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What kind of comment aite? Okay, this is normal. Some visitors will spills many things when they're visiting our page. And i write this entry like no points. Im just wanna tell all the jealous peeps something. Here is my opinion. This is ma blog, so i can write anything on my way. I create this account, but not you. I design this layout, but not you. I post the entry, but not you. So, i have my right to write anything based on what i thought happily. And you have no right to judge my blog. You and your worse word could neither break me nor deny me. I have so much praise about my blog. Well yeah? And heyy,, dont you read sumthing on my sidebar?? Yes, this blog CONTAINS: Teen's life diary. Haiyo! Eff Off. You said its boring? I dont care, i have 384 followers. To all the bloggers that always got the stupido-comments, dont be mad. Its normal :) "Haters make us famous."-Quote

#Wordless Wednesday

My teacher is going to be a monster today.. Hahahahah!
Okay lemme tell the first chapta of the real story. Yesterday, my teacher asked me to give a poster *afterschool to every classes of form 5.
Teacha: Nanti kamu bagi ney dekat semua kelas taw.
Me: Okay.. :)
Teacha: Haa, ade 10. cukup untuk semua kelas.
Me: Haa.. okay cikgu. <---amanah ney So, yesterday i only give 3 out of 9 classes including my class. I dont really know my schoolmates other than my class but just a few laa i know them. Hrmm, tomorrow laa settle that. I keep the posters inside the teacher's table in my class. Hide it. *_*

And today.
My teacher came to my class for #PNP .
Teacha: Adilla!!!
Me: Yea cikgu.. (came near to teacha)
Teacha: Cikgu suruh bagi kan kat semua kelas, napew ta bagi?? Pandai yea kamu sorok kat dalam meja.
Me: Eh, cikgu tapi saya dah bagi.. untuk 3 kelas jer la. Semalam nak dekat balik, tuh yg saya "simpan". Hari ney saya na bagi
Teacha: Banyak laa.. ini kalau kamu pegi dr kelas kew kelas,…

The capital SPM

Around the corner. This creepy examination frightened me. And this biatch exam control my mind for not thinking about other things. Black out my mind. Erase the other memories except for the education. Its a month of July now. Naaahh.. wake up. 127 days left. I am hard-struggling for trial. Beat 'em silently. I didnt back home after school instead of studying at medan selera, #TescoRawang until 6.00pm. *laughing. Seriously. Cause my house is under renovation. Shaytz =.='
Mood:I just love #biology Dont you? Weee..shoot me :P

My misery month

Sorry, i forgot to wish for the first July. I was sick and just come back from the clinic. My asthma become more worse. Now, i'd recovered.

Good-bye June. My terrible month. The heartbreak, the sickness, everything in June. :/ Well im sorry to say that. I hope July will bring the essence of paradise. At least a little.

Today, this is who i am. And today, i tend to stay strongly. I know i culd. I must believe in myself. The spm examination almost near. All i need to do in this July are:-

Finishing cover all the form 4 topics.Doing alot of questions.Take a good care of healthy.Avoid from watching tv's and listening to mp3.Give 99% attention in class.Doing proposal for persatuan bm. *idk thisGet enuff sleep. :)I tweet more. Follow me here. my new room. View this Be myself. Ignore of what people said. :)