On the first august, I feel so lezi

 Getting lazy today.  Listening to Mirror - Justin Timberlake. 

Woke up at  11.30am and continue close my lashes and finally woke up after 30 minutes. And yes, I didnt sleep for the whole night  yesterday till Fajr. So Hi beautiful August, my favourite month ever! The month of my birthday. Hehe. Wont tell you the date, nanti dah celebrate baru bagitahu. Anyway, on twitter, facebook or perhaps instagram pasti akan kecoh2 pasal birthday lala. What a shameless promotion. Haha. Im kidding! So on that night, I was spamming someone chatbox. I know that he was sleeping, while I am so bored. "So, this is whatchu got when you're didnt accompany me."  Culd be that cute when Im with him. Well, I think Im not gonna contact him till the last Ramadhan, cause I am too busy. Haha. So do I care? Go talk to another girl lah.

I guess you guys wanna know who is this man It is difficult to explain, you may not understand.
However this is not my boyfriend. I wont get in love with a man before nikah, and if I'd fall in love sekalipun, I will try to distance myself apart from that "feeling". This guy, we're still in progress of Ta'aruf, I never met him before and I was kinda curious why I never seen this person eventhough we were studying at the same place for a year! Perhaps, we ever bum into each other but there's must be a hikmah why I didnt realize him, too close! Anyway, he always saw me, he just didnt talk to me. Mum already know about this guy severally, because all I want physically ada pada dia yang other ex-boyfriends selama ni tiada langsung. He's too complete I guess. We had deal about this. In shaa Allah if we are meant to be, we will step on the next stage: Nikah.
Maybe awal? Kerana itu lebih baik.

Islam is simple. It is not necessarily get into relationship with an excuse to know each other. Tidak semestinya bercinta kena couple. Some people do not be in relationship (couple) but they knew each other before marriage and love after marriage. Eventhough you have been in relationship (couple) with him through 20 years, you will never know who is him! All you know is your partner's acting. Lakonan dia semata-mata. Thats why in Islam, ada proses ta'aruf (kenal). Kenal dulu pasangan kita sebelum bernikah dan bercinta selepas nikah. Itu lebih menguntungkanmu and in shaa Allah you have a happiness until Jannah, not Jahannam.


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