Doubt every feelings

It won't be that easy. If it's easy, it is not a love but lust. I doubt every feelings that hit me, because sometimes it doesnt feel true. But this time, I hope it is true. It is the right one. I always hope so before this but i dont deserved  photo th6-2.gif  I just dont want to be hurt and hurt. I'm scare. Scare about my thoughts. I would try to forget everything before and never look back. I always trying to be good and make good.  I hope everything is going alright in shaa Allah. If I really found something better, I just wont simply let it go. I won't. I would chase what is belong to me.  photo th086.gif

Take time... I will put my faith entirely to Him. And I shall fix my relationship to God first before I step into another relationship. Allah's willing..

Doushite kimi wo sukki natte shimatandarou?


  1. just be sure of your own heart :)

    tanya diri, "kenapa aku jatuh cinta? perlu ke aku jatuh cinta?"

    and lastly, pray so Allah give you guide ^^

    1. yah have to be sure sebab tu doubting... hee, thnks for the advice.


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