H E L L O !

My name is Lala. Lala Rahim. Born on August 29th, 1994. It has been 9 years in blogging based in Malaysia. I currently work as Assistant Producer at Bernama News Channel on astro502. Follow me:-


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H E L L O !

My name is Lala. Lala Rahim. Born on August 29th, 1994. It has been 9 years in blogging based in Malaysia. I currently work as Assistant Producer at Bernama News Channel on astro 502. Follow me:-


For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

"Don’t be the girl who needs a man, be the girl a man needs." -Unknown.

She's broken. She keeps lie to herself that there's nothing happen. She was unable to swallow the facts. She keeps blaming herself that she was the one who doesnt fight for what she want in her life. She's speechless. She actually didnt know whats wrong with this relationship. She is the one that always says sorry, even if it's not her fault. She fake her smile to everyone just want to hide the pain that she had been through. She's the one who sincerely give the love and willing to do anything just want to make someone that she love to be happy. At last, he left her. Alone. In the dark. With unreasonable reason. She's become a trash that simply threw away by him. And now, she had realize, that the guy she's truly love doesnt love and care about her. Is this a drama? With a weak and tender heart, she's trying so hard to be strong. To stand on her own two feets without him. She's trying to live independently although she was unable to live without him. She's breathless. Dying inside. Unfortunately, this time, she cant forgive of what he had done. The end. Well actually, despite of giving him the second chance to redeem his mistake, she wont waited for him. If she had found someone who are fulfill her three promises, she will accept the new one. So, dont waited the time for so long, come back when you are still love her. I mean love her sincerely and truly with your heart.

And if you got someone new,
its okay that you're with her. I want you to know that its okay.
Im happy with both of you and maybe that doesnt mean anything for you,
but it means lot to me. It means that for the first time, Im not selfish.
I have put someone else happiness, your happiness, above my own...

You need to know that no one could understand you like i do, no one could care about you like i do, no one could stay strong with you like i do, no one could stand with your bad attitudes like i do, no one could cry for you like i do, no one could brighten your day like i do and no one could love you sincerely like i do. In this world, there's only one girl like me. None of them could be me. Never.
Hello. I asked dad for money in the early morning. He gave me a hundred and its all gone in 3 hours. Hahahah. Told ya, Imma big spender. Heyy. I brought some new stuff for this second semester. And also excited to meet boyfriend. I miss him so much. So here's are the new hauls that i brought today.

Here's my new circle lenses from Vivian with three tones. The power is 1.5x. With diameter, 17.2mm. Okay, this is the most large circle lense that I brought, before this I have those with 16.0mm and it look awkward (if I wore). Well, this is the example of model wearing circle lenses that I brought. Pretty satisfied!

Two bows and of course, chocolate mirror. There's two more stuffs that I didnt show because i forgot to photo it. Ring and cardigan. A white cardigan. Now, I found it difficult to search for my clothes. I dont know how to style it with hijab. No more shorts. Thats why I just buy a cardigan, to cover all my short and sleeveless top. I also didnt wear my short dress (that my mum gave me before) anymore. It would be okay if its was a long dress. Ah, just keep it in my wardrobe. Seriously, it takes time to figure out all this. I cant be too straightly and rapidly to change. Let it be slow. 

Did you notice the third picture? A book. Its not actually a book. It would be my secret ever that I would express on it. I think by writing on a piece of paper will be more privacy. No ones culd read mine haha. Im sorry I didnt show the cover of the book because want to hide it from people's thought. Dangerous!

(Dont get confused! The picture above shows my sister with her friends. My sister on the right side and yes she's chubby. I was the one who capture the picture.)After went for shopping about three hours, me and sister went for open house at her friend's house. Heyy guess who I bum into? My enemies. Haha. That kiddo and lame. Ah the moment had happened on last three years. I dont feel anything about it, no more. Instead of enemies, I also met Nad, Zulaikha and Haniza. They are my ex classmates! Heyy miss you girls. Remembering back when we was in form 1. So cute. Haha. Alright thats all for today. Im going to sleep my lashes now.
Goodnight ladies and gentlemen. xo 
I think I wanna express all my feeling here. In my blog. Of what I had felt since I was small. Being hoped by someone. What a confuse situations. I really wanna get out of this such haunted. Its stressing me out. I cant be the one who was being hoped to much by someone. God, give me strength. Besides, I would have try so much to do the best, to make people happy, to see.. their smile. But what about me? Am I really happy with those fakes and hypocrites? I just want to be myself. Seriously this tear me up. I need someone who I can lean on one shoulder, understand my problem. I dont tell him about this, cause seems like he was hoping for me in which Im not sure I can fulfill his wishlists. Im feeling of undeserved to have a guy like him. I am no where near perfect. Seeing his tweet just ruin my eyes. Burst into tears. Again God, give me strength. I have done my best. I had try. But can it just be natural?? Let it be.. One day you will realize the different. That moment which your eyes and mostly heart will widely open of seeing such amazing things. Can it just be natural?? I am a newbie. As long as I have nawaitu to do so. I have. Im not that kind of neglect about it. I would have try. And try.. And try so much... Can it just be natural?? I cannot seeing people hoping for me. I feel very guilty. It needs TIME.

// no matter how much people hate me, i love myself just the way i act, i think and i decide. This is me.
What's happening? 
- having a boring day.. and stomach ache.
- little brother is having UPSR examination and he screwed off.
- hair had been cut on the last two days.

Begin my day with a glass of milk. And whats up with my plan during semester break on previous post? I have designed a new theme on blogskin, I have cleaned my room.  Oh yah, buying new clothes still undone and i have to cancel of meeting boyfriend because I think I might be spending time with family more. Sister will be back home on this Friday. Yayy!   So without wasting my time by doing nothing at home, I sit in front of my notebook and blogging. Oh yeah! Im so surprise when I saw my new skin become skin of the day on www.blogskins.com Lets check by today. Thank you for all supporters and for those who rate mine. It was Tumblr inspiration which I found more neat and clean. Well people, I am more into tweeting this couple day. Do follow! Mention me here: @flouera

Hello people. This is really really quick post. I better be off to study after finishing type this entry and publish it then. Yah so, it might be typo as well. Srry, x. Well well, I have a camping tomorrow after the last paper of examination. Its maths. And definitely stressing me out. I will try my best but Im not hoping for A's anyway cause the questions are really complicated. For the camp, its actually a War Games of Asperians organized by Foundation in Agriculture Science, UPM. Actually, I feel some kind of laziness going there because I ever went for camp before and its really tiring and lack of sleep. Naahh.. and the worst part is the location in Tanjung Malim, Perak and there might have no line connection. Ah furthermore, i didnt bring my phone there. I will definitely miss boyfriend so much! I didnt get the same group with him. Erghhh..! I hope to see him there. Maybe and just maybe. Naahh.. so sad here. Thats all. I have to stop here and study. Study is definitely stress k. Wish me luck for the last paper! Buhbye~

This is compulsory in my bag. I am dying without them! I also didnt bring my make up bag as well. No mascara, no more blusher and whatsoever kind of make up. Lantaklah. -.-'