H E L L O !
Adilla Abdul or better known as Lala, 25 years old. I have been active in blogging since April 2009 so it is about 9 years being a content writer. I am a lifestyle blogger based in Malaysia which this blog consist of beauty, fashion, health and fitness, eateries and restaurants, travel and places, product reviews and also education using both Bahasa Melayu and English.

For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at nuruladillarahim@gmail.com

H E L L O !
Adilla Abdul or better known as Lala, 25 years old. I have been active in blogging since April 2009 so it is about 9 years being a content writer. I am a lifestyle blogger based in Malaysia which this blog consist of beauty, fashion, health and fitness, eateries and restaurants, travel and places, product reviews and also education using both Bahasa Melayu and English.


For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at nuruladillarahim@gmail.com

Secrets and Fix You by One republic and Coldpaly
Class start every 8 o'clock everyday in a week.
Im not deserved to you but I have a heart. Im not your game.
I dont even know my mood.
Its raining heavily and you know that Im phobia of rain.
We're having a great dinner !

Hello people. Im back again. And of course. This blog would never be shut down. Fix you was the current song that I listened to. And hey, Im having a great dinner with my friends, Bella, Burn, Fatin, Eyfa, Dharshu, Fydah, Zul and Raffiq. Yes. They are my gang. Study together, having a meal like almost together. I spend my time alot with them and yes again Im happy with my new culture and environment. Dont think that Im not missing my friends in Rawang. I miss them a lot right now. Fighting and bleed. Ahha. No Im kidding  So what Im gonna say here. You wont believe that Im wearing hijab (first time) in class and im not take it off from the morning until evening. Wahh! hahaha. I know my friends in ex high school wont believe me to do so since I never wear the scarf when Im outing and even school -but i just stand to wear it till afternoon only. That was a good for a girl like me aite? I know you're gonna read this until you find the reason why i wore hijab isnt. No I wont tell because the reason is really dumb. Seriously. It wasnt came from my heart. Okay, I wont give any comment here because that will be a sensitive issue maybe perhaps i will sincerely wear it. Take it slow. Sorry no photo of me today. Im so shy. Most of my classmates were amazed by me. Haha. Got so many puji (praises) lah today. Sorry, Im not raising a praise here. I just really dont expected that they would do that to me!

You know what I sleep in the physics lab on Tuesday, sitting down on the floor while my head on the seat. So this is the face when I waking up from sleep. Well.. 

Even just a cheap and simple lauk (side dishes) but we're having a great dinner. Share money together and keeping laughing. That was awesome :3

So there are my gangs like i told you. I spend time alot with them. Sorry, Im not joining them snaping a picture. Lemme be a photographer for a whole day. Haha.

Im not in a good mood since i entered the class in the morning. Its because my heart was halfully broken by someone. Not gonna tell you and yes that person was the reason why I became like this. No, i dont know why. Okay la... He's a guy. There's something that he shuld learn by the way; "Dont judge a book by its cover. Accept people for who they are. Because we never know if the person will change in a good way perhaps or better than us right? So, if not, please do not mengeluh (sigh or complain) if the person that we've judge before have made their own move -which me that we're gonna lose them entirely. Kan?" Tak semua orang baik tuh selama-lamanya baik dan tak semua orang jahat tuh selama-lamanya jahat. People can change without our expectations. Okay. I dont deserved you. -,- Fck? what am i talking just now. Lets just dont feel anything k. Im done with that. You and your game! (perhaps, cause i started to think a negative things about you cause i wont make a same mistakes again) Let God plans all this. Tawakal enuff-
Mister, Mr Taxi by Kara and SNSD
Having a coolblog with my gurl, Farah.
 I stick to the people who cheer me up. Chin up, Lala.
Im having a super long straight hair. *flips hair*
 Its time to eat a bowl of rice. The diet is halfully success.
 Some new pictures on instagram! web.stagram.com/n/lalamonsterz

Hello you guys. It has been a week I didnt update my blog. Do you miss me? Huh no? okay.
I do keep pictures that I snap everyday. So let this post be a week entry. The exam was totally damnable. I hate physics alot (i also cant answer the question) and i dislike the attitude of my lecturer. Annoyingly. The test makes me tired and lack of sleep. My brain cant be functioned completely. LOL. This is the first time i sit for a test and cant answer the question. Im lack of sleep! Seriously, foundation in science was really hard! I need to put much effort on it. Aint joking. I am far from intelligent. I cant figure it out
Im coming home.. Im coming home.. Tell the world that Im coming home. Cover by my friend -Dharchaini or Darshu ; her manja named.

Im back home. And need a rest. A good nap. -Listening to kpop and lovely songs make me chillin'. To-be-honest, I have a cekci panda eyes. Hehee, it means i have a pair of sexy eyebag. My mum said that I am sho kurus (thin) now and also my bestie, Farah admitted the fact that Im shkeenneay. Yeayy!  So here's my pictures' week.

Futhermore... you wont believe me. Hahahah, me and prettie cow! Okay, thats all. Hey i do buy two new clothes and i showed them on my previous post. Okay, see ya. Currently active on twitter. @Flouera

I forgot one thing. There's someone wanna grab a publicity on my blog. Eh eh.. haha..  Okay. Look at the picture below, a boy in a lightblue outfit, with a spectacles and in a striking hot shoes (you cant see it) and stuffs. LOL. Certain of my classmates create a gossip about me and this boy. I dont know why.. But i know that me and this boy arent close in class. We're sitting separately and i didnt talk to much with him but.... Okay, lets not making a conclusion about us ! Happy evening, ^_^
Eyes open by Taylor Swift. Keep your eye eye..oh-phern. lalalaal~
 Cold and rainy in the morning.
Keep the books away from laptop. I want to blog!
A smile on my face when crush replied me.
Hamma happy gurl!
 Hot tea and sugar crackers
please visit: http://www.molo.me/tekatekiLV

HELLO. I just activate my BIS yesterday. So lets bbm: 28604CC6 . I also would alwasy tweeting bout 24 hours. So long no update. I just left a beautiful picture that i copied from tumblr on the previous post. Haha. The picture above (that i lay down on the grass) was credit to Raffiq. Yesterday, my classmates and I had a study group -Biology. The study grouping was pretty good and unfortunately we're playing a poker and some of us just listening to mp3. Haha terrible! No.. im not playing cards because i dont know how to play. Here are some pictures of the last week.

Okay. I will explain the picture one by one. The first picture (first row) when me, Bella, Mirah burn and Eyfa were doing an "experiment"  sucking a water by using two and three straws and the conclusion is using two straws is much better! hahaha. Next, on Friday, my class went for the cow farm and hey that male cow had a pair of horn. So cute! pfft.  The third picture was when we're having a study group at lake as i told you above. Okay lets skip the two picture on the second row because they came in the same day. Gud Luck Lala was sent by Farere thru bbm! Thank you.

Sit:  Me, Adam, Zul, Fatin, Eyfa.  Stand:  Ameer, Raffiq, Dharshu.

You're guys were so awhsome!

What im going to tell is. Tomorrow, 18 June, Mon. the test 1 will begin. I need to work really hard on it. Studying like crazy. Haha. Okay just be relax and smile. And lets not to forgot some little things. I started my own diet about a week. Just seminggu lah. Haha. These are the only foods that I can eat:
  1. Veges.
  2. Hot tea with lemon flavour.
  3. Meat.
  4. Soup.
  5. Yes, mineral water.
No rice for a week. I know those diet are terribly make me fall sick. Dont worry. I have my blackcurrent flavour of glucose here to give me a rapid energy. +Plus sit up about 50 times everyday. Anyways, I hope it works! Discipline is important k. 

Happy Father's Day, Ayah!

I had purchase something i think its cute but im not gonna use that -not important. 

Unfortunately it came with mandarin language which i culdnt understand it. But its cute by the way.

Hello. What i wanted to add here. I also change my hairstyle!  No im not cut it but just parting my hair on the right side to have a sassy look. I will back in new style again. (well i love to improve my style and appearance from day by day). Furthermore, a lot of appreciation for those who used my skin and leave a credit to me. Im not mad at you if you alter it but that theme was made by me. So i've found three blogger girls who steal my code thru right-click + inspect elements. Well done. You did it. Dont think im fool and not gonna know that you are stealing it. If you want to know something, This link:
www.yourbloglink.blogspot.com/2012 <--- year//  is from mine. 
Before this, i had try many link how can i make a url to link my archive. I think and tried. At first, the link was too long to make but then i've got an idea to make it short which is become, /2011. What a nice stealer!  Dont think i didnt notice something belong to me in your blog. Busted.

C O N F I D E N C E ,
Hot tea and sugar cracker tonight.
Monster by Big Bang, i repeated the song about 345 times.
Farah ask me to look at the beautiful brighter moon now. Subhanallah.
Tweeting with my bestie, Farah! How i miss her.
I am longing for someone. Out of the dilemma.
I dislike the guys in my class. Well i sat beside him in the bus. Annoyed.

To cut it short -which based on the title up there. I am dilemma of searching which is the best model of Samsung. New phone. Im going to tell my dad to cancel of buying the iPad3 cause i dont really use that gadget. LOL, but Im afraid if my dad scold me. At length, i do ask Apple Macbook from him and then i change to iPad cause i have my notebook and laptop that i currently using that. *ehem. LOL. (dont judge anything about me cuz imma gadget crazier. Thats fact.) And then i saw many of my friends using Samsung and posting alot of pictures on instagram. I am so fcking jealous. My blackberry dont havva instagram. Just that actually! imma picture lover and neeed instagram and nice camera to photo myself and express. Did you realize something on my blog? I had remove my instagram widget because lack of posting. Thats why laa.. Officially i chose Samsung mobile instead of iPad3 cause it cheaper than that and lighter. Hahahah. I mean it would be much easier to be carry in woman bag. Well my dad also just brought a Samsung mobile because his Blackberry is not working anymore, hermm i dont know which model. Naah thats not important. I am confused which model of Samsung that Im gonna buy. (i told you dont judge me, say a bad thing about me, imma gadget crazier) Im not showing off in blog. I came from poor family k.

I also got problem. The telco that i currently pay to, cut my credit. But actually I have about RM8.41 balances now but I cant use that! I cant text, i cant make a call like the balance is zero. asdfghjkl. Such a wasted! By the way, I also need to change the telco. Umobile? Maybe kowt Uada? My uncle suggested it to me. I have had review the package of the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS). Yes it cheap and unlimited -internet. What a great value! Besides, my number is insecure. Too many unknown numbers in my call history and text messages. Im not tired by that but it annoyed. I always make my phone in flight mode but not to silent it during the class. So now, if any unknown number make a call or text me, i neither response nor reply them if they're didnt mention my name (say hello or hi Lala not just hellohaibye) and left their name also (telling who they are). Okay, im not such arrogant gurl! I can give my number directly if they ask for that directly just in case have an emergence/important cases. I can give my number not just to girls but guys also. But please be respect to someone belonged. You can email me by the way instead of contact me thru mobile. Okay. Thank you. See you soon in the next post!
Message from your heart, Kina Grannis.
Dear Sun, can you decrease your temperature and light intensity?
Biscuits stick chocolate, Rocky.
Butterfly in my stomach.
My crazy friend would be, Mirah Burn and my best girl would be Bella.
Got agriculture practical in this evening. I cant wait for F R U I T S !
Just update my tumblr, click

asdfghjkl! I left sumthing at the photocopy shop just now. -its not belong to me, i borrowed my friend's book. Luckily the worker know me and i hoped she will keep it safely. Maybe i will come back to take the finished photocopy at this evening or maybe tomorrow. I also left my purse in muh room. Okay thumbs up  to me. Yesterday, my friends; Bella accompany me at my room because i sleep alone this Friday night. We have alot works to do (actually only one but the questions was like $^&%#$) Biology Lab Report. We have to search the answer via internet, facebook group and the lab manual. Then we're finished the report at 11pm.
My fingers was absolutely tired.

Got a class at 9am and unfortunately waiting for the lecturer to come about a hour and then Adam (monitor) inform us that the class is cancel. Whatthefuck. You know what, i can sleep longer if i know for this cancelled-class. Never mind-

I would try not to become a sleepy-person  during the lesson. Kind of bored.

For your information, i also had been punished by Miss Hafizah, lecturer of English that i told you on my previous post. I didnt bring the english module. Hahaha ! She asked me to write a journal with the title, "Why I didnt bring the module ?" Yeayyy! She's never know that Imma blogger and journalist actually but she knew that Imma blog designer. So about my journalist, I wrote it longer enough about the whole page of a piece of paper and babbling here and there. Aslo done the homework that she gave to us. Im gonna get ready for agriculture practical on this evening. Buhbyeee~