Thank you to my teachers for SPM 2011.

Got a best result for spm examination Listening to safe and sound Hot suhn-nee-deyy
I cant sleep yesterday, i was log in my twitter and tweeting/texting with my friends @MiraDzu @farahverxyl and @MohdAdnaaannn All candidates batch 94's cant sleep. Hahaha. Me either. So on this morning, me, Amal and Farah walking to school but luckily we accidentally met our classmate, Syaza. So she drive us to school. Im very fucking nervous.

Sorry-. Im not going to tell you my result here. Its not important. Seriously, i kinda hate when people call me just want to know my result except for people that i wanted to tell laa. People just being annoy to me. My result is okay ! Thats all. () Please dont bother about me.

I wanted to thanks all the teachers that teach me. OMG. I wont forget you teachers, Pn Noriati, Pn Jamani, Pn Endahwati, Pn Noraini, Ms Rani, Ustazah Nor Azlin, Pn Mahani, Pn Nor Azian and Pn Harlina. So to my tuition teachers especially Sir Donald. Thank you to my biology subject. I passed with colourful grades. During seminar class for biology subject, I had a problem and didnt concentrate to much when he was teaching. So Sir Donald came to me and he take much care about me. Thank you to my school teacher, Pn Jamani. I remember when you provided so many extra classes for Sejarah and you had cancel you holidays with your family. Thank you for sacrifice.

Cikgu, Terima kasih ! Saya sayang cikgu semua. Terima kasih sebab banyak berkorban demi masa depan saya dan kawan-kawan saya.

The best dialog is when i said:-
Me: Cikgu... saya dapat A :)

I cried a lot when i saw my spm result. Im so surprised. Im still remember the memories during PMR on this entry. Alah dulu bajet jer time pmr. Hahah (ω) Alhamdulillah. Ya Allah... SPM is the most important aite ? Im very proud with my bestfriend, Farah.  Both of us passed with brilliant grades. Congratulation for my bestie, congratulation for straight A's students, my classmate, Phuna Zhi Xin and ehem.. Leon Kuan. I do text him after taking spm result. Congratulation to my friends, my classmates and you guys (batch 94's). See you in University !

The most important is when mama and ayah proud of me  (So "he" call me about three times but i didnt pick up the phone and just off. Its enuff when you hurt me for many times and dont come near me again. I wont let you know something about me ! Anymore. I am success now, i win.


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