H E L L O !
Adilla Abdul or better known as Lala, 25 years old. I have been active in blogging since April 2009 so it is about 9 years being a content writer. I am a lifestyle blogger based in Malaysia which this blog consist of beauty, fashion, health and fitness, eateries and restaurants, travel and places, product reviews and also education using both Bahasa Melayu and English.

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H E L L O !
Adilla Abdul or better known as Lala, 25 years old. I have been active in blogging since April 2009 so it is about 9 years being a content writer. I am a lifestyle blogger based in Malaysia which this blog consist of beauty, fashion, health and fitness, eateries and restaurants, travel and places, product reviews and also education using both Bahasa Melayu and English.


For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at nuruladillarahim@gmail.com

I brought this new outfits yesterday. Brand AD Jeans. Yah, got promotion there.  At first, the white clothes tuh, Diana had choose it first but LUCKILY the outfits didnt match/suit with her body. Yes! hahahah. Its mine. Sorry Diana, I really adore that clothes. I also buy sleeveless top

L'elan Vital. For my crown. I had use the Hair Essence Water (on the leftside) the spray one. I sprayed all over my hair and it is quite awesome. I love ze odour and make my hair become moisture and glossy. Really freshning. I also had use the serum to nourish and strengthen muh damage hair. Futhermore, the hair serum is important to our hair. I recommend you to buy the serum at the salon but not in personal store such as Guardian or Watson because the products i guess lah is not really good/effective. Better get an advice from the professional hairstylist to choose your -perfect hair serum.

Hello guys. 
I was invited to go to that event organized by my ex-school. Oh my, thank you. Haha, result teruk pun still dapat anugerah. Err. Okay, thanks again.
This is all i've got. Cash also! wahh. shopping.

Look at my crush's result. He's awesome kan. Eh which one is it? guess who. hrmm, but unfortunately, he's not mine, forever not mine, maybe. Sorry, my result was censored. Corot :P

With Puan Ijaa. She's married already. One of my classmate. Ah, beautiful is it?

From left: teacher Noriati, Diana, Farah, Girl from heaven, Anis and teacher Azrif. It was so awkward on the day, well i am bravely said "Hi" to my crush. Trololol. I dont know why, I just miss him and cant take my eyes off him. Everytime i saw him, I AM NERVOUS !. My heart beating like no limits. Can you tell me why? After the event, me and my friends went to Selayang to watch movie and shopping. Haha. I will update more about today on the next entry. See ya later.

Goodnight, x
Pigs known as the most animal had infections and parasites. Among them, the teana solium, faciolopis, buski, paragonimus, cloronorchis senesis, erysipelothorix rhnsiphatiae, tapeworms and roundworms. When people eat pork, teana solium worms can not complete its life cycle in the stomach or intestines humans but need to bust out of the stomach and intestines. It will exit from the stomach and intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream and go throughout the body and accumulate in human vital organs such as brain, heart, lungs, muscles or liver. Teana solium worms will form sacs (cysts) of peas or larger. it can be formed in the brain to cause muscle spasms, loss of concentration, hysteria or crazy. If it formed in the heart cause high blood up to a heart attack. The bladder wall was invincible and can not be destroyed when it was formed.

// Source: Endless halal issues - from Q&A islamic magazine.
I'll show you something about me. Its my personal thingy also. Yesterday night, me and @MiraDzu were talking about hair and ours. So yah our problems like almost same! Maybe other people adore / envy my hair but they didnt realize that my hair damaged badly!


My friend also having the same thing. Therefore, we're plan to go to the hair salon to treat our hair back.  I meet my girl at Times Square. We went to Michael & Guys Salon and Academy. Before we're going to finish our hair, we're also got advices from the hairstylist. So about my hair, they will retouch, treatment and cut it. No need to know the price $$$.

Hairstuff. I spend money alot just for hair. I also used about 3 different types of shampoo includes hair conditioner and 3 different brand of hairstyling. Hrmm.. need to save my money.

Michael & Guys Salon and Academy. Two workers for each customer. A girl and a guy.
I felt uncomfortable when a guy touch my hair. LOL. I was like.. ah dont touch me hair! Auchh.

Before this, she had a curly wavy hair but now straight hair just like me but she have a layer cut.

Done with my hair. Now it look shiny and beautiful?? I chose straight haircuts at the bottom because it is suitable for my body. My body will look more skinny and ugly when Im having a layer haircuts. Let it be natural. I like it so much. I do asked the hairstyler, "izit my hair suffered severe hairloss?" she answered, no.. yours not. Its normal when the hair loss about one or two strands. About the dandruff, its not really serious. I just have an oily scalp.

// I will post more about our date because all the photos saved in her phone! Five years didnt meet. How I miss her. We will meet again on the next week to do hair treatment. Hehe.

// Choosing the right husband.
You see that ?? You see that? I made those curls  () . But not permanently hairstyle. I do record a video of a music video on youtube. { par - pheck - syeon } it makes me in love with you. Currently into this song. It pretty nice. Sang by Liyana Jasmay. I envy her voice and her character. Haha. So today, 14 April is my mother's birthday. Happy birthday mama! OMG you are already reach fourty years old but still look young. LOL. I gave her a set of chinese teapot.  Why chinese teapot? I chose it because it looks unique, small and cute and i love tea so much. So, it would be easier to my mum for making me a tea in every evening.

// Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08WdkGjNfLA
The title had crossed my mind to do an entry because there's a question from variety peoples always asked the same things. I collected the questions since i was a small kids until now. The "question" is always same. So, i would like to share it with you. I also include about my blog k.

Your blog is really nice, how did you do that?
Actually, i always change my theme because i am a person who havva very quick feeling of boredom. I cannot make things permanently -certain. I was at random when viewing others people blog on tumblr. I said T U M B L R only. So if their theme makes me attracted, i will make them as inspiration. Tadaa!

You looked pretty, are you mixed blood?
Haha. Yes I am (and i wonder how they know i was . ). People notice that by looking at my face (totally) and the way i talked?? LOL. Okay, my late grandfather (beside my father) is a Thai. His family comes from Pattani, Thailand. But then my grandfather's family move to Malaysia because of several problem. My grandpa is a pure Thai,, naahh.. no wonder i love thai foods so much while my sister love to watch Thai's movies. Furthermore, my late grandfather (beside my mom) is Java people. Pure also. About his family background, they came to Malaysia to trade -Business :P

Why did your nose had a freckles?
This question is always asked by people since i was a small kids. Got answer above, i stated all there. Im mixed. stfu.

What kind of products did you use?
Hah this question lagi laa... Actually my face wasnt a flawless like a baby's skin. I do had a pimple problem when i was thirteen years old, but now not again. I just use the face cleanser -Shurah. and Mycin to prevent the pimple. Its pretty good.

What's the brand of cosmetics that you used?
For skins, i used Simply Siti. It's much better and very soft. Others like eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and etc, i used L'elan Vital, include Simply Siti too.

What is you real name? and your real name is better than Lala. Why did you change that?
...........Five years ago, -at class.
Me: What do you think about a nickname? Any suggestion?
Classmate: Your name A-dil-la. So how bout we're take the last term. "LA" (doubled 'em)
Me: Lala?? Haha.. oh yah sure. I like it so much.
Classmate: But Didi also okay
Me: Nooo.. it sound like a boy's name !
Me: Okay okay.. Call me Lala start from now

Got it? Five years ago, no one named "Lala" in my school (SMK Rawang) but nowaday, double middle fingers up to them. I hate when people's nickname same as me. Grr! Certain people didnt know my real name. They know me as Lala :3 I dont use my real name because people always get wrong when spelling my name. I hate that. Just Lala okay.. Dilla (my real name) is only for family called and friends from ex-SK Taman Selasih.

Are you a die hard fans of pink?

----P/s : Maybe thats all. You can ask me on formspring.  Fiction....fiction... by Beast.

// Brands: Coloris (Handbag) and Vincci (Shoes) I love the handbag. Pretty satisfied with the colours -Pink Peach. and ze materials. The summer shoes,
With a touch of magic, my eyes change like in the picture. All you need is cosmetics. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, contact lens and some white eye glitters, you will have this look. About how to apply the eyeshadow technique, you can view tutorial on youtube or maybe got tutorial about eyes technique in my blog. Please click on the navigation > labels > beauty. On this picture, Im using a blue eyeshadow and a pair of grey contact lens with 16mm diameter. Note: I  didnt use fake eyelashes because didnt buy yet, mascara looks natural

 Mind your words, it hurts me. Memo by Yuna   Currently into contact lens.
On the first April, i had an outing with my friends as i told you on the previous post. Sorry i dont celebrate April's fool. I just wish that April 2012 will come with the essence of happiness in my life and much better than the previous month. About the plans of the April, you can see on the sidebar -Calendar.

I just received my atm card, given by my mum. The second picture of the first row, me and my friends are gossiping about a girl. Haha, how cruel we are (¬¬) I am so proud with the next picture, well i can cooked without overburnt. This is because, everytime when im cooking, i will always left them and watching tv's. On the second row, he's Amirul Ariff. My close friend since we were twelve years old at our primary school, SK Taman Selasih, Gombak. I do told him that i was searching for him about 5 years, i am glad i found him. Seriously i miss him so much! Facebook put the finger on us. i sketched it. Naahh.. im very confused about course that i want to take for University.. Oh mayy University.. I dont want to face that. I wish i can turn back the time -School. I miss when i became a monitor class. "Stand up class..." That is what i always do every morning and when the class begin. Next picture is the picture that i uploaded on molome, blackberry. Thats all.

Foundation in Love, LOVE, Matriculove, A-Love, Diploma in Love, Bachelor in Love, Master in Love. Oh I am so in Love with you, L. Dont you realize it ?

Ask me no more about this. I stated all here and i wish you goodluck.