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Boleh ke kita menceritakan masalah kita di blog?

atau mana-mana media sosial.
Cuma nak tanya ..

Fail to be a good girl, again.

Based on my previous entry below, continue with this

They call me The Heartbreaker, what do you think?

I may not be the girl that he wanted. I'm just me, myself. I can't be kind, I can't be pretty.
Hit by the past and I'm drowning myself into a dark hole.
I'm sorry for being so over. I push him away and knock him down.
I realize that he is the only one man among so many guys I had met before, that understand me so well, stayed with my hot-tempered kind of girl.

I can't stop crying because of what I did to him. Mine, filled with so much regretness.

Dear my readers,
I just want him to know that deep inside my heart, I could not stop this feeling. I really love you Ahmd Hzm (for the first time I reveal his name in my blog itupun i make it short but i bet you know this short-name-form). It's almost two years be with him and that is one thing that I never have regret. I'm not bothered langsung if he hate me, I'm not bother if he is belong to someone else. Because I love him and I really love him sincerely, deeply.
And he doesn't know how hard I am go…

My second time of blood donation

Happy Sunday everybody! Happy a lazy Sunday to the lazy person like me. So masa subuh tadi terbangun a bit late la sebab tu hari ini will be my unfortunate day sebab, lambat subuh. Tak punctual lah aku. Dah la bangun subuh lambat lepas tu tertidur after Subuh pulak tu. Jadahnya bila plan taknak tidur lepas subuh tapi tertidur jugak. So..this is me. Suck. Then at 10.20am dad sent me to UPM and he waited for me doing a blood donation.

This is my second blood donation after 2 years. At first the injection was on my left arm. I was being "mengada-ngada" lah jugak masa tu. Keep complaining. Sakit lah nurse, tak selesa lah nurse. Ehhe.. that's just me. Lepastu after few minutes taking blood, and suddenly the nurse having a difficulty. My blood is clotting so fast. They were checking if there's any problem with my blood. It is so painful when she keeps touching the very thick needle that is still left under my skin. After that, the nurse said that I have to switch to the ri…

Pokok takkan bergoyang kalau tiada angin

Akulah anginnya tu.

Puas kena brainwash dengan roommate aku. Pasal aku cerita kat dia yang aku private message dengan stranger. Lelaki pulak tu. Pergh deep. Memang aku nak stop semua ni tapi aku perlukan masa, slow slow. Daripada tahun lepas Echa nasihatkan aku pasal benda ni. Dia tengok dalam diri aku ada satu perkara yang tak berubah which is,


Maybe sebab aku suka bermesej, dah terbiasa. Aaaa macam mana lagi aku nak stop doh. Bahaya bila cari pasal dengan stranger, sebab kita tak kenal dia. Macam-macam dia boleh buat kat kita. Alamak, aku dah terbagi password twitter aku shit. Harap memang takde pape berlaku lah lepasni kalau aku tak layan dah. Bukan masalah aku taknak layan, the thing is aku perlu stop benda ni semua. K, i admit that I am the one to be blame. Sorry guys. Aku dah pasrah pasal twitter aku. If anything going to be happen on my twitter account, let it. Even twitter tu dah bertahun-tahun aku sayaangg gila tempat luahan yg paling active before my blog. Lantaklah ka…

When dad talk about marriage

Its Sunday. Tomorrow will be the second week of semester 2. I am so nervous! because day by day will be a lot of assignments to do, especially the most hard is interview people. Tokoh. Me and my partner has already chose who will we want to interview.

During my father and I headed back to UPM. He did say about urmm hehe.. marriage and things related to have a partner . At first dia mention pasal kawan aku and her boyfriend, dah nak berkahwin ke ayah tanya. I said not yet tunggu mereka habis belajar dulu baru berkahwin, tapi kedua-dua belah family tahu they are in relationship from what I've heard from my friend lah. She used to be my berstfriend.

Dedi said, "Senang je kan, habis belajar tak payah nak fikir ape dah, terus berkahwin. Senang mak bapak boleh berehat.."

Well, he knew that I am single. I know that he wants to have a "rest" you know what I mean. But I gave an excuse to him, "Dilla susahlah ayah.. lebih2 lagi course dilla ni pasal bidang media, ap…