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Add Math Project Work 2011

Every student taking add math is required to carry out a project work in form5. So here's the link to share
Saya punya da siap taw taw. =.=
Meniru jer bulat2.. Tapew,, teacher kasi. :)
Here's my work. You can copy this, im not bother. All my creativity also bule tiru. Tapew.. :) Im not stingy. Kita sama2 share okay. Click to expand larger. There's 46 pages, larat kew korang open one by one? Hurm,, kalw na senang, pergi jer kat link ney *my album

My results for midyear exam

Alhamdulillah.No subjects failed. First time i pass in biology and chemistry. Physics decrease alot. My parents gonna take my result at school, next friday. They will be proud :) Okay.. keep it up. Naah,, my target for SPM ? "2A+ 2A 3A- 2B" InsyaAllah.  Good luck for your exam keyh especially for spm candidates.

For those who passed with distinction in their exam, a big of congratulation to you. *Clapping. Keep it up keyh. But dont be over confident, do better in the real SPM. For those who havent pass in their exam or to cut it short, failed. Dont give up. Come on, its just a midyear exam. Before this, i never passed in paper biology and chemistry, im always got G, G and G. Seriously,, the marks that i score were 25++ for chemistry and 39-- for biology. But now, i got 47 and 50. See the different? This year, just focus on yur study, push away all the things that crossed yur mind. Its not important.

"Your marks create your future." -my quote

I dont think about my f…

Shopping at IKEA, OneUtama

My house was under renovation aite. So, we buy sum things from IKEA.
Erm.. Makan-makan. I love their meatballs so much. 10 pcs pun not enuff actually.
Hey peeps! I wanna tell you about my results. So far so good taw. Alhamdulillah. Im improving alot after heartbroken semua tuh.. I tend to be strong and face all the sick-problemness. And i hav alot of supporters beside me. Thank you all. Especially to my mum and dad, they support me so much, i know they're always pray from me. Thanks mama dengan ayah. Im glad to hav such a good supporters like my parents. 
P/s : I will update about my results keyh, soon. This week jugak.

Continue with tumblurr, tweeterra

But actually, tumblr ==' Ah sheeeeht! i just love this. Dont ya thangg its simple but superb?
Anybody who hav twitter? I want to pholoww you.. Bule? Leave yur twitter-link on ma tagboard. And this is ma twitter-url. Thangku. Gooodnaits all. What happened to mey?? why i shounded pelat.

Get sick after drink Coca cola

I know if i drink the carbonated drink, i will get sick afterward but i am too stubborn. I drink it again. Last Tuesday, i've got heartbroken and i drank the soft drink, on the next day, im havin flu.
Based on the older post here. I got sick after drink the cold drink. Minum laa lagi. Tahun ney na SPM kan. Berani ambil risiko.

Eh orang lain minum coke ta ada apa pun?
Yea, memang. But im too sensitive about foods.P-P pun ta bule makan. And coca cola is bad for yur health, isnt?

Yeah, sorry if i make grammatical errors or whatever, Im fever :/