H E L L O !

My name is Lala. Lala Rahim. Born on August 29th, 1994. It has been 9 years in blogging based in Malaysia. I currently work as Assistant Producer at Bernama News Channel on astro502. Follow me:-


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H E L L O !

My name is Lala. Lala Rahim. Born on August 29th, 1994. It has been 9 years in blogging based in Malaysia. I currently work as Assistant Producer at Bernama News Channel on astro 502. Follow me:-


For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

29 August 2013

That night, little brother switch off the light and screamed
"Surprise !"

Haha. Epic fail. Yes, its my 19th birthday yesterday  photo themo10.gif. Didnt celebrated the birthday like grand but anyway it is more than enough. The birthday wishes, some advices, du'a. More than enough. Im happy. So here some speeches from my friends. I kinda overwhelmed. 

So here's from my murabbi, Lina. My bestfriend, Farah Adeeba and my special-more-than friend!  I love them. Thanks to all of you, such nice words. My family who wished me yesterday. 

Amboi.. these kids who busy talking about me thru whatsapp. They're my ex-roommates during pursuing study of foundation in UPM. Memang gini selalu. Aku selalu jadi victim. Im still remember when my previous birthday, tomorrow got biology paper and I sleep at the space in our room, they they all swarming around me and when I opened my eyes, they were singing a birthday song. Whaa. I wont forget that, girls! 

Okay, mama baked me a moist chocolate cake and cookies. Not bad even for she first attempt. At night, we're just ordering Pizza Hut that delivered to home. Thats all. Im happy enough.

Ayah called me.

"Assalamualaikum.. happy birthday.."

"waalaikumussalam... hee "

"haa.. mama bagi ape?"

"mama bagi gelang emas..."

"dilla nak ape?"


"iPad ..?"

Wakakaka! This is what i thought lol. How can dad read my mind.

So after having dinner, I continue to pack my stuffs for university admission. He was being my commander. You know lah, girls aight  photo a2.png. They will bring a lot of unimportant stuffs, their clothes punya banyak sampai two to three bags. So he led me. I bring the sleeveless about 6 pieces, he ask to cut down bring 2 only. Baju kurung from 5 became 4. Jubah from 5 became 4. And there are 15 hijabs, due of wearing hijab depends on the clothes (theme/colours) that we wear, so he just let me to bring it all. For t-shirt muslimah, he ask me to remove clothes that seems sparse and thin, so that I wuldnt burden myself to wear inner shirt inside. The bottoms are all enough. Done.  He's very good anyway! Not badimage. This is one of the reson why I need him so much. I just didnt tell him the reasons. Haha. Malulah. I lucky to have him, kalau tak habis lotsa stuffs I will bring to the university like when I was entering for foundation long time ago.

This is before he lead me in packing stuffs. Penuh.

There's not much stuff in this box. I just put pillow, bedsheet, big mirror and light stuffs.

Banyak isnt? I'll try to cut down the clothes with his cooperation.

Taraa  photo 01.gif So these are all the stuffs I will bring to university. I reaaaally cant believe it sikit jea barang, not like before. So it will be easy for my dad to carry the things. Actually during his turn to pack his stuffs also, led by me. Haha. He brought the clothes punyalah sikit in which making me angry. I asked him to add more! He asked me to cut down! And that moment he folded his clothes nicely while me? Ala kadar je lipat. Such a mess. Haha. Thats all the story for yesterday and today, he is heading to KL. Fi hifzillah sayang. Drive safely. Gonna meet you there, in shaa Allah. Tajdid niat nak study. Jihad fi sabilillah. 
Yesterday my family and I was having iftar at KL. After iftar and performed Maghrib prayer. We went to Jalan Tar. So stuck. Crowded with public people and cars. Anyway, it feels pretty worthless shopping at there. I brought 2 casual abayas, 2 top knitted long-sleeves and 1 hijab (bawal 60'). Im so surprised when we were walking thru the shops suddenly my dad offered me to buy an outfit macam masa style dulu-dulu padahal aku langsung tak pandang dah. He said, "Takpe.. beli jelah, pakai dekat rumah.." and asked me to buy two clothes. Waa. such understanding dedi! Tahu-tahu jeh yang aku memang rindu pun nak pakai baju-baju cantik macam dulu. Here I left a photos of Im wearing that tops. Sorry, I dont show you the abayas. Kawaii !

 Getting lazy today.  Listening to Mirror - Justin Timberlake. 

Woke up at  11.30am and continue close my lashes and finally woke up after 30 minutes. And yes, I didnt sleep for the whole night  yesterday till Fajr. So Hi beautiful August, my favourite month ever! The month of my birthday. Hehe. Wont tell you the date, nanti dah celebrate baru bagitahu. Anyway, on twitter, facebook or perhaps instagram pasti akan kecoh2 pasal birthday lala. What a shameless promotion. Haha. Im kidding! So on that night, I was spamming someone chatbox. I know that he was sleeping, while I am so bored. "So, this is whatchu got when you're didnt accompany me."  Culd be that cute when Im with him. Well, I think Im not gonna contact him till the last Ramadhan, cause I am too busy. Haha. So do I care? Go talk to another girl lah.

I guess you guys wanna know who is this man It is difficult to explain, you may not understand.
However this is not my boyfriend. I wont get in love with a man before nikah, and if I'd fall in love sekalipun, I will try to distance myself apart from that "feeling". This guy, we're still in progress of Ta'aruf, I never met him before and I was kinda curious why I never seen this person eventhough we were studying at the same place for a year! Perhaps, we ever bum into each other but there's must be a hikmah why I didnt realize him, too close! Anyway, he always saw me, he just didnt talk to me. Mum already know about this guy severally, because all I want physically ada pada dia yang other ex-boyfriends selama ni tiada langsung. He's too complete I guess. We had deal about this. In shaa Allah if we are meant to be, we will step on the next stage: Nikah.
Maybe awal? Kerana itu lebih baik.

Islam is simple. It is not necessarily get into relationship with an excuse to know each other. Tidak semestinya bercinta kena couple. Some people do not be in relationship (couple) but they knew each other before marriage and love after marriage. Eventhough you have been in relationship (couple) with him through 20 years, you will never know who is him! All you know is your partner's acting. Lakonan dia semata-mata. Thats why in Islam, ada proses ta'aruf (kenal). Kenal dulu pasangan kita sebelum bernikah dan bercinta selepas nikah. Itu lebih menguntungkanmu and in shaa Allah you have a happiness until Jannah, not Jahannam.