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Azam 2012

Oh "azam" ni memang pentingkan. Dan setiap kali masuk new year jer semua orang akan berazam. Nak bukak buku baru. Ah tapi ada jugak yang tidak berusaha mencapainya including me. *blush*
// Okay fine. Kali ni i dont wanna be a small kids.Eh azam dalam english ape? Oh sorry.. aku ni bodoh sikit. Sikit jer ta banyak :D
My aim/determination/intention (ah apa-apalah aku dah penat)
Loss weight. Baabee, i am 51kg now. *kau gelakk??Earn money in just 3 months.Styling up my hair.Decorate muh room.
Huh, tats all. I cant aim too much sebab nanti memang tak buat pun. Oh about losing weight, memang berazam gila-gila ni. So, how bout you all ? Apa azam korang untuk 2012 ni selagi masih hidup ? #PeaceBaby

My personality *reblog by tumblr*

Full name ?
Nurul Adilla Binti Abd Rahim

Current crush ?
I do have a crush before hrmm i dont know what to give the answer.

Addiction ?
Chocolate but currently to twitter.

How tall i am ?
i am 159cm maybe..

Relationship status ?

Girls i trust ?
Farah Adeeba.

Boys i trust ?
No one.

Current mood ?
Happy :)

Favourite color ?
Green and pink.

i know that i am aint perfect. And everybody make mistake right. I hope that you will forgive me and forget me. i cant be with you anymore. sorry..

Who understand me ?

Someone who is always there for me:
my bestfriend.

Who's a stranger ?
anonymous text.

Who make me laugh the most ?
maharaja lawak mega kumpulan boboi :D

Who i do the craziest stuff with ?
my cousins.

Who makes me smile ?
my friends.

Who am i listening to ?
anyone that need me.

Bestfriends ?
Farah Adeeba.

Second confess ?
its hard to understand me. i cant make it better.

What i hate ?
Lah. everything.

Who's annoying ?
slut people.

i try to catch a star.

Im so sorry.. I had forget all the members in my school. Im sorry guys for what i have done. You all are always in my heart, i keep it safe k. Dont worry, we will meet soon informally or formally. I had to move on and i dont want to look back.

Selamat Tinggal Kawan.

I have no intention to let you all down bcuz of what i did because im done. I already done enuff. Cukup lah untuk semua kedukaan dan kesedihan ini. Thanks so much for the *people that broke my heart entirely, satu class pulak. Kepada korang semua yang stay, yang still berkawan, lepak sana sini, just continue your life. Without me, without all the members of 5 Anggerik, maybe kalau ada reunion class, i wont hadir for that. Biarlah kan, siapa kesah lagi monitor class yang gila2 dulu.

"Tapew..mulekan hidup baru dan buat kawan baru.." said someone :)

Informal 5 Anggerik. Saya duduk dari kiri. Peace :)
Formal picture. Ta lupe jugak cikgu2 yang mengajar. Terima kasih sangat.

My first time job.

At first masa 25 November 2011 I've got a biology class at school. Then me and three of my frens went to the bank to buy id number for UPU. Then Parkson got a sale. So i asked them to go there sebab i want to buy a "girl's stuff" ahha, okay got it one. After that my friend laa suggest try mintak kerja. So we all semua excited nak kerja padahal still ada paper Biology and Chemistry for SPM kan. Started register then all of us dapat job. Okay and wow terus dapat kerja.

So first day kerja on 2 December was okay.. Lipat2 baju. Customer punggah kena lipat balik. Teruk kan. Tha second day busy sangat, kena kira stok lah kemas barang laa.. Third day was fine, serve customer like i used to do evaweedayy.. All the pictures below were not the pictures at the first day, ini hari ini punya..

So.. this is Nazirul. Dulu sama class 5 Anggerik now sama tempat kerja :)
Time rehat selalu sangat lepak kedai mamak. Haku yang ngajak.
Awh sorry we werent smoke tapi bekas buang rokok tuh u…