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New hauls from Zariya Collections

Hi. This is a daily update. I actually have no interesting topic to talk here, but anyway I have brought new hauls today. A muslimah shirt/blouse from Zariya. Im sure some of you know that this kind of brand is expensive jugak lah, but the material is very gewd! I love its fabrics and got a lot of designs. Pretty, comfort and covering aurah in shaa Allah. Will leave the pictures of me wearing my new outfit. *sorry for the low quality of photos due to the bad lightening.

Credit photos to Check out their website to know more.

Now, I have three muslimah shirt from Zariya Collection. Ops, the last picture wasnt a new haul, already bought from friend. It normal price was RM49 each and I was so lucky to get RM39 for 2 shirts! Kebetulan ada promotion at Aeon Anggun, Rawang. Kyaah! grab this cheap price.

 I enjoy listening to Concent by Nagi Yanagi and Run by Younha. Pretty songs.

Bachelor in Communication Universiti Putra Malaysia

Hi. I just received a result of which course that I get for pursuing degree.
Alhamdulillah, I got Bachelor in Communication (Mass Comm) at University of Putra (UPM) in Serdang. Eventhough I didnt get what I want, Bachelor in Science (Nutrition) which was my ambition since in school. How depressed I was . Only Allah know which is the best for me. Indeed, this course (Bachelor in Communication) is really suit for the one like me! Ahha. Journalist? Well, I know my future carrier is about media and communication which can make me famous one day!   Lolx. Shameless. I wanted to tell you briefly about my course.

Programme : Bachelor in Communication
Faculty : Fakulti Bahasa Moden dan Komunikasi
No Matrik : 174*4*
Total credit : 122 hours
Duration of study : 3 and half year.
Residential college : Kolej KelimaBelas

Offered to enter UPM at 2 September 2013. I also will stay at Kolej KelimaBelas which known as Kolej Serumpun. Grr, suckz. I dont know how will the condition to be but I guess I would nev…