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Yesterday came with an emotion of sadness.

Secrets and Fix You by One republic and Coldpaly
Class start every 8 o'clock everyday in a week.
Im not deserved to you but I have a heart. Im not your game.
I dont even know my mood.
Its raining heavily and you know that Im phobia of rain.
We're having a great dinner !

Hello people. Im back again. And of course. This blog would never be shut down. Fix you was the current song that I listened to. And hey, Im having a great dinner with my friends, Bella, Burn, Fatin, Eyfa, Dharshu, Fydah, Zul and Raffiq. Yes. They are my gang. Study together, having a meal like almost together. I spend my time alot with them and yes again Im happy with my new culture and environment. Dont think that Im not missing my friends in Rawang. I miss them a lot right now. Fighting and bleed. Ahha. No Im kidding  So what Im gonna say here. You wont believe that Im wearing hijab (first time) in class and im not take it off from the morning until evening. Wahh! hahaha. I know my friends in ex high …

Lets decorate the city of favourite.

Mister, Mr Taxi by Kara and SNSD
Having a coolblog with my gurl, Farah.
 I stick to the people who cheer me up. Chin up, Lala.
Im having a super long straight hair. *flips hair*
 Its time to eat a bowl of rice. The diet is halfully success.
 Some new pictures on instagram!

Hello you guys. It has been a week I didnt update my blog. Do you miss me? Huh no? okay.
I do keep pictures that I snap everyday. So let this post be a week entry. The exam was totally damnable. I hate physics alot (i also cant answer the question) and i dislike the attitude of my lecturer. Annoyingly. The test makes me tired and lack of sleep. My brain cant be functioned completely. LOL. This is the first time i sit for a test and cant answer the question. Im lack of sleep! Seriously, foundation in science was really hard! I need to put much effort on it. Aint joking. I am far from intelligent. I cant figure it out
Im coming home.. Im coming home.. Tell the world that Im coming…

Ain't no fun on the next week.

Eyes open by Taylor Swift. Keep your eye eye..oh-phern. lalalaal~
 Cold and rainy in the morning.
Keep the books away from laptop. I want to blog!
A smile on my face when crush replied me.
Hamma happy gurl!
 Hot tea and sugar crackers
please visit:

HELLO. I just activate my BIS yesterday. So lets bbm: 28604CC6♥. I also would alwasy tweeting bout 24 hours. So long no update. I just left a beautiful picture that i copied from tumblr on the previous post. Haha. The picture above (that i lay down on the grass) was credit to Raffiq. Yesterday, my classmates and I had a study group -Biology. The study grouping was pretty good and unfortunately we're playing a poker and some of us just listening to mp3. Haha terrible! No.. im not playing cards because i dont know how to play. Here are some pictures of the last week.

Okay. I will explain the picture one by one. The first picture (first row) when me, Bella, Mirah burn and Eyfa were doing an "experiment&quo…

New hauls from Livin Cabin.

I had purchase something i think its cute but im not gonna use that -not important. 
Unfortunately it came with mandarin language which i culdnt understand it. But its cute by the way.
Hello. What i wanted to add here. I also change my hairstyle!  No im not cut it but just parting my hair on the right side to have a sassy look. I will back in new style again. (well i love to improve my style and appearance from day by day). Furthermore, a lot of appreciation for those who used my skin and leave a credit to me. Im not mad at you if you alter it but that theme was made by me. So i've found three blogger girls who steal my code thru right-click + inspect elements. Well done. You did it. Dont think im fool and not gonna know that you are stealing it. If you want to know something, This link: <--- year//  is from mine.  Before this, i had try many link how can i make a url to link my archive. I think and tried. At first, the link was too long to m…

I am in the mood of dilemma.

Hot tea and sugar cracker tonight.
Monster by Big Bang, i repeated the song about 345 times.
Farah ask me to look at the beautiful brighter moon now. Subhanallah.
Tweeting with my bestie, Farah! How i miss her.
I am longing for someone. Out of the dilemma.
I dislike the guys in my class. Well i sat beside him in the bus. Annoyed.

To cut it short -which based on the title up there. I am dilemma of searching which is the best model of Samsung. New phone. Im going to tell my dad to cancel of buying the iPad3 cause i dont really use that gadget. LOL, but Im afraid if my dad scold me. At length, i do ask Apple Macbook from him and then i change to iPad cause i have my notebook and laptop that i currently using that. *ehem. LOL. (dont judge anything about me cuz imma gadget crazier. Thats fact.) And then i saw many of my friends using Samsung and posting alot of pictures on instagram. I am so fcking jealous. My blackberry dont havva instagram. Just that actually! imma picture lover…

Welcome June, we're meet again in this new year

Message from your heart, Kina Grannis.
Dear Sun, can you decrease your temperature and light intensity?
Biscuits stick chocolate, Rocky.
Butterfly in my stomach.
My crazy friend would be, Mirah Burn and my best girl would be Bella.
Got agriculture practical in this evening. I cant wait for F R U I T S !
Just update my tumblr, click

asdfghjkl! I left sumthing at the photocopy shop just now. -its not belong to me, i borrowed my friend's book. Luckily the worker know me and i hoped she will keep it safely. Maybe i will come back to take the finished photocopy at this evening or maybe tomorrow. I also left my purse in muh room. Okay thumbs up  to me. Yesterday, my friends; Bella accompany me at my room because i sleep alone this Friday night. We have alot works to do (actually only one but the questions was like $^&%#$) Biology Lab Report. We have to search the answer via internet, facebook group and the lab manual. Then we're finished the report at 11pm.
My fingers was …