Ending me.

During the daytime, everything's great. I can smile, play it off. But at night it reminds me, I cant escape from myself. Tell Me Your Secrets, Tell Me Your Lies, I'll cry your tears, I'll say your goodbyes. And I'll be waiting for you, Even though I know I shouldn't. I'll stand by your side. I'd Sing you to sleep. I'd save your life, A thousand times. Will you save mines?

I hang up my mask,It wears a frozen smile. Cause I'm in the privacy, Of my own mind. I'm breaking the silence, with silence.

Hold On To Me, I'll Hold on to you. My begging is all an excuse, Just to hear your words again. Tell Me Your Secrets, Tell Me Your Lies, I'll cry Your Tears, And Say your goodbyes, And I've been waiting for you, And You never came. I'll stand by your side, I'll kiss you goodnight, I'd sing you to sleep, I will save your life, Will you help me save mines?

Save Me, Cause I'm so out in the open. So fragile, an Illusion, But I look so strong. I choose you, to open up too, Don't make me regret, or want to forget everything that Ive gone through. For You. Give me your secrets, Give me your lies, I'll carry them on my shoulders into the night. Give me your tears, They will be cried. I know that your waiting to give me a goodbye. I would save your life. Even though your ending mines.

**Source: www.buzzle.com


  1. Sokong kenyataan awak :) Saya pon tade Bff . Follow your blog for my first view its really awesome ! love your entry . update more kay . Toodles ^^


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