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My name is Lala. Lala Rahim. Born on August 29th, 1994. It has been 9 years in blogging based in Malaysia. I currently work as Assistant Producer at Bernama News Channel on astro502. Follow me:-


For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

H E L L O !

My name is Lala. Lala Rahim. Born on August 29th, 1994. It has been 9 years in blogging based in Malaysia. I currently work as Assistant Producer at Bernama News Channel on astro 502. Follow me:-


For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

Tak meniti di bibir tapi tersemat kemas dalam doa. Tak pernah jemu, tak penat. Sebab segalanya diserahkan pada Tuhan. Yang Menguatkan. Walau jauh di mata, takkan hilang di hati. Sabarlah duhai hati, suatu hari kan ada mengganti.

let them. Let them go. No matter how much you want to keep them, you can’t hold back someone who’s feelings aren’t the same anymore. Because in the end, you’ll just get hurt when you realize you were the only one fighting.
Asasi Sains Pertanian UPM. Hello freshies.

  So you are here in my blog. I hope you guys read this. Macam mana perasaan you all bila dapat tawaran dari UPU untuk memasuki asasi sains pertanian, UPM? Maybe ada yang seronok, excited, sad because you have to leave your family and home. Pfft sorry i sound silly when i wrote in malay tapi rasa macam nak jugak typing in malay memandangkan bebudak asper semua in Malaysia kan. How unlucky my sister pun batch korang tapi dia tak ambil aliran sains.

Oh ya, lemme introduce you about myself. People used to call me Lala. I am ex-asperian batch 8. Yup, your senior. A friendly exciting senior. Nice to meet you guys. I stay at college Serumpun now, next to your future college of Kolej 13.

I wanted to tell you about my experience during asperhood. This is my past post: I've Got an Offer from UPU which tells you about how i felt when I got this offer but in that entry i didnt tell my specific university i went to. So in the 2nd post: Preparations to University which it was my first time packing things and clothes, away from home, just to go for study haha. I reaaally miss the moment. Nope, i wont show you my clothes. Its secret. Haha. Banyak betul barang bawak masa tu, yelah first time in life kan leaving home. Lagipun, i dont stay in asrama, i am from secondary school.

After registered my course at the Dewan Banquet, UPM. This is how my days start: My Days at University and Welcome June We're Meet Again At first I felt so lonely, Im taking bath there while looking on the floor, the ceiling. I just cant comfort myself here. I dont have any friends that I know here. It just me and myself. How gloomy. photo a8.png So dah start orientasi, making new friends there, feel the environment, enjoyed. This is how my class start: My English Class Dah mula seronok berada dekat UPM. Anyway, my group of kuliah was Group 8. Group 8 was awesome! About how was our amali? here: Agriculture Practical it was our first practical and another one is Lets Decorate City of Favourite where you can watch my video at the cattle farm. Its really cool! Actually during our practical, we had to clean the goat barn tau, nope, I wont clean it! I ran away haha.  photo a2.png

My classmates. Group 8 Awesome!

So here's my new friends during asperhood: Yesterday Came with Emotion of Sadness siap ada geng lagi tu named 6 idiots haha. And this post Starlight Stalker when the first time I went out with them at Sunway Pyramid.

Next, about the room i stayed? Here: Cleaning Moment Actually, I stayed at Kolej Pendeta Za'ba at first, and then I moved to Kolej 13 because my friends there and sebilik sekali dengan diorang. Hehe, my room was Blok F504 and mine was partition 4. Ada kipas tapi nak bawak kipas sendiri sebab panas gila. So tengoklah link that I've given above yang Cleaning Moment tu, I showed you my workspace.

To summarize everything during asperhood, it taught me about being a strong person. Yup, I made mistakes but then I learned. I remember when the first time Im wearing hijab, i changed to a better person, covering aurah being a good Muslimah. From a social wild girl into a Muslimah is kinda hard for me. Tapi itulah perintahNya. Get into relationship with a guy pun sesama Asper jugak, classmate pulak tu but now he's gone forever in my life. It really taught me... deep. Hm. Past is past. Belajar rajin-rajin k my juniors. Belajar bukan Bercinta. Suatu hari korang akan faham.. So, asperhood ni banyak sangat mengajar aku. Di sinilah realiti hidupku bermula, mencari sahabat, mencari ketenangan dan Tuhan  photo thh.jpg

Pada mulanya terasa ingin melupakan segala memories masa asasi, tapi bila fikir semula, ia banyak sangat kenangan pahit dan manis. Kalau tak buat kesilapan, macam mana mahu belajar, kan?
So now, Im moving on. I am a degree student who taking Bachelor of Communication (Major in Journalism) and this is how my day start Orientation Week of First Intake as a degree student.

So dekat bawah ada some photos, feel it.


Because sending a letter is the next best thing to showing up personally at someone’s door. Ink from your pen touches the stationary, your fingers touch the paper, your saliva seals the envelope, your scent graces the paper. Something tangible from your world travels through machines and hands, and deposits itself in another’s mailbox; their world. Your letter is then carried inside as an invited guest. The paper that was sitting on your desk, now sits on another’s. The recipient handles the paper that you handled. Letters create a connection that modern and impersonal forms of communication will never replace.

Please read this

It seems like there are many users out there are having trouble when editing the html codes inside their template. Nope, not "customize" one. I know you are unable to search a code of these:-
  • <style>
  • <body>
  • <head>
  • etc...

Come, i show you. Actually this is very simple lah dont be panic. I know it is quite complicated when editing html codes by using simple template than using blogskins. But try to get used to it. For me, i love to use simple template rather than using blogskins.

Go to you blogger dashboard and click on "Template".

Next, click on "Edit HTML" button below the Live on Blog's picture.

Okay now, did you see the line of 14 - it is because the tag of <b:skin> ....</b:skin> lie on it. *But this may be different with your code tau, this is mine! So yah, just click on the arrow on the line of 14 and it will expand the data of the text/css. Oh i forgot something, no wonder la you all can't find the <style></style> on simple template because it is actually <b:skin></b:skin> lol

I'm sorry for the inconvenient for searching <style></style> I think it's unexisted! haha. Anyway, if you want to search other tags like <body> or <head> or <html> just click ctrl+f and enter. Alright maybe thats all the problem, ask me if you still dont get it.
(not exactly like my navbar because I dont allow you to create exactly like mine. Copyright protected)

I rarely update my blog because the internet connection at my place is very veeery bad! Anyway, I noticed that minority of people were talking about my navigation, on other's ask.fm, on my cbox, yep dont be surprise if I see someone screenshot my blog for tutorial request haha. Im not bothered at all. Unfortunately, Im so sorry that I cant probably reveal any html codes on this blog. Secret hehe. I do make a blog tutorial but I dont reveal what is inside my blog. That makes my blog different than others. Cuz i design it in my own way. But dont be upset, hey guys chill. I will teach you the code, big smiles.

Step 1: Open up your template and place this codes.
Step 2 (for classic template): Copy the code I'd given below and paste it between
"< style >  < / style >".
Step 2: (for simple template): Copy the code I'd given below and paste it before
"< b:skin > < / b:skin >"
You may customize the codes like changing colours, fonts and etc.

Wait, if you had copy this remove the <pre> & </pre>

Step 3: Copy the code below and paste it after < body > (for both classic and simple template). This is how the navbar look.

Wait, if you had copy this remove the <pre> & </pre>

This is really a basic code for this kind of navbar. Let me know if you got a problem because i didnt test it yet. Yup, a quick post i told you.