his bicycle disappeared. Taraa~
Kecian nyew dia.. Alololo.. He still didnt saw me and searchin for his bicycle. Huhu,, terase agak simpati dekat dia. Pity him. Im still cannot forget his face when he searching for his bicycle. Dia gela…

Tips for web design

Aim before you shoot.Have plan will succed.Be precise and concise.Important things first.Content is king.Modern man (and woman definitely) has limited time- so get straight to the point.Divide and conquer.Use fancy features; such as counters, sparingly.Only primary school pupils make silly spelling mistakes.Why launch a web page when it is not ready?New and up-to-dateBe consistent.I want to 'remember' your page but it has no name.Tell them how old your page is.Testing makes perfect.Get users' views.Who is interested in your picture?Big or plenty is not necessarily better.Colours synergise only when they are compatible.Let them 'see' the 'jungle' when they are looking at a 'tree'.Allow visitors to 'escape' easily.Give them what they want quickly.A promise is a promise.

March challenges

Crazy-monthly test. Relax ar.. test jer. Bukan serius pun :PSave money. Earn money from parents.Ade monthly test kan, okay,, make sure prepare ape2 aje.Makan, makan, makan ayam lagi. Get enough sleep. Mr mystery punye pasal, About 2am i wake up and reading. Then sleep balik.I wanna stay away from mr mystery but how??Wake up on 8.00am every weekend? Make a new buddies at least three. three jer? sombong nye :DEh, i was just realize, its march. Omg, cepat nyer mase berlalu. StudyhardbesmartPlanning a date after monthly test.Eleventh- want to add sumthin here?