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You don't meet people by accident. Ok?

Alright, dah lama tak berceloteh dalam blog ni. Sebab malas. Nak menulis pun dah takde idea, ada story tapi sekadar berlegar di minda. Argh aku busy dengan kerja tah pape. Hanya di twitter sahaja lah aku meluangkan masa tweeting some random expression.

So let's talk about urmm.. love?

So this time I realize that I have to learn getting comfortable by being alone. It will empower me! Selama ini bukanlah tak boleh being alone, bukanlah hidup dikelilingi boyfriend ke hape. I didn't ask but they'd came muahaha. That's my power I guess so. Ish tak baik. In shaa Allah moga Allah tetapkan hati ini, cinta biarlah suci bersih dan mengikut aliran agama. Takmau lah cinta tak halal ni semua manalah kekal. Okay, sekarang dah masuk 2015 dan semakin banyak benda yang aku explore baik reality mahupun di cyber; social media. Aku scrolling lah banyak benda kat twitter dekat instagram diorang ni banyak betul showing off dan melampau-lampau ahahaha. Ada yang dah berkahwin, show off dia pu…

How near are you to Allah when you are sad?

When thinking about life, remember this: no amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future. Why are we so disappointed? Allah had warned us that this dunya haven’t been made for us.

My third semester review

My past third semester is kinda, suck.
I think so.
Because I feel so.

Lemme introduce myself back to you. People just call me Lala. Hi, I'm 21 in this year. I'm a degree student of Communication (Major in Journalism) in University of Putra, Malaysia (UPM) at Serdang. Nothing special in me, I cant describe myself through writing. That's all you need to know. Oh yah, I want to be a news reporter or a host and interested to be a Dj Radio.
I feel like a little bit loser and slow person. I thought that I could make it, I mean to study hard, be like a real life university student but things changed. Everything came near me had ruin my life - as a student. The assignments, the group members. Mistakenly chose. So me and my friend got a never-ending problem with the other group members. I kinda pissed at this one girl, I don't know what's her problem but obviously she hate my friend and hate me because I be friend with the one she hated. Bullshit. I'm not that choosy. I …