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1. name: just call me, lala.
2. birthday:  august 29th
3. favourite color: pink, white creamy
4. lucky number: 8
5. height: 159cm, weight: 50kg


1. last dream you remember: i dont know.. it maybe about chocolate?
2. can you juggle: a bit
3. art/sports/both: Art, im not good in sports lol
4. do you like writing: yeah its alright
5. do you like dancing: I do, but I can’t dance very well lol
6. do you like singing: I love it!! I can’t sing either, but I will sing at the top of my lungs if I hear a good song


1. dream vacation: Anywhere i guess.. maybe to somewhere i can stay peacefully with my love one
2. dream date: Something simple, talking would be enough cuz I dont do date thingy
4. dream wedding: Not too fancy, not too luxury cuz I wanna spend much money on marriage
5. dream pet: I really want a guinea pig that have a spiky hair
6. dream job: I want to work as a Journalist ofcuz


1. favourite song: Whatever will be by Vanessa Hudgens, Jatuh by Estrella, Au Revoir by One repb.
2. favourite album: "Native" and "Waking up" both by One Republic
3.favourite artists: Britney Spears and One republic hehe
4. last song you heard on the radio: i dont remember but english song for sure
5. last song played in your playlist: Aww there's a lot.. hurm Iris by Goo good dolls


1. guys/girls/both: definitely boys!!
2. hair colour: hrmm ofcourse black, thick is better hehe
3. eye colour: dont care
4. humorous/serious: I’d never be able to date a serious guy. I really am a weird person and i dont know if he can handle that haha xD
5. taller/short: TALLER!! Idk…For a short girl, I tend to like taller guys, taller than me its ok
6. biggest turn-off: Pervert guys pls back off!
7. biggest turn-on: I like the one who is mentally different than me, positive with negative to complete each other. I interested in engineering guys since in school i dont know why and to be honest i like their hairstyling and wear fitted-jeans but not too tight.


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