H e l l o!

I'm Lala Rahim. It's been 9 years in blogging. I currently work as Assistant Producer and Reporter at Bernama News Channel on astro 502.

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For advertising, event coverage, product review kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

H e l l o!

I'm Lala Rahim. It's been 9 years in blogging. I currently work as Assistant Producer and Reporter at Bernama News Channel on astro 502.

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For advertising, event coverage, product review kindly reach me at lalarahim@hotmail.com

On previous entry, I had publish about my room's look. I didn't do video room tour sorry. So now I'm gonna share about the first week of my fourth semester. Oh before that, let me introduce myself for those who first time visiting my blog. I'm a degree student who pursue study in Universiti Putra Malaysia, taking course of Communication (Major in Journalism).

Yesterday I wear the best outfit! Hehe. I am so much in love with this hijab style and jubah. By the way, I where can find tudung bawal bidang 60 yang tak jarang aaand affordable?? Please help me :( Tudung ni pun kawan yang hadiahkan.
On the first day of fourth sem, I came a bit late to class, for twice. hehe. So I have to sit in front grr. Besides, me and my roommate have been entered the wrong class due to the wrong schedule. Ni semua sebab dia tak tengok jadual betul2 ciss. Twice!


I finally got time to capture my selfie on the second day. OOTD lol

I'm a person who didnt use a pencil box since in school,  I only bring pen and mechanical pencil. That pink case is given by my mum so I use it as my multifunctional case. I keep my essential there like my matric card, pens, pencil, aromatherapy , earphone, tissue and pills. 

Yesterday I sleep at twelve and wake at 2am because I slept while listening to music sebabtu la tak lena ahha. 

This semester is very verryy tough because I take 3 killer subjects. I dont think that I can make it nonetheless, in shaa Allah. I have to put my faith on Him. Still have to improve my relationship with Allah in shaa Allah I belive He will ease my work. Bittaufiq wannajah everybody! 

Everything is gonna be alright, dear self.
Hi. The new semester will start on 23rd of February but I've been back to UPM the day before. I didnt show you how's my room's look on the last semester so yahh, this is how I lived. Haha. Rooms in college Serumpun is a bit small for 4 persons but if you know how to arrange the furniture and always keep your room neat, it will not be a problem.

The desk sometimes messed up when Im studying.

My roommate and I love PINK !

No matter how late I am to go to the class, I will never forgot to tidy up my bed. Make it clean always. Arrrghh I left my tiny little stinky pillow at home :(

My Dashboard. It motivated me so much whenever I study by look at my family's photos up there. And I put some islamic quotes which I got it free from my usrah group. And I think I want to make it more fancy. 

Here's my locker. Actually, I have ironed all my clothes that hang in there hahaha. And I put on some perfume. All the others clothes like t-shirts, pants, hijab, shawls and underwear stuff ahha I put in the drawer.

I cook to save my money. I make mushroom porridge whenever I'm hungry. And yup, I love milk.

"It's okay to fall in love again but next time, bring Allah with you." - Sederhana Indah

Okay I kinda love this amazing speech given by my tumblr-buddy, Sederhana Indah. Tahun lepas dia tulis dekat blog tumblr dia. So this is his LINK but unfortunately dia dah delete permanently tumblr dia atas sebab-sebab tersendiri. But still, I got the reblogged from others. Search dekat google ayat ni betul-betul sebijik. Banyak gila keluar, famous ayat ni.

See the pictures above? Nampaklah kan credit dia via Sederhana Indah and the date of reblogged. Lepastu ternampaklah satu retweet by my friend on twitter, here  photo 14.gif

Wtf?  photo emoterage.png Macam sama je ayat dia. Lebih kurang. Kenapa tweethandle tu, Tinta Hamba credit pada Diagnosis2 dan Dr. Anwar Fazal. This make me so interested to dig the issue by detail. Taktahulah speech by Sederhana Indah tu memang umum ke tak sebab semua orang can think and create it by their mind kan. Diagnosis tu ape benda? So my friend told me itu buku, bestseller pulak tu!! So yeah.. this is the book.

Aku taktahu pulak pasal buku ni. So apa benda isi yang tertulis dalam buku ni pun aku taktahu pape so aku tak boleh nak create any speculation unless kalau aku dah baca buku ni then aku boleh la buat review kan. What can I do is, Googling. And what I found is, banyak gila tweets dan semua credit pada that book #Diagnosis2

Copycat detected. Hahahahah. 

I am so confuse ni,  ayat tu yelah walaupun sebaris (tapi penuh makna) bukan ke Sederhana Indah yang create this speech? Sebabkan ayat sebaris simple ni pun boleh kena jual. Yang dapat nama orang lain, bestseller pulak tu wkakaka wtfish. Kalau betullah buku Diagnosis 2 ni kot2 cari source pun daripada tempat lain kan ter-copy ayat Sederhana Indah. Sebab make sense what kalau kita nak cipta sebuah buku, kita mesti akan dapatkan maklumat daripada internet ke, kawan-kawan ke, pengalaman ke anything. Takkan la semua isi dalam buku kita tu berdasarkan daripada minda dan hati kita en. Bullshit.  Wallahu 'alam. Kalau betullah main copy ayat orang je, memang loser ah! Hahahahah.

Well aku hanya sebagai seorang pemerhati dan pembaca. Dan kalau nak jadi penyiasat pun boleh. This is my blog I can write anything that I want here. Tkpayah nak bash aku pulak sebab siasat benda ni. He's one of my best buddy ever, so suka hati aku lah. Get his twitter here,
Sebab sayang ..
Sebab sayang ..
Sebab sayang ..
Sebab sayang ...

Basically, apa yang kuat dalam diri kita adalah, hati kita. Sebab masih sayang. Mudah cair sangat. Sebab sayang. Dah banyak benda yang menghalang hubungan itu, dah nampak depan mata tapi sebabkan "masih sayang" itulah kita jadi bodoh i guess. Kita percaya apa yang kita rasa nak percaya. Sebenarnya dalam bab ni, tak boleh ikut kata hati sangat. Akal pun tak boleh diikutkan. Instinct pun tak selalunya tepat. Apa yang perlu kita buat adalah, Tawakkal. Kira masih bertahan tu usaha kitalah. Tapi cuba fikir sampai bila kita perlu tutup sebelah mata dan tipu hati kita sendiri. At the end, kita yang pujuk hati kita sendiri bukan dia. So kita ni tergolong dalam golongan yang, urmm diperbodohkan.

Sebab sayang ..

Kita hanya fikirkan kepentingan hati kita sendiri, bukan masa depan kita.
Taknak ke masa depan kita cerah?

Ayuh, buka mata luas-luas!
Dah lah.. lupakan semua.
I'm spending my time by watching a Korean triplet babies. They are so cute and I really wish to those triplet babies. Let's introduce them, Manse, Minguk and Daehan. All boys hehe. For me Daehan act behave and mature than his other siblings. Minguk is a very naughty and Manse is natural haha. Someday, if I married, I want all my children is male haha. Then, I will be the only one queen in my house bhahaha what a dream.

So I watch their episodes on Youtube. The return of Superman. You can search it on youtube channel of KBS world. It included all their episodes with english subtitles.

You can watch their enchanting dance here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssdocMW3zxg

I kind of adore when a boy wearing jeans haha. They look so handsome-cute. Muahh muah muaahh.. Drunk in love when I see those triplets  
I can see my partner/spouse everytime when I look at the mirror. I see myself. And I see.. him. As my destiny. I'm sorry Im such a fool dalam mencari cinta yang dusta sedangkan aku tahu sendiri jodoh telah ditetapkan. Tapi aku? Aku tetap cari cinta yang sakit lagi menyakitkan hati aku. Aku rasa tertipu sangat. Again. Sangat mengecewakan.

Jadi apa yang aku buat sekarang dan masa dahulunya kemungkinan sama dengan apa yang si dia lakukan juga. Kalau jahat aku, jahat lah dia.

I'm sorry that I'm not good enough for you.

I'm sorry to love another man, seeking love inside him, giving him my heart but he is just like don't even care for me. I'm such a jerk. So it was like today he give me a compliment and tomorrow he's flirting with another girls. Yeah.. thank you for doing this to me. I deserve it.

Because to be a foolish person like me is such a mainstream.
I did everything. I persuaded myself to be calm. I enjoying my emotion alot.

Asyik-asyik aku je jaga hati dia habis hati aku nak sorok kat mana?
Selama ni aku marah, aku diam. Sebab aku taknak buat keputusan bodoh masa tengah marah. That was the last stupid decision I have made.

Kau dengan ego kau boleh pergi mati. Menyesal pulak aku rasa kenal dia. Aku terpaksa bagi username aku pada dia tapi at first memang aku tak layan dan aku layan pun sebab terpaksa. Tiba-tiba terdetik pulak hati aku untuk sukakan dia for the first long conversation. Ye ah, dah takdir Allah nak bagi aku pengajaran yang lebih menyakitkan hati. Ujian. Ujian selepas aku berhijrah, aku dah pakai tudung labuh-labuh bagai, aku dah tutup aurat sepenuhnya. Aku dah jaga batasan aku lepastu Allah kenalkan aku pada dia. Habis hancur. Aku gagal dalam ujian tu. Punah harapan.

Padan muka kau, Lala.
Kau sendiri yang hidupkan api.

Sekarang mengamuk lah kau sorang-sorang dalam blog bodoh kau ni. Habis lepas ni apa kau nak buat? duduk diam dan melayankan saja dia?

Hmm.. kekadang aku dah penat melayan lelaki. Melayan lelaki tanpa urusan. Arghh
Allah.. bantulah aku yang sedang buntu ni.

Buat malu. Dah la tinggalkan Tuhan, lepastu meroyan mintak tolong Dia jugak.

I'm such a fool babe. Aku memang tak kuat sebenarnya nak berhadapan dengan dia. Sekali dia text habis runtuh iman aku bersepai. Feeling aku membuak-buak lagi. Habis punah.

Dah nama cinta monyet. Blushing aku pergi cakap sayang pada dia. Bodoh sangat.
Aku tekad, nak stop.