My days at university.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to my cousin/senior, @meera_pieka for giving me the university hotspot wifi and her username and password to login. Duh defak so many instructions to get the wifi! Finally, Im here and i miss my blog so much. Muach muachh. Blog is everything i have to express my feeling and sharing the informations and showing off lah jugak kan? Okay, i will tell you about my university soon but not now. "The name of my university". Haha, The top 5 universities in the world, Im so glad to become one of the student and i will do my best to achieve 4.0 pointer of cgpa (isnt?) InsyaAllah. At 17 May 2012, my family and I went to the university to register me. It takes about a hour and half from my house to the university. Heh, too near? yaa actually but I never stay alone without my parents. This is my first time. Luckily my cousin is my senior but i didnt meet her yet. Miss her so much! It would be good if I stay at the same college with her and same room. Haha, never mind. Im searching for new friends. After registered, i am so busy with orientation and my time became too pack with activities that organised by the fasilitators -Senior. Oh Im taking course Foundation in science for one year. Got six subjects and a practical. The class will begin on Monday and I am fucking excited with mixture of nervous and worry. I'll show you some pictures here.

Noo...this is not muh room! Haha, Im bad at cleaning and arranging. Naah.. at long as i feel comfortable and can study isnt.

In front of my room. This block is so haunted. LOL! celupar. haha joking k. The underwears are everywhere :P

Without make up. I dont have much time to do. *sad* and I also woke up lately. *cry* Non-flawless and pimple-ing.

Hey this is my class group, Group 8. From left got my guys while at center and right got my gurls. I kinda uneasy with my leader because he was so showing off, just want to hold the positions. You know what, he became a leader of our batch of the foundation 2012/2013 and became a leader of my class. Fak! I dislike the way he control us. We gave the idea, the best idea but he rejects all the ideas that we provided to him. To become a leader, one should be trust, honesty, cooperate and communicate. But he wasnt! I am freakingly angry with him at the moment. One day i will freak out and fight with him. A positive fight lah. He's too much! Hello, i ever became a monitor of my class and i know how to control the people under my care. I wont be one-sided with my friend and unfair. We're really mad at him. Baabee betul -.-'

I started to know her before I entered the university, Mira from twitter. Hahahah. We're become such a close friend and crazy.

This is Syuhada or Shu. Same college with me and we're always walking back to our college together. I also close with her and she's nice person. 

At first day, i almost tearing up because I wanna back home but now, its really fun! I've got so many friends here. // Thats all the pictures that I can show you. Nanti i will tell you about my university k. Hehe, for everything. There's alot guys in the university, the seniors and juniors but im not interested. Seriously. So many guys that taking the same course with me, handsome and smart and nice.
    No. I dont care about relationship or whatever so, I also not ready to be in relationship. Coupling. I just have a feeling. A feel. I cant explain too much about it. I dont want to be such a desperate girl and chasing for him. Perigi cari timba. No Im not... It just came naturally. Aku terkapai-kapai dekat sini..


    1. looks like you are enjoying uni already. :)i am on my last year as a uni student. i wish you all the best. :)

    2. yah i enjoyed the university life ! :D


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