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Happy 19th birthday, Lala.

29 August 2013

That night, little brother switch off the light and screamed
"Surprise !"

Haha. Epic fail. Yes, its my 19th birthday yesterday . Didnt celebrated the birthday like grand but anyway it is more than enough. The birthday wishes, some advices, du'a. More than enough. Im happy. So here some speeches from my friends. I kinda overwhelmed. 

So here's from my murabbi, Lina. My bestfriend, Farah Adeeba and my special-more-than friend!  I love them. Thanks to all of you, such nice words. My family who wished me yesterday. 

Amboi.. these kids who busy talking about me thru whatsapp. They're my ex-roommates during pursuing study of foundation in UPM. Memang gini selalu. Aku selalu jadi victim. Im still remember when my previous birthday, tomorrow got biology paper and I sleep at the space in our room, they they all swarming around me and when I opened my eyes, they were singing a birthday song. Whaa. I wont forget that, girls! 
Okay, mama baked me a moist chocolat…

New Hauls: Top knitted long-sleeves

Yesterday my family and I was having iftar at KL. After iftar and performed Maghrib prayer. We went to Jalan Tar. So stuck. Crowded with public people and cars. Anyway, it feels pretty worthless shopping at there. I brought 2 casual abayas, 2 top knitted long-sleeves and 1 hijab (bawal 60'). Im so surprised when we were walking thru the shops suddenly my dad offered me to buy an outfit macam masa style dulu-dulu padahal aku langsung tak pandang dah. He said, "Takpe.. beli jelah, pakai dekat rumah.." and asked me to buy two clothes. Waa. such understanding dedi! Tahu-tahu jeh yang aku memang rindu pun nak pakai baju-baju cantik macam dulu. Here I left a photos of Im wearing that tops. Sorry, I dont show you the abayas. Kawaii !

On the first august, I feel so lezi

Getting lazy today.Listening to Mirror - Justin Timberlake. 

Woke up at  11.30am and continue close my lashes and finally woke up after 30 minutes. And yes, I didnt sleep for the whole night  yesterday till Fajr. So Hi beautiful August, my favourite month ever! The month of my birthday. Hehe. Wont tell you the date, nanti dah celebrate baru bagitahu. Anyway, on twitter, facebook or perhaps instagram pasti akan kecoh2 pasal birthday lala. What a shameless promotion. Haha. Im kidding! So on that night, I was spamming someone chatbox. I know that he was sleeping, while I am so bored. "So, this is whatchu got when you're didnt accompany me."  Culd be that cute when Im with him. Well, I think Im not gonna contact him till the last Ramadhan, cause I am too busy. Haha. So do I care? Go talk to another girl lah.

I guess you guys wanna know who is this man It is difficult to explain, you may not understand.
However this is not my boyfriend. I wont get in love with a man before ni…