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I slept during Physics lesson today. *thumbs up* and my eyes felt very heavy on that moment. Keeping yawned. Today Im gonna post about the agriculture practical on the last Friday. Im sorry I am too late for this post. Just collected the pictures from my classmate. Agriculture was really fun and exciting! I cant wait for every week (every Friday) My group got fruits plantation. Yeayy! But I was kinda envy with the other group who got cattle farm, lamb farm, veges plantation and waterfall area. Auch but never mind, my group will visit the farms that i mentioned just now on the subsequently week. Thats why I had to buy the sunblock. hahahah. So, the pictures below just for introduction to the agriculture area.

Oh my god, i look like a fat kitty. The tracksuits that i wore were too loose, dont blame my physical.
So they all my classmates! about 47 lovettes. Hey my hair grew longer from day to day. I looked like a kid

The lecturer, Doctor Wan was introduce us about that plant while i was too busy with photograph.

Enuff for the pictures, Im going to fast tomorrow. So have to wake up early and searching for foods. Feeling "heavy" eyes now. Good night!


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