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The word- I failed.

Semua orang sibuk dengan keputusan trial masing2. Sibuk nak check paper dia sendiri. Dan semakin kerap saya phollow dyorang untuk check paper,, semkain banyak pulak incorrect answers because of my careless mistake. Com on laa, just careless mistake. Soo shtoopeed. Actually, we're still didnt get the trial result yet. But i might think i fail. Entah lah, malas na fikir. SPM is around tha corner. You know what, i've done my best. Study hard phor trial but maybe im not study shematly. I dislike study group sebab kadang2 tuh kita tidak ikhlas dalam study group neyh. Sebab masing2 nak bersaing untuk berjaya dan untuk kepentingan diri sendiri. Semua selfish. Dapat soalan spot, sorok sana sorok sini. Kadang2 tuh ada somebody yang tanak kawan dia sendiri lebih dari dia sebab tuh dia diam macam ubi tadew isi. Hey come on lah orang yang typical this, apa salahnya share your knowledge wit yur fren, dua2 dapat benefit kan, both of you will have a colourful result. Kalau macam ney lah, i …

Unforgetable mistake that we did.

Everybody make mistake and nobody is perfect. As phor me, there was no istilah "perfect" in my life. My life was full with darkness. If there's no darkness, it will be kosong. Mana ada perfect! Sebagai seorang manusia yang lemah, kita tidak akan lepas dari membuat kesilapan. Kadang-kala dengan sedikit kesilapan yang kita buat akan memberi impak yang sangat banyak. As phor teenagers that have a feeling of curiousity, kita tidak sedar bahawa kesalahan yang kita buat telah merosakkan diri kita sendiri. And without our realisation, we are almost lost everything that very valuable. Because of that, i learned to be not so curious, the mistake that i made before was almost killing me. Ah, that was shit. I let myself to be independent. I dont want to socializing more with useless people. Tadew motif pun. With my hopeful of hopeless, i stand on my own feet and moving on.

Stay cool in your small city.

The type of woman.

1. Cantik tapi bodoh.
Pfft...hahahha.. I have no comment about this. Kalaw hodoh tapi pandai bule tahan lagi because if she is intelligence and have potential to carry the best job, with her big salary are enuff to do plastic surgery. Hahaha.. But perempuan bodoh is easy to be lied. Peeps, dont be touch k if you are this type. Belajar rajin-rajin. Perempuan yang jenis ney pandai actually tapi malas berusaha, tahu nak tengok cermin sakti dia. Muke jer market. =='

2. Hodoh tapi pandai.
This woman can go far away as she can. Zaman sekarang, pakai duit jer laa weyh. Beli laa make up or do laser treatment. Ta paya hirau laa pasal natural kew fake kew, asalkan jadi diri kau sendiri. Think twice.

3. Cantik, pandai tapi perangai buruk.
Having a bad behaviour for a beautiful woman. Well, i have this typical friend. Haha, my frens who read this entry must be know who's tha girl that i meant. But people will judge her by the first sight. Example macam, you look at her at the first time but…

Meniti hari trauma.

Salam sejahtera.
Im come-back-again. Title macam gempak but it is just contain about tomorrow had a school and the trauma when tomorrow got Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM Biology. Oh woww, watthephuck. ==' So today, i am pushing myself to study biology and i had done 2 set of model paper. Bule tahan. Wishing that the question will be easier like an abc-z. Dah lah nak jadi medical doctor. Im going to shot myself if i phail the bio one.

p/s: Wish me luck keyh all bloggers. And phor those who are spm candidate and taking biology phor tomorrow, i hope you can answer it sambil pejam mata bukan sambil mata berair.


Zaman sekarang mana ada kawan sejati

Officially, i dont have bestfriends like tha picture above. Not anymore. Everyone left with their own move and get into their own life. So do i... Now, i stand on my two feet. No more gathering, working together, laughing, hang out. To make it short, no more GENG. All of us break up but still friends but not as close like before. Basically, i dont trust people anymore and anymore. I trust myself one hundreds and ten percent. And phor you guys, if you had a "geng" or bestfriend or whatever they called it. Perhaps, you will go the same thing wit mine. Haha. sounds kelakar but its a facts. Human change. I rather have an enemy than have a friend that going to shut myself down. Tapi my frens saya ta macam tuh. Just wanna remembering you. Dont hoping//phollow your best buddy too much. Let us be selfish. Think about yurself. They cannot change you until you change yurself. Kawan cuma untuk studying, to avoid the loneliness. But jangan bergantung dekat somebody lah. Wasting time. Y…

Ending me.

During the daytime, everything's great. I can smile, play it off. But at night it reminds me, I cant escape from myself. Tell Me Your Secrets, Tell Me Your Lies, I'll cry your tears, I'll say your goodbyes. And I'll be waiting for you, Even though I know I shouldn't. I'll stand by your side. I'd Sing you to sleep. I'd save your life, A thousand times. Will you save mines?
I hang up my mask,It wears a frozen smile. Cause I'm in the privacy, Of my own mind. I'm breaking the silence, with silence.
Hold On To Me, I'll Hold on to you. My begging is all an excuse, Just to hear your words again. Tell Me Your Secrets, Tell Me Your Lies, I'll cry Your Tears, And Say your goodbyes, And I've been waiting for you, And You never came. I'll stand by your side, I'll kiss you goodnight, I'd sing you to sleep, I will save your life, Will you help me save mines?
Save Me, Cause I'm so out in the open. So fragile, an Illusion, But I look…

#Wordless Wednesday

I am entirely tired. Ta dapat pegi open house dua buah rumah. Kiki's house and Adeeba's house sebab its raining heavily now. I hate rain the most. Get off. All my friends gathering at their house while me trapped in tha messy little room. K neva mind. Exam so far so good. Add math was totally fine, english was fine, agama was fine, sejarah was fine, and bahasa cant reach the target. Tinggal chemistry, biology and physics.. Oh tat subjects were killing me. Wish me tha huge of luck keyh. p/s: dont say anything bout tha picture above, i know my face creepy enuff.

Lots of love,