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Cleaning moment.

Seventeen forever, shake it and perfect two.
 Meet my dad just now and he's giving me some money. waahh.
 We are so cute to be together :3
Kinda bored in the morning and he just brighten it
 Too hot here.
 Im fasting lol.
 Taeyang: You're my. Click me.

Salam Ramadhan.
And happy fasting. 3 hours left to break fasting. Yeayy! Oh noo.. I have to break fasting alone today. Ah, first time im having break fasting alone. Sho sad.. So today, i had clean my partition when staying alone in dorm. The wardrobe, the floor, the bed and clothes.

Ah not bad. I refolded all my clothes in the wardrobe. 
Plain pink bedsheet and its really comfortable. I cant wake up in this morning.
Yeah. still leave it like that. Got many works and assignment to do. I have one big fan and mini laptop fan. Hehe.. And the books were like here and there. My table was a bit mess but its easy to clean it all.

New Hauls on July.

Today I went for shopping at Sogo, KL with my mum and dad. We're just send my sister at KL Sentral. Ah.. starting to miss her. She's going back to Johor Bahru while I will going back to college at night after berbuka. So, here's ze new hauls that I brought today. Okay, you can view all the picture of hauls below. What am I going to say here, there's a guy ask me going out. Out of the blue he want to meet me. Actually, he also ex-Asperian who's taking foundation in agriculture science same with me but we're neva meet in UPM. Maybe we're ever bum into but we're didnt recognize each other. I know him via facebook and we have had a conversation before. Oh gosh! I felt guilty for him. I cant going out with guys aannd tak nak pun. So, he text me about two times but I didnt reply. Naahh, that because he's kinda flirting and thats why I ignore him. Haha. Can we're just be friend?

Yes. I will be wear this. I chose these six hijabs although i was unclear …

Have a blessed Ramadhan.

Time flews so fast! First Ramadhan started on 21st of July. Aaannd, Happy Birthday to my little brother, Amir. He's got scrabble from my aunty while I have nothing to give him. The worst thing  when I forgot that today was his birthday. Poor lil brother. I also met my sister from Johor Bahru. Welcome home. Now, the family's members are completed in this house. So yesterday, after agriculture practical, I came back home with boyfriend by train. At first, we waited for my sister at KL Sentral but her journey takes too long and have to wait for her about a hour. Sorry girl, we cant wait for you, I went back by train all alone. Without. Him. *sad face* LOL. Reached home at 10pm. My mum fetched me at KTM while my dad fetched my sister at KL Sentral. Ayda! Your hair has grown. Thats was the first sentence came from my mouth before I start to tease her. Ahha.. Okay, all i wanted to say here, Havva blessed Ramadhan and happy fasting day! Hope that this month of Ramadhan will be the gr…

New haul: Samsung Galaxy Ace :3

This is one of the reason why i love my dad. The gadgetmaniac! :D You know kann, I do post about my problem that Im gonna buy a Samsung but Im afraid if my dad scolded me. Click this. I've got this new Samsung on the last Saturday. Thank you dad! Well, i know that he just brought a new Samsung Galaxy Note.. Okay.. Im so jealous. 
My dad did ask me why I wanna new phone, so I just answer that I want to play Instagram! Haha.. Thats all. Since the blackberry didnt have the instagram. Ah shit. I really bored using a blackberry about six month. 

So I really active on Instagram now. I blog and pictured. Haha, do follow me: @lalamonsterz

Starlight Stalker. ♥

Is listening to Tujhe Dekha To Hai Jaana Sanam
 I miss to hear bollywood songs. The old movie one. haha
 Please be fastah to fetch me boy. Im all alone here.
I hoped i wont be your other burden. I just need a protector.
 Approaching midnight.
 I eat three times today. Thats bad :(
Link to this lovely music.

I know, you're miss my journal right. haha. A huge apologize from me here. I am very busy on this week. My second test is just around the corner. 16 July I guess so. Seriously, thats making me really tired. I slept about five to six hour every night including the nightmares. Out of the blue, updating my blog had crossed my mind just now and I'M BACK :3

Hello, I just moved to Kolej 13 on Sunday and whats make me so happy when my roommates was my gang. Dharshu, Fydah and Eyfa here. Ah our dorm will be bising nanti (noisy soon). Okay, I dont have any idea to write. Let the picture express my day. I also went to Sunway Pyramid with my gang on last Saturday. Firstly, ignore me in the…