Personal tags. *copied from BBM*

Would you take your ex back?
// No

Relationship status?
// Single

Have you ever lose a close friend?
// Yes

When was the last time you really laughed?
// 24 March 2012

Something is wrong, first person you turn to
// Bestfriend, Farah

Is there anyone who doesnt like you because of something you did?
// Yes

When was the last time you cried hard?
// 18 March 2012

Is there anyone you'd do anything for?
// Yes

How many people can you tell everything?
// Only close friend and cousins.

Have you ever wished on a shooting star?
// No

Does the person you last held hands with mean something to you?
// No

Describe yourself in one word?
// Sophisticated (My friend who told me so)

Who do you hate and why?
// Well i dont hate them. I just hate when people being annoying

Ever cheated on someone?
// Yes

Person i miss the most status?
// Zl

First kiss?
// Mother

Last kiss?
// My twinbaby nephews

Last text from?
// Farah

Last phone call?
// Zl

Who I tell everything to?
// Farah

Favourite animal?
// Guinea pig

Favourite artist?
// Currently into BigBang

// 160cm

Who has my heart?
// Not yet

Who I trust?
// Farah

Most memories with?
// Farah

People you have recently get close to?
// Leon IGuess? haha

Shoe size?
// 5

Who I couldnt live without?
// Mother

Who Im expecting to know forever?
// everyone ♥

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