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“If you loved someone and didn’t get him/her than don’t despair of the mercy of Allah because He loves you more than your mother. So, He will give you the best when the time is right.We don’t know whats best for us only HE knows. May Allah give every brother and sister in faith a pious spouse Ameen.”

- saturindu

Getting a new hair.

After two years didnt go to saloon and now she's back. Im getting a new hair. Sooo0o, goodbye to dull, scalp problem and thinning hair. Hello to soft and smooth hair! Hee, Im glad that I dont have any problem on my hair after all. And promise that I would take a gewd care to my hair. Furthermore, happy holiday! Im having a midsem break now for a week only but I will spend this holiday wisely. On this Friday, my family and I will spend our holiday at Thailand. Awesome! Some Japanese hair tips that I got from Tumblr. Hehe, pretty cute.


Setiap perpisahan akan digantikan dengan pertemuan. Moga hati ini tabah.