My third semester review

My past third semester is kinda, suck.
I think so.
Because I feel so.

Lemme introduce myself back to you. People just call me Lala. Hi, I'm 21 in this year. I'm a degree student of Communication (Major in Journalism) in University of Putra, Malaysia (UPM) at Serdang. Nothing special in me, I cant describe myself through writing. That's all you need to know. Oh yah, I want to be a news reporter or a host and interested to be a Dj Radio.
I feel like a little bit loser and slow person. I thought that I could make it, I mean to study hard, be like a real life university student but things changed. Everything came near me had ruin my life - as a student. The assignments, the group members. Mistakenly chose. So me and my friend got a never-ending problem with the other group members. I kinda pissed at this one girl, I don't know what's her problem but obviously she hate my friend and hate me because I be friend with the one she hated. Bullshit. I'm not that choosy. I can be friend with anyone that I liked and nobody will stop me. 
So I took 18 credits for the third semester. 6 subjects; English, Changes and Communication, Research in Communication, News writing techniques, Media technology and Society, and Basic Photography. Seriously, I admit that I suck in taking pictures. I'm not interested with photography. Waving white flag.

For the final exam, I can do it all except for the subject of Media technology and society. The questions are fools. So blamed the question provider!

My assignments drag me into the never-ending photo-shoots, video shooting and camera which I certainly fed up to see the DSLR. Yup, I bought a dslr camera - Nikon D60. Someone said that I certainly don't suit the camera.

To release my stress, I did hang out with my friends, having a real fun. I also admit that this semester I did hangout every weeks ahha. Seriously, wasted!! Wasted time and wasted money when you hang out with a wrong friend. I got ditched but I already leave them. I don't lose anything by leaving friends like that. Okay actually I don't  want to story about what had happened with my friendship problem. I don't to be friend with hypocrites. Thats all. I am moving on!

What else you want to know about my third semester? hurmm.. I hope I'm doing well for the next killer semester! I will have an audition for DJ Radio at Oh please, do it well dear self. Please remove every negative thoughts and be hardworking!


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