Navigation Bar; like mine

(not exactly like my navbar because I dont allow you to create exactly like mine. Copyright protected)

I rarely update my blog because the internet connection at my place is very veeery bad! Anyway, I noticed that minority of people were talking about my navigation, on other's, on my cbox, yep dont be surprise if I see someone screenshot my blog for tutorial request haha. Im not bothered at all. Unfortunately, Im so sorry that I cant probably reveal any html codes on this blog. Secret hehe. I do make a blog tutorial but I dont reveal what is inside my blog. That makes my blog different than others. Cuz i design it in my own way. But dont be upset, hey guys chill. I will teach you the code, big smiles.

Step 1: Open up your template and place this codes.
Step 2 (for classic template): Copy the code I'd given below and paste it between
"< style >  < / style >".
Step 2: (for simple template): Copy the code I'd given below and paste it before
"< b:skin > < / b:skin >"
You may customize the codes like changing colours, fonts and etc.

Wait, if you had copy this remove the <pre> & </pre>

Step 3: Copy the code below and paste it after < body > (for both classic and simple template). This is how the navbar look.

Wait, if you had copy this remove the <pre> & </pre>

This is really a basic code for this kind of navbar. Let me know if you got a problem because i didnt test it yet. Yup, a quick post i told you.


  1. Sy gune simplate template, xde code body dan style, mcm mana ye? Ada cara lain?

    1. Okay for simple template, try click ctrl+f to search < style > , there must be. Try dulu :)

    2. Takde jugak. Mcm mana ek? Help me.

    3. check out my new post. I made an announcement for simple template users :)

  2. I don't know but I'm so fascinated by someone like you, I mean someone who can customize and even fix up and make their own codes for blog (template, etc.). you got my respect. cheers.

  3. Hihihi , saya pun guna simple templates , tapi rasanya ni bukan apa yang saya maksud kan rasanya , nak yang mcmni - , hihi, sorry kalau susahkan

    1. ahha ye saya tahu. Tapi navigation seperti dlm gambar yg awak send tu adalah navigation blog saya sendiri, saya tk boleh nk reveal code blog saya pada public sebab itu merupakan copyright saya hehe harap faham. Saya hanya boleh ajarkan tutorial ttg basic code dan awak sendirilah design yg lebih baik dari blog saya mcm tu :)


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