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Ways to love your girlfriend

When you say goodbye, hug her for that extra moment, even if people are watching.Make her feel important: Talk to her, sincerely ask her if she is alright if she seems sad or hurt.Stand up for her.Buy her something personal. Or, better yet, make her something.If she tells you that she loves you, kiss her lightly, then whisper “I love you more” while you are still touching her lips.Take her out, even not to an expensive dinner or the movies. Sometimes where you first met or a walk around the park can be very romantic.Hold her hand when you’re with your friends.Share inside jokes.If there is a food she loves, buy it and surprise her.Always call her back, even if it’s just to say I love you.If she is lagging behind, pick her up in your arms and carry her.Randomly give her a peck on the forehead, nose, cheek.Look her deep in her eyes.Gather her up in your arms and kiss the top of her head.Love her at her worst.Give her your sweatshirt and cuddle with her.Pick her up and spin her around.La…

Teacher's day

Sorry, late to post. Happy teacher's day to all teachers in the world. cikgu Harlina, cikgu Jamani, cikgu Mahani, teacher Azian, teacher Rani, cikgu Endah, cikgu Noriati, cikgu Noraini and ustazah Nor Azlin.

Sorry for twice. I hav no picture about the day. But these pictures are only my pictures and my classmate. After we're make up. Saja gewdik2. Isyh iysh. Take a view :)

Its me, Syaza and Nazirul. Me and Fatin Love her! Ahha.  Let my picture be the last picture in this post. Bubye. Ads:Sila click untuk lihat.

The facts about meyy

The fact about me is i like to borrow other's book and i wont give it back. Sometimes they forgot that i ever borrow their book while me too.. And till now, i dont know the book's owner. Thats the second facts about me, Imma absent-minded. Some of the books i took from library school. Hahhahah. But im not a stealer. Im just take it. Its not my fault. Its my hand. Dont blame me. Ahha. =D
The third fact is im eating by using a bowl not a plate. And my meal must have soup and vegetables and chicken too. Im allergic to prawns and peanuts and i will have skin irritation after eating the P-P. My mum always said that eating in a bowl is not good becuz provision will be slightly. Ah, itu pantang larang zaman tok kaduk. Okay, that's also the fact about me. I dont believe in pantang larang, traditional-treatment, kata orang tua ape jadah semua tuh
I am the hair obsession. Absolutely. I love long-hair with medium curl and black and smooth, soft, thicker and suitable with me. Fake e…

Biology paper = Mentally ill

Its not my fault late to update my blog. was suck that moment. Lemme tell you bout the last friday.
Biology paper can make us mentally-ill. Yes, its fact. Even you love subject biology so much, but you still cannot get the highest scores. Me either. Im trying my best but it is worse. 
Maybe we can blame the provider questions. What kind of question did you give us, bloody? Or maybe i can blame myself. Why dont you revise for the subject huh?
Neva mind. Forget the paper. Its too late to nag. Today got tuition. Shit. I forgot to wear a shawl. Last week, i wore the shawl becuz i dont want my dear to see my new hair. At last, im busted. Its a temporary curl at the bottom. Taraaa ~

My weakness in answering question.

I cant answer properly and confidentaly and correctly on PAPER 2 section a, of all subjects, BM, English, Religion, Add Math, Biology, History, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Yes. i found my weakness to answer this part. But on paper 2 section b (essay), i can answer fullyhappily. But on paper 1, tats making me cry.

Can you solve my problem ?
How to answer better in paper 2,, anyone please ?

Mood: Beggin'

Tutorial: Insert a message box when close the page

whatthehell is message box? Like this.

Step 1:
Dashboard > Design > Add a gadget > HTML/ Javascript
Step 2:
Copy this code and paste it on HTML widget.

<pre><script type="text/javascript"> window.onunload = unloadPage; function unloadPage() { alert("YOU CAN WRITE ANYTHING HERE"); } </script> </pre> Step 3:

Easy isnt. Note: Please remove <pre> and </pre> inside the code.
Sweet tutorial from me. Bubye.

Which style is suitable for me?

This is how the hairstyle that i prefer. Medium curl long hairstyle.
No dress please, *except for the formal event. I choose for the casual image.
Okay, i love it. The dress-up. Cool - Relax - Casual - Cute ♥♥♥
The casual. Greenlicious + Pinkilicious = Cool / Blue isnt?
And for the last touch, make up is important. I want the natural-colour, soft and look pale. No contrast-colour. Plus contact lens also. Perfectly done.
Can i  ...?