Fail to be a good girl, again.

Based on my previous entry below, continue with this
I'm still finding myself. To find and define the real Nrl Adla. I'm sorry if my appearance doesn't suit myself but just to let you know that I really love wearing hijab now. Hijab means everything for every women. Maybe with this hijab can prevent me from doing bad and act good even I have to act like one but I really sincere in wearing it. People couldn't shut their mouth so let me be invincible to them for this moment. I can back off if they hate me. I don't need them to like me back. One day, they will understand. Rabb, guide me through this new episode.


  1. InshaAllah, be strong! Be qawiyy!

  2. I love you friend. please don't give up on yourself. be good. always pray for you, inshaAllah.

  3. people will judge no matter what.selagi Allah ada you never walk alone.gitu.haha. tabahlah ^_^


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