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Why Being Single is Ok?

1) You Would Rather Hang With Friends You love your friends and see them as much as possible. If you don't feel the need to change the way you interact socially with other people, a significant other might complicate things. Consider this, the time you spend with your friends will now be split among your new partner, and his/her friends. You might only see your buds a 1/3 of the time you did before. Are you ready for that?

#2 It's All About You Sometimes the best thing for your future relationship is that present day you focuses on itself. Sure, you may be out of college, but are you actually in the "real world" yet? Are you happy with your life, or are you hoping a relationship will fix that for you? If so, you're not ready. Be fair to your next bf and only put yourself out there when you know you're ready.

#3 Career First Whether you're in college or just out of grad school, it's paramount that you keep focus on your goals and ambitions. Obviously,…

I'm ready to blog again!

A tiring week to customize my blog. I designed it by myself anyway. Ya know, look at my archieve. There's only 16 entries on 2013. Haha, nampak sangat tak active it for a long time. What have I done on 2013 eh? Lol I have no idea. So now, the reason why I designed a new theme for my blog is because Im hoping that I wuldnt neglecting my blog nomore. 

 buy new schedule diary buy new notebook new phone ? is editing blog
Anyway, this blog is still under construction. I need to do a little touch up for the navigation bar, text header and footer and bla bla bla ape lagi. Okay, do keep in touch with me k. Dont lose hope in me haha, stay tuned 

// Im doing nothing at home, extremely bored. Please rescue me haha.

Biar kau hilang semuanya.

Orang tu kata, benda yang paling dia takut adalah kehilangan
Tak mengapa. Biar kau hilang semuanya, janji kau tak hilang Tuhan weh. Kerana Allah menghapuskan segala sesuatu yang dia mahu. Jadi bermakna Dia-lah Tuhan yang boleh memberi dan mengambil sesuatu untuk/daripada kita. Bukankah Allah itu Pencipta? Jadi kalau kau nak, minta pada Dia, bukankah dia Pemberi? Ya. Jika kau hilang sesuatu sama ada rela atau pun tak rela. Tak mengapa, biarkan. Rapuh macam mana sekalipun tanpa sesuatu itu, kuatkan juga. Sebab setiap serpihan diri kau yang pecah, kau sendiri yang kena cantum balik. Mungkin, sesuatu yang kau mahu adalah tidak baik bagimu. Contohnya, dengan benda itu membuatkan kau leka atau sakit. Hmm. Tak mengapa, baik untuk kau tinggalkan. 
Rabbi ada. Aint no. He'll never leave us. // Aku tak minta yang terbaik, namun aku minta yang baik bagiku. Aku kena belajar menerima takdirnya, suatu hari nanti pasti Allah akan pertemukan sesuatu yang baik itu. Dan aku, kena bersabar.

Unnecessary me. Unusual you.

There's a lot thing that I want to say. To him. But I cant speak it out. Dont know why. What's wrong with me, kenape susah sangat nak sebut ni?! Ya know, in this heart. Only God knows. Im fighting with du'a. Pray to have an essence of strength from Him. I know it's my mistake. It's all my fault. Nevertheless, I did this because I dont wanna be part of this game. I dont get what is the purpose of our relation. I dont get of what he want from me. Its scared the hell out of me. Because I dont want to be played. That night, I was crying like.. hm. painful. Surely, this is wrong but who am I to judge? I leave it. I leave everything behind. For the sake of Allah. Let him go. Let him be free. Enough of my existence in his life, unnecessary me. I know he's smiling, he's chilling.. happy so happy. It vice versa to me. Im still lost. Im still feeling unsure. I dont get it. Ok tapi aku taknak ungkitkan kenapa aku diduga. Sebab there's a wisdom why.

Takpe. Lelaki m…