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The title had crossed my mind to do an entry because there's a question from variety peoples always asked the same things. I collected the questions since i was a small kids until now. The "question" is always same. So, i would like to share it with you. I also include about my blog k.

Your blog is really nice, how did you do that?
Actually, i always change my theme because i am a person who havva very quick feeling of boredom. I cannot make things permanently -certain. I was at random when viewing others people blog on tumblr. I said T U M B L R only. So if their theme makes me attracted, i will make them as inspiration. Tadaa!

You looked pretty, are you mixed blood?
Haha. Yes I am (and i wonder how they know i was . ). People notice that by looking at my face (totally) and the way i talked?? LOL. Okay, my late grandfather (beside my father) is a Thai. His family comes from Pattani, Thailand. But then my grandfather's family move to Malaysia because of several problem. My grandpa is a pure Thai,, naahh.. no wonder i love thai foods so much while my sister love to watch Thai's movies. Furthermore, my late grandfather (beside my mom) is Java people. Pure also. About his family background, they came to Malaysia to trade -Business :P

Why did your nose had a freckles?
This question is always asked by people since i was a small kids. Got answer above, i stated all there. Im mixed. stfu.

What kind of products did you use?
Hah this question lagi laa... Actually my face wasnt a flawless like a baby's skin. I do had a pimple problem when i was thirteen years old, but now not again. I just use the face cleanser -Shurah. and Mycin to prevent the pimple. Its pretty good.

What's the brand of cosmetics that you used?
For skins, i used Simply Siti. It's much better and very soft. Others like eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and etc, i used L'elan Vital, include Simply Siti too.

What is you real name? and your real name is better than Lala. Why did you change that?
...........Five years ago, -at class.
Me: What do you think about a nickname? Any suggestion?
Classmate: Your name A-dil-la. So how bout we're take the last term. "LA" (doubled 'em)
Me: Lala?? Haha.. oh yah sure. I like it so much.
Classmate: But Didi also okay
Me: Nooo.. it sound like a boy's name !
Me: Okay okay.. Call me Lala start from now

Got it? Five years ago, no one named "Lala" in my school (SMK Rawang) but nowaday, double middle fingers up to them. I hate when people's nickname same as me. Grr! Certain people didnt know my real name. They know me as Lala :3 I dont use my real name because people always get wrong when spelling my name. I hate that. Just Lala okay.. Dilla (my real name) is only for family called and friends from ex-SK Taman Selasih.

Are you a die hard fans of pink?

----P/s : Maybe thats all. You can ask me on formspring.  Fiction....fiction... by Beast.


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