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Adilla Abdul or better known as Lala, 25 years old. I have been active in blogging since April 2009 so it is about 9 years being a content writer. I am a lifestyle blogger based in Malaysia which this blog consist of beauty, fashion, health and fitness, eateries and restaurants, travel and places, product reviews and also education using both Bahasa Melayu and English.

For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at nuruladillarahim@gmail.com

H E L L O !
Adilla Abdul or better known as Lala, 25 years old. I have been active in blogging since April 2009 so it is about 9 years being a content writer. I am a lifestyle blogger based in Malaysia which this blog consist of beauty, fashion, health and fitness, eateries and restaurants, travel and places, product reviews and also education using both Bahasa Melayu and English.


For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at nuruladillarahim@gmail.com

Acceptance is the first step for anything. No matter what your life throws at you, or how many times people knock you down, you have to accept what has happened. the past is the past and it cannot be changed. Depending on how you view your future it’s eitha already set for you, or you choose the path you go down; either way things aren’t going to always go according to plan. You may expect one thing and get something completely different which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

When life gets to you and starts to break you down, take a step back and learn how to breathe through it. Once you finally gain your composure, it’s a grand feeling. We all need to have a way to settle ourselves, a way to keep your mental and emotional health.

Knowing what you want and what you need are completely different. You’re not always going to get what you want, but you will always get what you need one way or another.

As you can tell from my previous post, I have had a rough time lately. Ive tried to take matters into my own hands to make my life better, and when that didn’t work i stopped trying so hard, and before i realized it good things were happening. I guess i have my best friend to thank indirectly, I’ve been spending getting to know myself. Which we all should get to do, because in the long run it helps with every problem that comes your way.

\\ basically… all i’m saying is to keep your heads up, and have faith in yourself.

Hello everyone! Its been too long for neglecting my blog so well. Im sorry, I am too busy for this week. & always been busy. So how are you, baby?

I hope this month will bring the essence of something new which could bring a peaceful to my life. Of what had break my heart twicely on the same weeks. But its okay, Im already heal by the first heartbroken. The second one is because of what I call them as the new besties. -its not anymore.

Im sorry to say that but what have both of you done is totally break me. If it is my wrong, please forgive me. Im sorry for being coward because I didnt face to face, talk about this matter in front of you. I really couldnt. From 6 to 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1. We all have been separated. I realize it so much. It just a temporary. Is that what we call sahabat? They absolutely didnt know that Im such a person who always test people. I tested them to know how stand they could be with me thru thick and thin. How true they are! But naah.. Im not going to say you guys are phailed for my test. I acted like childish in front of them, I acted annoyingly in front of them because I want to know whether they could accept me in my wrong way I was instead of being such hypocrite. They totally didnt know that originally me. I also did this because I had enter the new culture and environment. I have being nice to them, care for them, accompany them is this what I get in return? Never mind korang, Im sorry if I acted too annoying in front of you, you know what,, i really realize what am I doing. I can see the expression on your face. And understand what do you guys felt. Remember when both of you langsung tk faham that I really need to hurry, had an evening class, I was pissed off by then. I left both of you and walk alone heartbrokenly. How could you are. I really thought you all could at least understand me. After the class has ended, I went back to room on maghrib and see both of you still sleeping in the dark room. Keyh, I woke you up sebab already maghrib. Naah,, Im already forget the incident 4 hours ago. I was eating after pray maghrib and left half of my meal to you cause I know you were hungry. See, Im still being nice to you.

// Is this what I get in return..?

Its okay, because I love my friends, I love everyone and I forgive people easily. I know people make mistake, so do I. Thats why I become like this. Being too nice and forgive easily. I told you friends, once I stop being childish to you, act annoyingly, cherish your day, singing loudly in room it means that Im back to the real me which I wasnt a special person for you guys anymore. Maaf, but this is really heartbreaking. Both of you pergilah bersama, berdua with and without me. Never mind. Manusia memang selalu macam ni. I know that one of you always said, "Lantaklah aku peduli apa.." - absofuckinglutely hurt.

Im still being nice to all. To everyone. I dont hate people. No revenge or whatever. Im not that kind of that. Even I was being hurt by people, but Im still act nice towards them. Sincerely.

Well, happy November friends, I really miss to hang out with you, the laugh ever.

I come back with a different story. This is about the third person. I wonder why this kind of people were really annoying because They Would Destroy Someone's Wonderful Life.

Its happen in relationship and marriage.

Well I see. Sometimes we cant simply blame the third person and doesnt mean that your partner is innocent. Some quote says. "Your partner is beautiful, smart and kind, why search another else? Why cheat? Its just like you are throwing a diamond and picking up a stone." Ladies and gentlemen. Both are same. If you have found a good person that you're really needed in your life, that dont give a damn to you, and means everything to you, so you shouldnt leave them. You are absolutely will made the biggest mistake in your life. The tips to have a last long relationship is do not having a close friend *opposite to your gender. Teman tapi mesra camtu. Because once you'd be close to someone, you will have a little bit feeling towards them. Get it? Tipu kalau kata tidak ada apa2. Should have a bit. & its common. Dont you ever think about what's your partner will feel if they know between you and your teman tapi mesra (close friend) ? Dont you feel guilty. It starts with a friend, then close, then be in relationship. Do you get what I mean? Tk cukup satu?

Told ya something. You're already have a good partner. The best and sweetest couple. Why not you make them as your close friend also? Tell me what is the different between? Same aight. A couple is just like a teamwork. They dive in a pain and happiness. Both heart should be patience. One day both of you will worth it. Besides, dont be clingy. Dont control your partner, let them if you love them. & Trust.

Dont lose someone that you love because of the one that you crush. Love and Crush were totally different. Love is eternally but Crush is temporary. 
Im sorry for late posting about this. It had happened two or three weeks ago. So yah, the second experiment for biology is dissection. K, first time in life.

Secara umum yang kita tahu, tanda-tanda jodoh adalah keserasian, saling memahami, masing-masing pandai bertanggungjawab dan saling bertolak ansur. Itu adalah secara asasnya. Tapi dalam artikel kali ini, kita akan membincangkan perkara yang berbeza. Masih tentang tanda-tanda jodoh kita kuat bersama seseorang tetapi dalam konteks yang sedikit berbeza. Bukan senang untuk membicarakan soal jodoh kerana ia milik Allah. Macam mana pun manusia boleh merancang dan berusaha, selebihnya hati kita harus kuat menyerahkan soal jodoh kepada Allah.

Orang kata cinta tidak selalu bersama jodoh, tetapi jodoh selalu bersama cinta? Tidak semestinya. Kisah cinta nyata bukan macam kisah cinta dalam novel. Tidak semestinya sesuatu perkahwinan itu membahagiakan. Mereka ada jodoh, tetapi mereka masih tiada cinta. Jadi jangan terlalu menekan atau mempercayai sesuatu mitos. Jadi apa yang penting sebenarnya adalah cinta dan jodoh. Ia harus datang bersama. Jika sesebuah cinta itu tidak ada dalam hati seseorang, sampai bila-bila lah dia tidak akan ada.

Cinta boleh dipupuk? Adakah ia benar? Bagi saya, jika cinta itu dipupuk bermakna ia bukan semula jadi. Dipupuk bermaksud kita berusaha menekan diri kita melakukan sesuatu yang bukan asalnya kita mahu. Boleh kalau korang nak cuba. Tapi seeloknya cinta itu datang dari hati secara semula jadi. Barulah sesuatu cinta itu akan kekal. Berbalik kepada persoalan cinta dan jodoh. Memang kita tak tahu apa akan jadi pada masa akan datang, tapi Allah sebenarnya dah tunjuk pada kita secara halus siapa jodoh kita. Tak percaya? Pernah tak korang dengar atau berdepan dengan situasi macam ni:-

“Hisyh, asyik asyik terserempak dengan dia je, hari-hari pandang muka dia je”,
Dulu saya cari jodoh di tempat yang jauh, rupa-rupanya dia selama ini dekat dengan saya!

Ha, tu tandanya apa tu? Hehe, memang lah tidak semuanya betul mereka yang selalu terserempak bersama tu memang berjodoh, tapi kebanyakkannya macam tu kan? Cuba perhatikan mereka yang berpasangan, kebanyakkannya dari bidang yang sama atau dekat-dekat. Paling tidak pun mempunyai minat yang sama secara kebetulan. Contohnya macam seseorang di bidang perniagaan akan mendapat jodoh dengan orang yang minat berniaga dan seseorang doktor akan bertemu jodoh dengan seorang peguam mungkin. Ini hanya kemungkinan, tidak semua, tetapi banyak yang berlaku.

Persoalan dan tanda berkaitan soal jodoh

Orang yang kita cari sebenarnya berada dekat dengan kita

Percaya tak, sebenarnya jodoh yang korang cari berada berdekatan dengan korang. Korang mungkin tak nampak sekarang, tapi mana tahu suatu hari korang akan bertemu dengan seseorang yang sangat dekat dengan korang. Bahkan korang akan jatuh cinta dengan seseorang yang korang kenal suatu masa dulu. Tak sangka kan? Kuasa Allah ini besar. Kita cari jodoh jauh jauh, rupanya dia berada dekat dengan kita.

Entah-entah jodoh kita adalah seseorang yang telah lama cintakan kita dalam diam. Atau jodoh korang adalah daripada kenalan korang di suatu masa dahulu. Jadi jangan menekan sangat soal jodoh. Mungkin ada di antara korang yang sudah bersedia untuk menikah tetapi masih belum bertemu jodoh.
Usah risau, pedulikan apa orang kata, yang penting jodoh untuk korang akan tetap juga sampai nanti.
Sebenarnya, jika kita perhatikan betul betul, Allah telah mengurniakan sesuatu yang sangat baik untuk kita dalam soal jodoh ni. Jika dulu kita pernah bercinta, mengangankan suatu perkahwinan yang indah tetapi kita kecewa sehingga pintu hati tertutup, tapi sekarang Allah beri seseorang yang lebih daripada yang dulu untuk menemani hidup kita. Usah khuatir soal jodoh itu, kerana bila seseorang itu sudah ditakdirkan menjadi jodoh dan pasangan korang, ia tetap akan jadi milik korang. Datanglah beribu halangan sekalipun, takkan ada yang boleh mengubah kuasa Allah.

Apa pun dugaan, semuanya dapat diatasi.

Ok, sekarang adalah situasi di mana korang sedang bercinta dan merancang untuk menikah. Korang sedang berusaha kumpul duit dan menghadapi susah dan senang bersama sama. Tidak dinafikan, pasti wujud konflik di saat ini kan? Tak kira lah masalah apa pun, pasti ada yang datang untuk menguji cinta korang kan? Di saat itu mungkin ada yang merasakan bahawa pasangan dia sekarang bukan jodohnya. Lalu mulalah tanggapan negatif tersebar dan mengeruhkan hubungan. Ketidakpercayaan mula timbul dan mengugat hubungan korang. Di sinilah sebenarnya korang kena main peranan yang sangat penting. Walau apa pun dugaan jangan sesekali cepat putus asa.

Ok, jika korang berdua berjaya mengharungi apa saja dugaan bermakna dia memang dijodohkan untuk korang. Contohnya, berlaku konflik yang sangat besar dalam sesuatu hubungan yang menyebabkan pergaduhan. Suasana jadi begitu tegang dan masing-masing berfikiran seolah seolah hubungan itu tidak dapat diselamatkan lagi. Korang pulak dah mula rasa kecewa, pasrah dan redha atas apa saja yang bakal terjadi. Tiba-tiba, dengan kuasa Allah, konflik itu dapat diselesaikan, hubungan korang berdua kembali seperti dulu lagi. Malah mungkin semakin memahami dan bahagia.

Setiap kali berlaku konflik yang menyebabkan korang rasa putus asa, Allah tunjukkan jalan korang untuk berbaik semula. Itu adalah salah satu tanda jodoh korang kuat bersama si dia InsyaAllah. Banyakkan berdoa dan sabar dengan setiap dugaan yang diberikan. Jangan sesekali mudah mengalah. Apa apa pun ia sebenarnya bergantung pada sikap kita sendiri juga.

Jika korang jenis yang cepat putus asa dan kuat mengalah, macam mana nak kekalkan jodoh?

Berpisahlah macam mana pun, jika jodoh itu milik kita ia pasti milik kita!

Pernah juga terjadi, pasangan kekasih yang telah berpisah suatu masa dahulu berjumpa balik dan berkahwin! Itu juga namanya jodoh. Berpisahlah macam mana pun, jika Allah tetapkan jodoh itu milik korang, maka ia milik korang. Mungkin Allah mahu korang berpisah untuk memperbaiki diri masing masing dan menguji rasa cinta antara korang. Hakikat ayat ini, “kalau jodoh, ia tetap jodoh” sentiasa menguatkan hati manusia tentang persoalan jodoh. Memang sangat menyakitkan jika jodoh korang bukan bersama seseorang yang korang cintai. Tapi bersangka baiklah kepada Allah.

Dia akan mengurniakan seseorang yang baik untuk korang. Tidak mudah, korang perlu menjadi seseorang yang sangat kuat dan tabah. Tapi ingatlah, jika si dia memang jodoh korang, tiada satu manusia pun dapat halang dia menikah secara sah dengan korang. Tapi jika bukan, buatlah macam mana pun, dia tetap bukan milik korang. Jalan penyelesaian yang baik untuk menghindar kita dari berasa sedih dan was-was mengenai persoalan jodoh adalah kembali kepada Allah. Dia yang mencipta segala jenis perasaan yang ada di muka bumi ini. Dia yang memberikan kebahagiaan kepada semua hamba hambaNya.
Minta lah kepada Nya sedikit kebahagiaan, InsyaAllah jika kita ikhlas dan redha menerima segala ketentuan Allah, kita akan tenang dan hidup bahagia. Buatlah solat istikharah dengan cara yang betul. Ia dapat membantu korang dalam membuat keputusan. Jika korang dah cukup berusaha, dan takdir menentukan sesuatu yang berbeza untuk korang, terimalah dengan sabar dan ikhlas. Memang sukar tetapi kan Allah itu Maha Mengetahui. Sakit yang korang rasa sekarang adalah bayaran untuk kebahagiaan untuk korang di masa akan datang nanti InsyaAllah.

Jangan serahkan pada takdir semata-mata

Soal jodoh memang lah milik Allah, tapi kita tidak boleh duduk diam tanpa berbuat apa apa dan tunggu bulan jatuh ke riba. Allah benci orang yang suka berputus asa dan tidak mahu berusaha. Ada yang kata jodoh tak perlu dicari, tetapi ia datang sendiri. Benar, tapi tetap juga kita perlu berusaha. Bagaimana Persiapkan diri kita menjadi seseorang yang lebih baik dari hari ke hari. Berkawan dengan ramai orang tidak kira lelaki dan perempuan, asalkan korang tahu batas-batasnya dan luaskan lah pandangan terhadap kehidupan. Jangan kurung diri korang daripada cinta kerana beranggapan jodoh korang sudah ditentukan. Hiduplah dengan normal dan bersosiallah seperti orang lain. Asalkan korang tahu jaga batas, itu sudah mencukupi. Tidak mustahil korang akan berkenalan dengan seseorang dan bertemu jodoh dari situ. Elakkan mengamalkan sikap duduk diam dan tunggu tanpa berusaha apa-apaMungkin korang adalah seorang lelaki yang sedang meminati seorang gadis dalam diam. Korang mahu memperisterikan dia. Jadi apa yang korang perlu lakukan? Duduk diam? Salah tu. Sekurang kurangnya korang harus mencuba. Tak cuba tak tahu kan? Allah tidak menghadirkan seseorang dalam hidup kita tanpa sebarang sebab. Ia adalah sama ada Allah mahu kita belajar sesuatu dari orang-orang yang kita jumpa dalam hidup kita ataupun Allah menghadirkan seseorang itu sebagai tanda kita akan hidup bersama nya selama-lamanya!

Jadi jangan lepaskan setiap peluang yang ada. Tidak salah untuk kita berusaha dalam soal jodoh ni. InsyaAllah jika kita berusaha keras, ia akan jadi milik kita.
Yang penting cubalah dulu. Jangan awal awal dah putus asa.

Jodoh itu milik Allah, tapi ia dicipta khas untuk manusia agar kita dapat menikmati nikmat bahagia hidup di dunia ini bertemankan seseorang yang sangat kita sayangi. Ada orang yang dapat jodoh dengan orang yang dicintai, ada yang tidak. Semua itu kuasa Allah, kita tak layak mempersoalkannya. Tetapi kita boleh belajar daripada pengalaman yang kita dapat. Bila dah dapat jodoh dengan seseorang yang kita cinta tu, jagalah elok elok. Jangan lancang sangat untuk bercerai jika ada konflik berlaku. Walau apa berlaku sekalipun, belajarlah cara untuk mempertahankan rumah tangga korang.

Allah telah mengurniakan satu jodoh untuk korang. Orang lain yang terlalu berharap tak dapat, tapi korang dah dapat. Kenapa kena sia siakan? Jaga hubungan elok elok. Hargai apa yang ada sekarang. Penceraian adalah sesuatu yang paling dibenci Allah walaupun ianya tidak salah. Takdir memang takdir tapi usaha usaha tetap usaha. Persoalan jodoh itu sangat sulit, tetapi manusia boleh mencuba dan terus mencuba. Allah tidak kejam. Dia Maha Menyayangi. Pasti Dia akan mendengar setiap doa dan rintihan kita sekaligus menghadiahkan jodoh yang terbaik untuk kita semua, InsyaAllah.
Hello. I asked dad for money in the early morning. He gave me a hundred and its all gone in 3 hours. Hahahah. Told ya, Imma big spender. Heyy. I brought some new stuff for this second semester. And also excited to meet boyfriend. I miss him so much. So here's are the new hauls that i brought today.

Here's my new circle lenses from Vivian with three tones. The power is 1.5x. With diameter, 17.2mm. Okay, this is the most large circle lense that I brought, before this I have those with 16.0mm and it look awkward (if I wore). Well, this is the example of model wearing circle lenses that I brought. Pretty satisfied!

Two bows and of course, chocolate mirror. There's two more stuffs that I didnt show because i forgot to photo it. Ring and cardigan. A white cardigan. Now, I found it difficult to search for my clothes. I dont know how to style it with hijab. No more shorts. Thats why I just buy a cardigan, to cover all my short and sleeveless top. I also didnt wear my short dress (that my mum gave me before) anymore. It would be okay if its was a long dress. Ah, just keep it in my wardrobe. Seriously, it takes time to figure out all this. I cant be too straightly and rapidly to change. Let it be slow. 

Did you notice the third picture? A book. Its not actually a book. It would be my secret ever that I would express on it. I think by writing on a piece of paper will be more privacy. No ones culd read mine haha. Im sorry I didnt show the cover of the book because want to hide it from people's thought. Dangerous!

(Dont get confused! The picture above shows my sister with her friends. My sister on the right side and yes she's chubby. I was the one who capture the picture.)After went for shopping about three hours, me and sister went for open house at her friend's house. Heyy guess who I bum into? My enemies. Haha. That kiddo and lame. Ah the moment had happened on last three years. I dont feel anything about it, no more. Instead of enemies, I also met Nad, Zulaikha and Haniza. They are my ex classmates! Heyy miss you girls. Remembering back when we was in form 1. So cute. Haha. Alright thats all for today. Im going to sleep my lashes now.
Goodnight ladies and gentlemen. xo 
What's happening? 
- having a boring day.. and stomach ache.
- little brother is having UPSR examination and he screwed off.
- hair had been cut on the last two days.

Begin my day with a glass of milk. And whats up with my plan during semester break on previous post? I have designed a new theme on blogskin, I have cleaned my room.  Oh yah, buying new clothes still undone and i have to cancel of meeting boyfriend because I think I might be spending time with family more. Sister will be back home on this Friday. Yayy!   So without wasting my time by doing nothing at home, I sit in front of my notebook and blogging. Oh yeah! Im so surprise when I saw my new skin become skin of the day on www.blogskins.com Lets check by today. Thank you for all supporters and for those who rate mine. It was Tumblr inspiration which I found more neat and clean. Well people, I am more into tweeting this couple day. Do follow! Mention me here: @flouera

Hello people. This is really really quick post. I better be off to study after finishing type this entry and publish it then. Yah so, it might be typo as well. Srry, x. Well well, I have a camping tomorrow after the last paper of examination. Its maths. And definitely stressing me out. I will try my best but Im not hoping for A's anyway cause the questions are really complicated. For the camp, its actually a War Games of Asperians organized by Foundation in Agriculture Science, UPM. Actually, I feel some kind of laziness going there because I ever went for camp before and its really tiring and lack of sleep. Naahh.. and the worst part is the location in Tanjung Malim, Perak and there might have no line connection. Ah furthermore, i didnt bring my phone there. I will definitely miss boyfriend so much! I didnt get the same group with him. Erghhh..! I hope to see him there. Maybe and just maybe. Naahh.. so sad here. Thats all. I have to stop here and study. Study is definitely stress k. Wish me luck for the last paper! Buhbye~

This is compulsory in my bag. I am dying without them! I also didnt bring my make up bag as well. No mascara, no more blusher and whatsoever kind of make up. Lantaklah. -.-'


Or Nurul Adilla Fateeha. The name given by her mother but Fateeha does not include in birth certificate.
A eighteen-to-be girl who have been dreaming about seventeen years, eleven months and 29 days (average). She's stuck between both. Real and Fake. Strong and patiently she walked in her life with pain and happiness. Hopelessly. Searching for herself. Picking up her heart that had been broke into pieces. So tomorrow will be her precious day. Eighteen and legally. The only thing she want is when she smile sincerely for the whole day like nothing will stop her. That could be her best present. Eventhough tomorrow will begin the war of final examination... MISTAKE. That she had done before could be her worst nightmare. She may not perfect. She has some flaws here and there. She would try to learn from mistakes to redeem it. And she has no intention to break someone's heart. This moment, she would try to be a good ordinary girl. Leaving the dark side and enter the bright side that had been long time ago waiting for her to step in. She may could do it. She just need to walk in through with the one she love. Just complicated. Of what had crossed her mind is, does the one she love still love her? Maybe or just maybe. God knows. Waiting for someone to be with her but then she realizes that it could only be in dream....

Whatever will be, will be. 
1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead? Yes, it is more sweeter and a kind of respectful.
2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress? Hurm well, i prefer to not wearing sexy outfits. So, a big poofy dress
3. Are diamonds a girl's best friend? Yes. its my favourite kind of jewels.
4. Is your hair up or down today? It was super mess. Dont ask about it.
5. Do you straighten your hair? Yes. two times.
6. Favorite mascara? As long as the mascara makes the eyes big, thick and smooth curves.
7. Do you get your nails done? Nope. I have no time to do that.
8. Small or large purses? Of course, large purses.
9. Jeans or sweats? sweats.
10. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that's uncomfortable? sometimes.
11. Do you text message a lot? Not really. I just reply an important text.
12. Whats your favorite color? grey and pink and green.
13. Heels or flats? Both. but heels could make me higher.
14. Would you ever leave the house without makeup on? A big no no NO.
15. Walmart or Target? Target.
16. Do you think lip gloss is the best? Nope. I never use lip gloss. I am more to lip balm and lipstick.
17. Do you own any big sunglasses? Yup. They are cool!
18. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Hurm, 40 minutes.
19. Gold or silver? Ah both! o.o
20. Do you like to wear dresses? Eeyup.
21. In the last 48 hours have you hung out with a guy? No. I wont hang out with guys.
22. Do you like to hold hands? Hurmm.. hahahah.
23. What do you notice when you first meet a guy? Their hair and leg.
24. Do you like making eye contact? Yes. Its show some concern to people.
25. Would you kill for chocolate? I am dying for!
26. On a scale from 1-10 how fun is shopping? 11. hahaha :D
27. Do you yell a lot? Yes.
28. Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work? No.
29. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy? Yes. When I was like boyish long time ago.
30. What makeup could you not live without? press powder, lip balm, mascara and eyeliner.
31. Do you fall in love easily? No. I used to like them when I found they are cute and kind. Like NOT love.
32. Do you have cramps? Yes. when i stay too long when studying and in cold condition.
    Hello. Thank you to @farrahmidori for request a tutorial via twitter. LOL. Long time I didnt make a tutorial on blog. Alright. Did you see a marquee image on the leftside (on sidebar). The images were automatic scroll upward and when we hover it, it will stop. So yah, Im gonna teach you all and give the code. Its simple by the way. Hope it will work on your blog.

    Step 1 :-
    You can paste this code at anywhere you want it to.

    Did you see PLEASE PUT IMAGE CODE HERE. ? Okay, that is where the img code going to insert. So yah, thats all. One more, you can change the scrollamount. The higher the number, the fastest images scroll. :)
    Welcome to the new month of the year 2012. Its August now. I have some good and bad news to tell you bout this month which it probably came with the essence of depression.
    1. Raya Aidilfitri.
    2. Break about two weeks.
    3. My birthday on 29th.
    4. Final exam on 29th.
    Okay thats all. First i will celebrate (maybe) Aidilfitri and holiday about two weeks and after the last break, the final exam will start on 29 August which is my birthday! Naahh.. I might not celebrate those two special days in this year. Okay.. I think negatively too much. All in my mind now is exam exam and exam. I might pretend that I dont know what will happen on the day of 29 August which is very meaningful to me. I am legally eigtheen :')

    So here are the pictures collection on this week (also at past). First picture is when I was studying for english test, second is the model of atoms but I played with it. Third was when I went to the science museum, it shows us about the type of animals which i found the biggest rat! Yes, its existed. Lets skip the fourth. Fifth was when me and my friends were having a break fasting at cafe. I captured them. And the last one which I found it today on boyfriend's phone. He was doing the same thing with me -captured one's photo secretly without a permission and upload it on instagram. Woww, I really envy with my own hair. The hair has grown fastly!  See ya soon, I need to wake my roomies up to get ready for break fasting about a hour and half. They have to cook. LOL.
     Seventeen forever, shake it and perfect two.
     Meet my dad just now and he's giving me some money. waahh.
     We are so cute to be together :3
    Kinda bored in the morning and he just brighten it
     Too hot here.
     Im fasting lol.
     Taeyang: You're my. Click me.

    Salam Ramadhan.
    And happy fasting. 3 hours left to break fasting. Yeayy! Oh noo.. I have to break fasting alone today. Ah, first time im having break fasting alone. Sho sad.. So today, i had clean my partition when staying alone in dorm. The wardrobe, the floor, the bed and clothes.

    Ah not bad. I refolded all my clothes in the wardrobe. 

    Plain pink bedsheet and its really comfortable. I cant wake up in this morning.

    Yeah. still leave it like that. Got many works and assignment to do. I have one big fan and mini laptop fan. Hehe.. And the books were like here and there. My table was a bit mess but its easy to clean it all.
    Today I went for shopping at Sogo, KL with my mum and dad. We're just send my sister at KL Sentral. Ah.. starting to miss her. She's going back to Johor Bahru while I will going back to college at night after berbuka. So, here's ze new hauls that I brought today. Okay, you can view all the picture of hauls below. What am I going to say here, there's a guy ask me going out. Out of the blue he want to meet me. Actually, he also ex-Asperian who's taking foundation in agriculture science same with me but we're neva meet in UPM. Maybe we're ever bum into but we're didnt recognize each other. I know him via facebook and we have had a conversation before. Oh gosh! I felt guilty for him. I cant going out with guys aannd tak nak pun. So, he text me about two times but I didnt reply. Naahh, that because he's kinda flirting and thats why I ignore him. Haha. Can we're just be friend?

    Yes. I will be wear this. I chose these six hijabs although i was unclear about it but I will try to. Honestly I said, boyfriend didnt ask me to wear it but I was the one who thought about it before. But, I will never show or upload the picture of me wearing hijab. Hahahah. okay I will. Soon. Kowt.

    New bedsheet for my bed. Hehe. I choose the plain colour. Pink plain. Actually, I want the polka dots bedsheet but I phailed to search for it. I want to decorate my partition with a theme of Angelic Pink.

    This new pair of earring. Yes, the size is medium and heavy. -.-

    p/s: ah damn. Biology test tomorrow. Im going crazy.
    Time flews so fast! First Ramadhan started on 21st of July. Aaannd, Happy Birthday to my little brother, Amir. He's got scrabble from my aunty while I have nothing to give him. The worst thing  when I forgot that today was his birthday. Poor lil brother. I also met my sister from Johor Bahru. Welcome home. Now, the family's members are completed in this house. So yesterday, after agriculture practical, I came back home with boyfriend by train. At first, we waited for my sister at KL Sentral but her journey takes too long and have to wait for her about a hour. Sorry girl, we cant wait for you, I went back by train all alone. Without. Him. *sad face* LOL. Reached home at 10pm. My mum fetched me at KTM while my dad fetched my sister at KL Sentral. Ayda! Your hair has grown. Thats was the first sentence came from my mouth before I start to tease her. Ahha.. Okay, all i wanted to say here, Havva blessed Ramadhan and happy fasting day! Hope that this month of Ramadhan will be the great and better than last year. Please forgive all my wrongdoings since I am human beings. No near perfect and made mistakes. Lets us forget the past and burn the worst memories. No use to regret. A bright future are ready to hit you maybe tomorrow or on the next day or maybe someday BUT It. Will. Comes. And now, I had realize about it. I learned and now I found someone new in my life that had learn me to  be better day by day. I changed not because of that person but I changed naturally k. Of being thankful to God.

    // One more thing, I had brought baju kurung for Raya. Chosen by my mum. And it is beautiful.

    This is one of the reason why i love my dad. The gadgetmaniac! :D
    You know kann, I do post about my problem that Im gonna buy a Samsung but Im afraid if my dad scolded me. Click this. I've got this new Samsung on the last Saturday. Thank you dad! Well, i know that he just brought a new Samsung Galaxy Note.. Okay.. Im so jealous. 

    My dad did ask me why I wanna new phone, so I just answer that I want to play Instagram! Haha.. Thats all. Since the blackberry didnt have the instagram. Ah shit. I really bored using a blackberry about six month. 

    So I really active on Instagram now. I blog and pictured. Haha, do follow me: @lalamonsterz
     Is listening to Tujhe Dekha To Hai Jaana Sanam
     I miss to hear bollywood songs. The old movie one. haha
     Please be fastah to fetch me boy. Im all alone here.
    I hoped i wont be your other burden. I just need a protector.
     Approaching midnight.
     I eat three times today. Thats bad :(
     Link to this lovely music.

    I know, you're miss my journal right. haha. A huge apologize from me here. I am very busy on this week. My second test is just around the corner. 16 July I guess so. Seriously, thats making me really tired. I slept about five to six hour every night including the nightmares. Out of the blue, updating my blog had crossed my mind just now and I'M BACK :3

    Hello, I just moved to Kolej 13 on Sunday and whats make me so happy when my roommates was my gang. Dharshu, Fydah and Eyfa here. Ah our dorm will be bising nanti (noisy soon). Okay, I dont have any idea to write. Let the picture express my day. I also went to Sunway Pyramid with my gang on last Saturday. Firstly, ignore me in the picture. Im sorry for low quality of pictures. Non-edited.

    And the next candid picture of me and my class monitor. Haha. "Aww so sweet...!" Damn korang =.='
    The hot gossips.
    Secrets and Fix You by One republic and Coldpaly
    Class start every 8 o'clock everyday in a week.
    Im not deserved to you but I have a heart. Im not your game.
    I dont even know my mood.
    Its raining heavily and you know that Im phobia of rain.
    We're having a great dinner !

    Hello people. Im back again. And of course. This blog would never be shut down. Fix you was the current song that I listened to. And hey, Im having a great dinner with my friends, Bella, Burn, Fatin, Eyfa, Dharshu, Fydah, Zul and Raffiq. Yes. They are my gang. Study together, having a meal like almost together. I spend my time alot with them and yes again Im happy with my new culture and environment. Dont think that Im not missing my friends in Rawang. I miss them a lot right now. Fighting and bleed. Ahha. No Im kidding  So what Im gonna say here. You wont believe that Im wearing hijab (first time) in class and im not take it off from the morning until evening. Wahh! hahaha. I know my friends in ex high school wont believe me to do so since I never wear the scarf when Im outing and even school -but i just stand to wear it till afternoon only. That was a good for a girl like me aite? I know you're gonna read this until you find the reason why i wore hijab isnt. No I wont tell because the reason is really dumb. Seriously. It wasnt came from my heart. Okay, I wont give any comment here because that will be a sensitive issue maybe perhaps i will sincerely wear it. Take it slow. Sorry no photo of me today. Im so shy. Most of my classmates were amazed by me. Haha. Got so many puji (praises) lah today. Sorry, Im not raising a praise here. I just really dont expected that they would do that to me!

    You know what I sleep in the physics lab on Tuesday, sitting down on the floor while my head on the seat. So this is the face when I waking up from sleep. Well.. 

    Even just a cheap and simple lauk (side dishes) but we're having a great dinner. Share money together and keeping laughing. That was awesome :3

    So there are my gangs like i told you. I spend time alot with them. Sorry, Im not joining them snaping a picture. Lemme be a photographer for a whole day. Haha.

    Im not in a good mood since i entered the class in the morning. Its because my heart was halfully broken by someone. Not gonna tell you and yes that person was the reason why I became like this. No, i dont know why. Okay la... He's a guy. There's something that he shuld learn by the way; "Dont judge a book by its cover. Accept people for who they are. Because we never know if the person will change in a good way perhaps or better than us right? So, if not, please do not mengeluh (sigh or complain) if the person that we've judge before have made their own move -which me that we're gonna lose them entirely. Kan?" Tak semua orang baik tuh selama-lamanya baik dan tak semua orang jahat tuh selama-lamanya jahat. People can change without our expectations. Okay. I dont deserved you. -,- Fck? what am i talking just now. Lets just dont feel anything k. Im done with that. You and your game! (perhaps, cause i started to think a negative things about you cause i wont make a same mistakes again) Let God plans all this. Tawakal enuff-