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Orientation week of the first intake students UPM

Assalamualaikum. Hello people! I've been quite busy with the week of orientation.

Hectic. Tired. Sleepless.
The orientation week has been running for a week. Okay first, lemme tell you. On 2 September, I had registered myself as a UPM student. Mahasiswi. Alhamdulillah, everything went well during the registration. Well, I got the bottom level for my room due of having an asthma. What a luck . Ahha. So after take out the things to my room, my parents brought me to Bangi to have a lunch there.

At  4.30pm, the orientation had started. We've got no time to rest! I also make new friends there . I see there's so many friends who aged above than me. Im the only one who is 19y/o, they all ramai yang 20 and 21. Too young for 19y/o students who are pursuing degree. Alhamdulillah... rezeki masing-masing. Muda -muda dah buat ijazah. At night, all the new intake students were gathered at Dewan Besar, UPM to have a various topics of briefing.

Before and after. Still messy. Okay this is t…