Next step to a brighter day.

Thanks for the support and send me back home What is right by BigBang Goodnight people
Sorry for my sentimental tweets on the sidebar. Im just didnt expect to meet him on the last minute planned. I went to the MidValley Megamall today with @ANaimmm (Mira), Amin and Zl ω This double date is awesome. Haha. So me and Mira went there by train to Putra. Zl take us there and he drove us to Midvalley. Im excited but just be cool. Chillax. lmfao.

Amin was the hilarious acting guy on that day. So funny. First we're having a breakfast, brought movie tickets and then searching a cardigan for Mira. Zl and Amin follow behind us. Its kinda awkward when the girls were shopping and then their guys follow them behind. LOL. I kinda love when he choose a suitable clothes for me. Perfect taste (-) Usually my bestfriend, Farah will choose the right outifts for me (>.<)

The movie is kinda interesting but actually funny. Above 18+ age lmao. He's sitting beside me and close my eyes with his hand everytime when the story shows the uncensored part. Okay i just cant stop laughing when he did that. After that, we're back home by car. His :)

After reached at Rawang, we went to a thai restaurant *actually Amin worked there. Got shisha there for Zl and Amin only. Me? no no no.. Then at 6.00PM, Zl sent me back home. Thats all. Just thank you for him cause he support me a lot, accompany me for the whole day. A bit of tired but its fun.
I gotta tell you something here, yes i do had a crush on him before until now but I know that i would never be together with him :) So there's nothing between us. Just friends. There's alot of guys in the university coming soon. Haha. I want to search a sweet and lovely guy just like him. He's really mature. Yaa.. tengok umur laa.. His twentyfour. Hee. I need to stop here. Bye ~


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