Zaman sekarang mana ada kawan sejati

Officially, i dont have bestfriends like tha picture above. Not anymore. Everyone left with their own move and get into their own life. So do i... Now, i stand on my two feet. No more gathering, working together, laughing, hang out. To make it short, no more GENG. All of us break up but still friends but not as close like before. Basically, i dont trust people anymore and anymore. I trust myself one hundreds and ten percent. And phor you guys, if you had a "geng" or bestfriend or whatever they called it. Perhaps, you will go the same thing wit mine. Haha. sounds kelakar but its a facts. Human change. I rather have an enemy than have a friend that going to shut myself down. Tapi my frens saya ta macam tuh. Just wanna remembering you. Dont hoping//phollow your best buddy too much. Let us be selfish. Think about yurself. They cannot change you until you change yurself. Kawan cuma untuk studying, to avoid the loneliness. But jangan bergantung dekat somebody lah. Wasting time. You have yur own best-perfect opinions. Do want you want to do. Dont phollow wat yur friends want you to do and the worst part when you dislike that thing isnt? So cakap Tanak or Tamow or Tidak lastly said Thanx pho that and smile. Seriously, Listen To Me. Think twicely. 

I dont talk nonsense. I make this special entry just to share what did i learned in my life. You will know so much thing about me by stalking my blog and didnt missed any of my posts. BUT i have a big secret that NO ONE knew, the pasts, the sins, the mistakes, the bittersweet and everything. Okay, next time i will post about secret k. Stay cool in YOUR-LIFE and take a good care of your teen lifestyle.

p/s: Dont hoping too much phor sumone that you called as boyfriend. Boy and girl have different thinking. They dont mind too much. Im prettie sure you will regret.

Be independent,
Lala, :)


  1. LiLy here for you :(

  2. I totally agree with you. What had happened to you, it had also happened to me as well..

  3. yeah, through time, life changes.

  4. Dear aisyah(:, and people cn change in one second :)

  5. Dear ivy wong, thanx for yur comment. Learn to be independent.


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