How to make navbar like me?

Thanks for the request. BUT actually, i wont tell you any code / elements of my blog because this is one of my copyright (my blog secret) Thats why i dont make this theme for blogskins. But never mind.. i tell you the basic. I cant give you my code. Its easy to make it :)

Step 1.:
So this is the code. You can paste it before </style> Please change the background-color on this code. You can replace with the colour code that you want. This code is the layout.

Step 2.:
After you paste the code above before </style> Next, you copy this code then paste it before </style> This code is for the text or navi.

Step 3.:
Please type this code. I know you cant copy this. Im lazy to make a form for html code. Hee,
<div class="navigations">
COPY the text that i bold only. Make sure you ended with </div>  taw ! Oh forgot sumthin. the code above ni paste it AFTER <body>

Step 4.:
Done with that? Keyh, look at the word "YOUR NAVIGATION GOES HERE" that one you need to insert your navi. I gave you the example,

Okay.. copy and paste this in the text "YOUR NAVIGATION GOES HERE" You also can repeat the code above as you wish. Just repeat jer. Make sure ended with </div> As i told you.

P/s: Finish. Got any problem? Please ask me. And for the tutorial, i wont make it if you dont ask. Thank you. Note, do not republish and redistributed my tutorial.


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