Korean Triplet Babies: Manse, Minguk and Daehan

I'm spending my time by watching a Korean triplet babies. They are so cute and I really wish to those triplet babies. Let's introduce them, Manse, Minguk and Daehan. All boys hehe. For me Daehan act behave and mature than his other siblings. Minguk is a very naughty and Manse is natural haha. Someday, if I married, I want all my children is male haha. Then, I will be the only one queen in my house bhahaha what a dream.

So I watch their episodes on Youtube. The return of Superman. You can search it on youtube channel of KBS world. It included all their episodes with english subtitles.

You can watch their enchanting dance here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssdocMW3zxg

I kind of adore when a boy wearing jeans haha. They look so handsome-cute. Muahh muah muaahh.. Drunk in love when I see those triplets  


  1. These triplets are very adorable, but still, I think I have to consider about having triplets or not. It must be very hectic and chaos, lol! But only God knows what best.

    1. yes. just because they are super adorable, all we see a happiness and fun between them. But the reality is, I know it will be very hectic to take care of them. Haha.. nvr mind, Children is like a golden.

  2. Comel... Paling smart bila bertiga tu pkai bju tntra udara dlm dlm episode yg latest ni. Hehe.

    1. Kann.. tulah baru je tengok episod 101 dengan 102 omg best gilaa dan diorang sangat smart! hahahahha


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