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Blame me for being so lame.

Its been too long i didnt post about my thoughts here plus i dont know how to start typing but i think it's safe to say here.

Blog is the way I spread out what's inside my heart. I really think that Im such a loser. Its all came from me. Its all my fault. What had happened to me is because I was the one who started it. I dont realize that I changed inter and outernally. To be honest from tudung labuh (long veil) to the tudung bawal biasa. Yep, dont be so surprised.

People make mistakes. One day we will realized by committing a mistake is the common way of life that can mature us. Learn from the mistake. The reason why I changed because I couldnt bear of what people talked about me. Their mentallity thought that tudung labuh must be perfect 24 hours by not making mistakes. Thats why, i avoid by wearing it BUT Im still in the class of covering aurah in shaa Allah.

I hope people wont get misunderstanding with me. Im a human. I made mistakes everyday, comment me but not too muc…

A story of my Hijrah

Assalamualaikum my readers, hi  I am reaaaally sorry of my promises to talk about My Hijrah. I also receive faq about this from families, friends, cyber buddies and strangers. Now, I am ready to blog. Its hard for me to explain by face to face and keep re-explaining. So, let this blog be a connection. First people who knows about my hijrah is Farahin, that one girl of ex-asperian that I didnt close to her langsung but I trust her. Second was my mum and third, was my team (girls) during charity programme while playing true and dare. I chose "true" thats why lah haha. Thats all yang tahu. This is because I'm afraid and I dont think people would believe me.

F.A.Q How did you change?How did you istiqamah?Why did you turn from the real you?How did you get the hidayah?... and etc that related to.
Bismillahirahmanirrahim.. based on what I blog here, just sit, relax and think deeply. There is no cheat and penipuan (lying) here. Its up to you whether you wanna believe it or not. I…

My semester result of sem 1 and 2

Dean Listed.
It was a depressed moment when i got a low pointer for the first semester and i felt like i failed! That was the lowest pointer that I could achieve. Calming myself. I thought that this second semester would be drop as followed by the first sem. So last night the semester result are released, officially. Like how many times i pray to God that i would achieve the best one. And surprisingly, i cant believe that i am in dean-listed! Over 3.5. Alhamdulillah all praise to Him. Im so excited, like for the first time haha. A good news for me from Allah. He always cheers me up so i wont be sad all the times. My bestfriend also is in dean-listed. I'm happy to all student who attained the best result and for those who are unsatisfied with their pointer, dont be sad. I know how it feels and I ever been there before as i told you. You know, both Failure and Success are gifts by Allah. He wants you to learn, to be the great one. So, dont lose hope. Alahh as long as you are student…

So broken

Biar gambar berbicara. Today aku log in facebook, and suddenly aku ternampak sesuatu yang menyakitkan sehingga berderai air mata aku. Sangat sangat aku menangis sampai sembap mata ni. Allahu, aku baring untuk tenangkan fikiran menunggu sehingga masuk waktu asar. Dan ketika sujud lagilah mengalir air mata aku, memohon doa untuk dikuatkan hati ini. Selepas tunaikan solat fardhu, aku baring semula dan mencapai phone untuk whatsapp sahabat-sahabat aku meminta pendapat. Aku tiada niat langsung untuk menunjukkan kesedihan aku depan sahabat...

Status pada wechat. Sungguh aku bencikan perbuatan dia. 

Jadi begitulah kesudahannya... walau sakit sekalipun, aku tetap kena gagahkan juga hati ini. Aku kan kuat, mana boleh mengalah. Allah ada berjuta kekuatan yang boleh Dia berikan padaku. Ya Allah, aku mohon perlindunganMu daripada maksiat dan zina. Aku tak ingin lelaki seperti itu, mungkin inilah yang kau ingin tunjukkan padaku bahawa dia memang tidak baik bagiku. Dia tetap sampai bila-bila pun ta…