Having a happy day with my friends.

I love when my hair blown by the wind. Got event on 9.30am. Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang for SPM 2011 again at Hall SJK(C), Selayang. In the morning, i drove *ehem* to my bestie house, Farah and after that fetched my other friend, Nazi. Then park my car at the car park because I cant drive too far. Haha, my parents wont allow me to drive far from our location, Rawang. Ruben fetched us then. OMG, he drove? terrible! Why eh men always drive fastly and  dangerously. The palpitations happened to me. I cant stand, almost vomited after the car stop. Like he drag me to hell. So we reached our destination at 9.30am. We went there by two cars. Diyan and Faiz followed Ruben's car. Eh no but Ruben was following them because Diyan know the right way. I also wanna say good luck to @MieraStewart because she will be taking a driving test today. She ever told me that she loved to read my blog because my blog was different than the other blogs and I can be a journalist too. Ahha yes journalist is one of career that i wanted to be but naah, i just take it as hobby. Profession of doctor is suitable for me. Dr. Lala? Puihh!

The sun is shine and super glare. Thats why my eyes look like on the picture. Hello, I was concentrating!

Yes, its him. He drove us like crazy. Hahhaha, maybe that was my last time I ride his car. Damn lah.

Okay, my only bestriend. Im gonna leave her to achieve my future soon. Kinda depressed. So today, I keep pinched and touched her cheeks. wakakaa, gonna miss to do that. I leave people too early. Hrmm

So, I met my crush again at the event. Hurm dont look at him, haha and I also met Ashaari! We're just replying bbm since the event began taw. Thanks Datuk Subahan Kamal for giving us 100$ hehe. Shopping. No, I spend the money in the right way okay, I used it to buy some things for the entry to university soon. Everything is half completed! Im gonna post about: Preparation for the University


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