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Adilla Abdul or better known as Lala, 25 years old. I have been active in blogging since April 2009 so it is about 9 years being a content writer. I am a lifestyle blogger based in Malaysia which this blog consist of beauty, fashion, health and fitness, eateries and restaurants, travel and places, product reviews and also education using both Bahasa Melayu and English.

For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at nuruladillarahim@gmail.com

H E L L O !
Adilla Abdul or better known as Lala, 25 years old. I have been active in blogging since April 2009 so it is about 9 years being a content writer. I am a lifestyle blogger based in Malaysia which this blog consist of beauty, fashion, health and fitness, eateries and restaurants, travel and places, product reviews and also education using both Bahasa Melayu and English.


For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at nuruladillarahim@gmail.com

I saw yur face stuck in the crowd, silently screaming out loud. I felt the beat echo yur heart throw me a line cause its too far. All that you want, all that you see all that you thought that you believe, izit enuff? do you think its too much? You say you only trust what you can touch. All you gotta to do is reach out for it. All that you want is standing right infront of you. All that u need is love.. All that you want is standing right infront of you. All that you need is LOVE. Up to the ledge, put out my hands. Get to the boned of where i'd land trade in my fears, trade in my thought they disappear behind yur walls. All that i want, all that i need, all that i thought i believed. Was it enuff? Sure not too much? Now you're the only thing that i can trust.

All i gotta to do is reach out for it...

In a pretty mood
Friends by TOP and Taeyang
Cheap coffee
OmrMchtr, ah tanak ah. *merajuk
I just finished the lab report!
Dreamy midnight
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I slept during Physics lesson today. *thumbs up* and my eyes felt very heavy on that moment. Keeping yawned. Today Im gonna post about the agriculture practical on the last Friday. Im sorry I am too late for this post. Just collected the pictures from my classmate. Agriculture was really fun and exciting! I cant wait for every week (every Friday) My group got fruits plantation. Yeayy! But I was kinda envy with the other group who got cattle farm, lamb farm, veges plantation and waterfall area. Auch but never mind, my group will visit the farms that i mentioned just now on the subsequently week. Thats why I had to buy the sunblock. hahahah. So, the pictures below just for introduction to the agriculture area.

Oh my god, i look like a fat kitty. The tracksuits that i wore were too loose, dont blame my physical.
So they all my classmates! about 47 lovettes. Hey my hair grew longer from day to day. I looked like a kid

The lecturer, Doctor Wan was introduce us about that plant while i was too busy with photograph.

Enuff for the pictures, Im going to fast tomorrow. So have to wake up early and searching for foods. Feeling "heavy" eyes now. Good night!

These two things are important for me to protect my skin from UV sunlight and feeling fresh throughout the hot day. Both of these also will always  keep in my bag. The purpose I brought: -Every Friday, i have an agriculture practical in estate or plantation and farms so I need to use the sunblock to protect my body while the make up powder is for face. 

Apart from that, this compact powder also can be use everyday ; after the class or quick touch up. The brand is Clinelle made in Italy. "Clinelle Oil Free Smoothing Compact SPF 18, colour -Natural B095A"

This sheer, silky softy and lightweight compact powder is formulated from innovative micronization technology for improved adherence and micro-fine to bring out skin's natural vitality. Pores are less visible while imperfections are blotted away. The double-duty compact powder also protects skin against environmental aggressions through antioxidant properties of Rosa Canina Fruit Extract and Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba) Leaf Extract. Skin is kept looking and feeling fresh all day long with natural polymer and a combination of Calcium Carbonate and Spherical Powder to absorb excess surface sebum, leaving flawless matte finish. 

Comments: I had use it once and i am 90% satisfied with this product. It makes my skin become flawless and help prevent clogged my pores, blackheads, breakouts and sensitive skins condition. But 10% of my unsatisfied was the SPF. It is not enough to protect my face skins from sunlight (in my location). But never mind, i had a bb cream with the SPF 50 to cover up. Highly recommend this product to you.
Hello. Imma tired girl here. Thursday got a lot of activities. We're do having a photoshoot session also. About the subjects -of Foundation in Science.? It was good, you have to figure it all out by yourself. Doing revision, studying all the time. Because sometimes the lecturer just talk and explain but the notes, we have to make it by ourself. No doubt. Haha. From day by day, I can adapt myself better in the new place and new environment.

University is really F U N!! *claps*.

Oh lets not forget about my english class today. The lecturer named, Miss Nor Hafizah. She introduced us about the do  and dont  during her lesson. To cut it short. During her class, it was an English zone. So, no other language to be used except for english OR we will be fine about RM1 per word. Defak! Miss Nor Hafizah also said that it will be fine if our english is broken. Haha, so everyone of us felt nervous and afraid during her class. I wont said that I am good in english because when I feel nervous, i have no idea 'bout anything and even i can talk nothing Be relax and be cool. In class, it was fine and clear condition because she's not coming yet! And haaahh! She's entered the class and everybody be in silence like living in the water. Im sitting in front of the lecturer's seated taw. Too near. Haha its okay imma brave girl

I was being blur but "concentrating" of what she said. "......... bring an umbrella" said her. I was like "Huh? bring an umbrella? Kind of what?" so i immediately open my handbag and try to show her my umbrella that can be folded into the short one. And my lecturer laugh at me. "Im kidding!" HA and HA and HA. Everybody laughed at me. What so embarassed moment. I had been teased by my lecturer. Eeiii... I am so ashamed lah on that moment. *hiding face* "I told you that i would like to tease my students" said Miss Nor Hafizah. What an awkward day.

She called me, Classic Girl.

I know my attire like old fashion -Im noooaatt.. I am vintage k. and i am such a clumsy. Rushie gurl.  She also said that she loved me because imma classic girl and i was being active in the class today, talking alot during the class today. Okay neva mind. I wuld love "the called". Anyways, my friend Mirah and Nabilah try to search a chinese guy for me that wearing the same colour of my outfit. Im wearing the grey long-sleeve shirt like on the picture above. But naah, they didnt get the perfect guy for me. Haha,

...No one can replace him
Firstly, I want to say thank you to my cousin/senior, @meera_pieka for giving me the university hotspot wifi and her username and password to login. Duh defak so many instructions to get the wifi! Finally, Im here and i miss my blog so much. Muach muachh. Blog is everything i have to express my feeling and sharing the informations and showing off lah jugak kan? Okay, i will tell you about my university soon but not now. "The name of my university". Haha, The top 5 universities in the world, Im so glad to become one of the student and i will do my best to achieve 4.0 pointer of cgpa (isnt?) InsyaAllah. At 17 May 2012, my family and I went to the university to register me. It takes about a hour and half from my house to the university. Heh, too near? yaa actually but I never stay alone without my parents. This is my first time. Luckily my cousin is my senior but i didnt meet her yet. Miss her so much! It would be good if I stay at the same college with her and same room. Haha, never mind. Im searching for new friends. After registered, i am so busy with orientation and my time became too pack with activities that organised by the fasilitators -Senior. Oh Im taking course Foundation in science for one year. Got six subjects and a practical. The class will begin on Monday and I am fucking excited with mixture of nervous and worry. I'll show you some pictures here.

Noo...this is not muh room! Haha, Im bad at cleaning and arranging. Naah.. at long as i feel comfortable and can study isnt.

In front of my room. This block is so haunted. LOL! celupar. haha joking k. The underwears are everywhere :P

Without make up. I dont have much time to do. *sad* and I also woke up lately. *cry* Non-flawless and pimple-ing.

Hey this is my class group, Group 8. From left got my guys while at center and right got my gurls. I kinda uneasy with my leader because he was so showing off, just want to hold the positions. You know what, he became a leader of our batch of the foundation 2012/2013 and became a leader of my class. Fak! I dislike the way he control us. We gave the idea, the best idea but he rejects all the ideas that we provided to him. To become a leader, one should be trust, honesty, cooperate and communicate. But he wasnt! I am freakingly angry with him at the moment. One day i will freak out and fight with him. A positive fight lah. He's too much! Hello, i ever became a monitor of my class and i know how to control the people under my care. I wont be one-sided with my friend and unfair. We're really mad at him. Baabee betul -.-'

I started to know her before I entered the university, Mira from twitter. Hahahah. We're become such a close friend and crazy.

This is Syuhada or Shu. Same college with me and we're always walking back to our college together. I also close with her and she's nice person. 

At first day, i almost tearing up because I wanna back home but now, its really fun! I've got so many friends here. // Thats all the pictures that I can show you. Nanti i will tell you about my university k. Hehe, for everything. There's alot guys in the university, the seniors and juniors but im not interested. Seriously. So many guys that taking the same course with me, handsome and smart and nice.
    No. I dont care about relationship or whatever so, I also not ready to be in relationship. Coupling. I just have a feeling. A feel. I cant explain too much about it. I dont want to be such a desperate girl and chasing for him. Perigi cari timba. No Im not... It just came naturally. Aku terkapai-kapai dekat sini..
    Hello. As i promised you on the previous post, Im goin to post about this entry aite. K, Im typing it now. Two day left before I leave my home. Auchh so sad. Who's gonna miss me?? No one? Fck yah. Lol. Im sorry, Im not going to tell you which university i went to because someone always stalking me and so busy body they are. No need k. So, i pack my things like crazy. Went shopping to buy lack stuffs. New luggage, new pillow, new blanket, new outfit, foods, snacks haha. Snacks are MUST. You know what, in my University cannot wear jeans -I guess so because i read the guidebook. Damn! i had to wear skirts all the time. I also brought a new hair curler, the heat one for my hair, Philips brand. Hahaha. Thats really important. I am willing to buy it. Today, i drove my car to Aeon Anggun with @farahverxyl Well, im searching something at Daiso but unfortunately the stuff got not there. So I just brought a home apppliance like iron and electric kettle. My result for medical check up also have been taken out but i didnt take the result yet, so tired. These are the photo of my stuffs. A bit mess in my room.

    Things inside the luggage. K, im not going to show you my clothes. Vintage style laah. Got more skirts jea.

    Pink pink pink! I am back with my bad habits, buy pink stuffs alot. Hey i forgot something! I also brought a new circle lenses, hrmm brown colour and the lens cases also pink. hahaha, defak? Naah my pink luggage. Oh i didnt display a picture of my new pillow, so comfortable by Jean Perry. Branded laaa. hahaahha, Im sure my roommates will say "euww.. all pink?" LOL. One luggage and two huge bags. Oh mai God. One of the bags is for foods. What important is, I cant live without tea and milk. The two things must have. The documents! yes its completed already. Yay. K bubye. I wanted to say, hello to Ira. Welcome to my featured sections. But please create a banner k. I made it special for you. Tapi kalau tak cantik, jangan marah :P So tomorrow hang out with my friends for the last time.

    I love when my hair blown by the wind. Got event on 9.30am. Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang for SPM 2011 again at Hall SJK(C), Selayang. In the morning, i drove *ehem* to my bestie house, Farah and after that fetched my other friend, Nazi. Then park my car at the car park because I cant drive too far. Haha, my parents wont allow me to drive far from our location, Rawang. Ruben fetched us then. OMG, he drove? terrible! Why eh men always drive fastly and  dangerously. The palpitations happened to me. I cant stand, almost vomited after the car stop. Like he drag me to hell. So we reached our destination at 9.30am. We went there by two cars. Diyan and Faiz followed Ruben's car. Eh no but Ruben was following them because Diyan know the right way. I also wanna say good luck to @MieraStewart because she will be taking a driving test today. She ever told me that she loved to read my blog because my blog was different than the other blogs and I can be a journalist too. Ahha yes journalist is one of career that i wanted to be but naah, i just take it as hobby. Profession of doctor is suitable for me. Dr. Lala? Puihh!

    The sun is shine and super glare. Thats why my eyes look like on the picture. Hello, I was concentrating!

    Yes, its him. He drove us like crazy. Hahhaha, maybe that was my last time I ride his car. Damn lah.

    Okay, my only bestriend. Im gonna leave her to achieve my future soon. Kinda depressed. So today, I keep pinched and touched her cheeks. wakakaa, gonna miss to do that. I leave people too early. Hrmm

    So, I met my crush again at the event. Hurm dont look at him, haha and I also met Ashaari! We're just replying bbm since the event began taw. Thanks Datuk Subahan Kamal for giving us 100$ hehe. Shopping. No, I spend the money in the right way okay, I used it to buy some things for the entry to university soon. Everything is half completed! Im gonna post about: Preparation for the University
    Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut :
    UTPB - Universiti Tak Payah Bayar, Arab Saudi.

    *Alhamdulillah. Eh Im not joking okay. Serious Im lying. Well, I just bored with people who made a status on Facebook and tell about their UPU's result. So, Im gonna copy their statement and re-edited it. Wasnt it cool? Please be jealous on mine. 

    Congratulations for those who got offer from the university. *clapping* For those who didnt get anything, please be strong. There is more other opportunities will hit you soon. Naah, *muachh from me. I hope you will be alright by that. Haha. Please be careful! The university got more ghosts okay especially zombie. arghhhh! (Im fucking joke about it. Dont laugh cuz its not funny)

    Hello. Imma excited Asperian!
    My senior/cousin is @meera_pieka Please take a good care of your cousin nanti taw.
    I know you're gonna read this.

    Your Junior 
    Hello people. Currently listening to If you're not the one -Daniel. This is the new hauls that i brought today with my mum. Ah, every month i wasted the money just to buy clothes! But Im still searching for a long skirt  This time, got my driving license and drive to the mall. Woalaahh!  I also wanna say thank you to the people who rate my skin! I never expected that it could be the skin of the day. Ahha, kinda surprise. Anyways, it was just a simple skin. My design was far from awesomeness. Today hauls, i brought a necklace that I really searching for a long time. Stainless steel. Look at the picture beside (left-hand). Wasnt it nice? hehe, Other than that, I brought two cardigans. The same type but different in colours. LOL. And also tracksuit bottom. I really fancy the texture! Take a look down there.

    This is really a weird outfits. Haha, i dont know why i brought this kind. But not regret laa. The top has tail.

    The locket comes with five colours and its not really expensive. Its beautiful and extremely satisfied.
    2 March 2012.
    Thank God I've got an answer that I have to forget him. I've been waited for him about a year and four months. You dont know how much The Pain. I accept the fact that he does not belong to me. And seems like he also doesnt interested at me anymore. I know he's laughing, enjoying, celebrating out there but not me. K fine. I do, he dont, I'm done.

    3 March 2012.
    Hello you guys, the title above doesnt mean anything. Just. A. Title. I currently love that song by Owl city. Im feeling better today. So today, staying at home, i just watch Korean drama, "Winter Sonata". I also did something artsy. Decorate my blackberry case! 

    It kinda mess here. I will show you the case okay. Ugly. Serious. Ahha, and the whipped cream, i made it by myself. It really works with the soft clay that I brought at Daiso Japanese shop and mixed it with white glue. And then, blend it off!
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    Below are the tips to help you in choosing which circle lenses is best for you based on your skin colour:
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    2. A survey carried out in 2002 revealed that green eyed people were considered attractive, adventurous and innovative. Thus to appear mysterious you ought to choose green circle lenses.
    3. If you are new to wearing circle lenses, it might be advisable to begin with more natural and conservative colours while you adjust to wearing them.
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    • Always wash, rinse and dry hands before touching your lenses. 
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