H E L L O !
Adilla Abdul or better known as Lala, 25 years old. I have been active in blogging since April 2009 so it is about 9 years being a content writer. I am a lifestyle blogger based in Malaysia which this blog consist of beauty, fashion, health and fitness, eateries and restaurants, travel and places, product reviews and also education using both Bahasa Melayu and English.

For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at nuruladillarahim@gmail.com

H E L L O !
Adilla Abdul or better known as Lala, 25 years old. I have been active in blogging since April 2009 so it is about 9 years being a content writer. I am a lifestyle blogger based in Malaysia which this blog consist of beauty, fashion, health and fitness, eateries and restaurants, travel and places, product reviews and also education using both Bahasa Melayu and English.


For blogger paid review and event coverage kindly reach me at nuruladillarahim@gmail.com

I don't have idea why every things want to hit me at one time until I feel so giving up and I don't want to continue my life anymore. This time, orang tak boleh nak advice untuk suruh saya "be strong, Lala." Saya dah tak nampak semua tu. Apa yang saya nampak sekarang problem problem dan problem. Saya tak tahu macam mana lagi nak harungi semua ni. You know what,, every relations that I have now semua bagai nak runtuh. Semua orang nak tinggalkan saya. Satu persatu. One left. Yang masih ada sekarang ni tinggal tunggu masa je untuk mereka pergi dari hidup saya. I don't know what is my fault. 

Furthermore, saya ni jenis yang hati lembut fragile, saya akan cuba jaga hati semua orang.. Tapi hati saya? Remuk pecah. Mungkin saya yang beremosi kot. Sebab saya sangat value every relations yang saya ada include friendships, family and also relationship. One have left me tinggal dua lagi. Tapikan, yang dah pergi tu digantikan dengan yang lebih baik tau.

 Oh Lord I hope everything will be fine and I'm fine too. Saya harap apa yang berlaku menghimpit saya sekarang ni semua ada hikmahnya yang baik untuk saya tapi tulahh saya tak dapat nak menghadapi. Saya taktahu cara untuk bertindak, saya ni lemah orangnya kadang stupid pun ada dan saya tak pandai buat keputusan sendiri. Saya keseorangan. Dan memendam semua rasa. Saya ada luahkan dekat seseorang tapi dia buat tak endah je dengan masalah saya. Lepas ni tak payahlah saya dengan dia lagi, saya rasa saya perlukan dia dalam hidup saya tapi kenapa dia tak pernah peduli eh? Am I a burden? 

Oh Dear Lord, I realized that only you I have now. Untuk semua yang pergi tinggalkan saya, saya harap Allah temukan saya dengan orang yang lebih baik lagi dari yang lama. Ameen.
Another great chance to be there! As you know I also had several trips to another broadcast company like on my previous entry which you can check it on my archive. Besides, it's a great opportunity because it is related to my career soon haha in shaa Allah. I met the Djs of FlyFm and chit chat with them about broadcasting, radio and about umm their experiences etc. We went there under Broadcast Management course and by our own transport to Media Prima Company. Only 20 of us went there and another group will have a trip to EraFM.

Maggie was on air during our visiting to the conti but still, we can talked to her when she played the songs on radio. So, I asked a lot of question to Maggie

"Do you enjoy being DJ?"
"Are you a shy person? or could you motivate a shy person but s/he wants to be a DJ (which I was pointing at myself actually hihi)"
"How do you choose songs to be played on radio?"

Maggie answered perfectly and she's kinda motivated me because you know I'm doing practical as a DJ Radio at PutraFM but still, I am a shy person, I'm not confident during my airtime but of course I can do it technically, I'm just feeling so blank sometimes! Now I know to be a good DJ. It's not easy actually.. A DJ radio is a multitask-er also and you cannot do mistakes during airtime!

These guys are so fun! The DJs of FlyFM at frequency of  95.8

Because there's too many cameras so I don't know which one should I pose and focus to! haha

Oh yea, we're also entered the conti of HotFM because the Dj, Nadia invited us to get in! Nadia is the best and friendly. Ahh but she's not in this photo, she was busy setting up her phone to take selfie with us hahaha. She's friendly and gila-gila sangat. She also shared tips to be slim in photo hahahha

"Being courageous is not the absence of fear, but the conquest of it."

You know that everybody make mistakes. The problem is, the mistake that we've made be a point for others to condemn us. And hate. And burn us. They were trying to correct us but not in a correct way. It should be in personally not in public. I am writing to express my thought so whoever read this I really fcuking hope that this entry will not make my readers feel like I am so wrong typing this and I don't blame anyone here. But I do have my own opinions too. I hate when people condemn me in social media where everybody can see it and try to burn me too. Where is my wrong to them? I am barely know about them either. And why me??

Maybe.. it is because of Lala. It's Lala.
It's me. Myself. Maybe.. Could be.

I could still remember the first time I created my social networks is because to express my love on it. It was on 2010 I guess, as recommended by my sister and I like it though. So I used it to enhance my writing and never thought that I can collected lotsa followers which mean they love it. It was so exciting until...
People who know Lala followed me.
And then they attacking me. Make fun of me among others.

I'm very humble yet so stupid right now. I can't even accept it. Because I don't know where is my wrong via social medias and what I have done to them? Clearly I've done nothing. Did I make them annoyed? What I do is enjoying myself on cyber but I can't believe that the people in silence back stab me. They looked like they support but they don't. Besides, I don't have a courage to fight back, to confront them I don't. I only be careful and ignore it all but somehow, it couldn't chill me though.

I felt so emotional because I am too fragile, I have a soft heart and fighting is not my style. I bet you if you put me in a match with the kids, I might lose the game. I am not that kind. I'm still in a progress to improve myself here and my intention is Lillahi Ta'ala in shaa Allah. So when the society feel annoyed about me, I push myself to over-think about what is my mistakes to them? I couldn't find it. If I make mistakes toward my friend, I immediately say sorry to them and say I was just kidding. Immediately correcting myself and swallowing my ego to my friends. Settled.

Know what? I also lost a friend that I trusted the most and when I tell my problems to her, I expected she will support me but she don't. She also hates me now. I am a rotten apple in her eyes. But I have move on and get over her I'm fine with that.

Oh maybe Allah wanted to test me.

Last night, there's two girls knocked my room's door and tried to invite me to go to some place for sharing something benefit at 7.30pm after Maghreb. So after I took a shower, I went there. And it was only me with those two girls. We're sharing some Islamic views together and it was a good opportunity that I have had. After the we're discussed the topic, I suddenly disclose about my problem. Ironically I barely know them, they were strangers to me but I burst into tears. Yup, I cried. In front of those girls that I barely know. With honesty, I only tell what is going on and I couldn't stop myself from crying. It was an embarrassing moment actually because in my life, I wouldn't want people to see my tears because I don't wanna raise sympathy and I don't want to look weak. No. But maybe Allah wanted to send me a help through them. 

I feel so relieved.  Alhamdulillah all praise to Him, He gave me so much bounties.
Been persuaded by them also.

Because the mistakes that we've done mature us. I hope you learn a lesson from my story.
If only and if you talk to me and know me inside out.
I will make sure to not make a trouble to my friends.
I would like to say sorry also.
An aspiration for me with these 7 rules of life by Neelofa, a famous Malaysian celebrity who has hijrah (changed) to be a better person than before like all we knew about her right. And I found that her words are so precious cause I feel it by the way and I hope it benefits my life. Nah, dah buat mindmap siap untuk korang semua ;)

Hai! Saya nak kongsikan tentang langkah-langkah untuk memicit atau memecahkan jerawat dengan cara yang betul, saya dapat info ini daripada twitter dan langkah ini didemonstrasikan oleh Dr Mehmet Oz dalam Oprah Winfrey. Sebab semua orang akan mengalami jerawat kan, and it is so irritating till we pop it here and there tapi kebanyakan orang selalu picit jerawat dengan cara yang salah termasuk saya sendiri haha. Okay, here's the correct ways to pop a pimple so we can avoid infections and scars. Gambar mungkin menggelikan.

First, kena kenal dulu which level of pimple yang kita perlu pecahkan jangan main picit je karang jadi makin teruk pulak boleh berparut tau dan kemerahan. Buruk muka korang nanti.

That's all the techniques from Dr Oz. Re-published on my blog. Sorry if I used manglish on this post because I used to use english language so it makes me feel awkward and blank when typing malay but that doesn't mean I don't speak malay okay cuma dah biasa typing dalam english bila nak tulis bahasa melayu rasa blank you'll feel me.
I woke up late today because I think that I've got nothing to do other than watching television. I don't know how to start typing actually hahaha I think it's been so long I didn't update my personal daily stories so it feels awkward, my life is not so perfect, kinda boring but actually I've got a lot of work to do in this semester. There's tasks to accomplish during semester break which is settle my final year project report and doing revision but I did not start it yet. I also have changed my template design, from black to pastel colour, music player available and I'm sorry if it kinda irritating your ear.

So tonight, I'm gonna start my work. I hope that I can manage my break productively-awesome.
Dimulakan dengan bismillah ~
I believe that if I did not get things that I want in my life, Allah will give me another one. New. And better. I did try my best to get something I want but if I still didn't get it even lose it, I am not the one who loss. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I put all my hopes on Allah and He is with me. Redha. Tawakkal.
I wanna make myself happy. Like before. *Flashback* I'm tired crying myself out loud every time when I go to bed. I even can't close my lashes and overly think about "things that will never happens" until I lose control and wake up that I've lost everything in reality. That was me- before. I was perpetually confused about what I really want in life. Flashback end.
Just because I'm losing doesn't mean I've lost. I'm learning to stand up for the things I want and the people I love.

Sepanjang mengikuti lawatan ke RTM ini macam-macam informasi yang saya dapat tentang bidang penyiaran, pengalaman yang berharga jugaklah sebab dapat kesempatan lihat syarikat penyiaran bertugas, jumpa wartawan, pembaca berita, penyampai berita dan krew-krew yang bertugas. Lebih-lebih lagi saya kan mahu jadi wartawan penyiaran jadi baguslah saya mengikuti lawatan ini. Lawatan ini sebenarnya anjuran oleh kelas Penerbitan Dokumentari tetapi saya datang sekadar mengikuti rakan-rakan yang mengambil kelas itu dan bagi menambah pengetahuan tentang penyiaran. Kami tiba di sana pada pukul 9 pagi ada staf yang handle kami masa itu.

Sebenarnya kami dah sampai awal pukul 7am sebab bertolak sepatutnya pada pukul 7.30am tapi tiada siapa yang berada di fakulti macam biasalah janji melayu selalu dicapati.

Tahu takk sampai je di Wisma TV, pihak RTM yang mengendalikan rancangan Selamat Pagi Malaysia terus bawa kami ke studio dan bersiaran langsung hahaha
Briefing tentang sejarah RTM dan sebagainya.
Actually RTM ni dia punya equipment dan format dia adalah yang terbaik berbanding dengan syarikat penyiaran yang lain sebab format dia memang setaraf dengan CNN dan BBC

Beralih pula ke bahagian berita. Jadi yang korang nampak banyak-banyak screen TV ni adalah rakaman yang mereka akan siarkan ke televisyen di rumah
Okay ini masa tengah on air siaran berita waktu tengahari.

Saya suka sangat gambar ini, dapat berbual bicara dengan pembaca berita selepas dia habis on air berita tengahari tadi. Dan saya tertanya-tanya semua pembaca berita kena hafal berita ke? macam mana kalau tergagap ke hape haha, jadi rupanya ada skrip di screen camera. Masa ini kami suruh dia baca berita and wow so impress!
Bergambar beramai-ramai dengan pembaca berita semasa RTM di studio
Waktu ni kitorang macam "ohhhhh" hahaha selepas dapat tahu trick pembaca berita.
Equipments dalam studio berita, korang nampak tak ada satu screen paling kanan tu (separuh) itulah skrip berita.
In shaa Allah suatu hari nanti. Ambil aura dulu. Masih belajar.

Beralih pula ke Wisma Radio. Tadi bahagian Wisma TV. Jadi kami masuk ke konti MuzifFM cuma MuzikFM ni keudara hanya di online streaming, dia tiada frekuensi. Berjumpa dengan DJ Aliff.
Semua pakat nak tengok muka keluar dalam website diorang, so lihat gambar di bawah
Muka keluar online streaming di Galakzi Muzik haha.

Akhir sekali lawatan ke Muzium RTM
Masa melawat muzium, selfie lah ape lagi. 


"Rumah Lala, rumah Lala." hahahha siot doh diorang ni

Those 3 handbags that I mostly use whenever I go to class, for travel or for hang out. All the sizes are different, and just nice, suit me and I really love them all.
I added another two bags on this picture. For dinner or night outing, I will use Quilted, it's black and suit every styles. And I also have my backpack for laptop or sometimes I use it for travelling.
Alright, this is the very important case for me. You see, I have 3 handbags that I will change depends on my mood or style so this case ease me. I just take this case out from bag to bag. It contains my phones which I got 2, 3 phones actually, car keys, hand sanitizer, perfumes, powerbank, lotion, mini fan, eye drop, aromatherapy fresh care, pencil case, make up pouch, matric card and another folded bag in case needed for shopping.
What's in my bag? Yup all of these haha it's kinda heavy but those are all my essentials. I carry everywhere I go except if I go to the market or some near places. Thank you for reading 

I had a great time last Saturday night went to an event of Youtubers MY at Ruang, Shah Alam Seksyen 16. Which is an event of Akustika Showcase, performed by the Malaysian youtubers. This event is also collaborate with Malaysian Youth Talent. I went there with my colleagues of Putra FM because we were given a task by the senior deejay to report news about the event.

The best part is, we as the media got pass which we can enter any events for free and the seat was reserved for us too, paling depan hahah. It's a privilege to be a journalist and I kinda enjoy my job very much.

We were with the event organizer, Sheda Shamsuddin .

I am with Syuhada Najuwa, one of the singer that performed last night.

It's a great experience went to the event, I made new friends there and enjoyed sharing experience with them. What a great vibes that I have had. Great performance from the singers I enjoyed very much thank you for having us!